After half a year of marriage, the parent -child identification makes people collapse: Can you have children in six months of pregnancy?

Can I have children in six months of pregnancy?Lao Li had only been married for six months, but his wife gave birth to a baby boy in full month.The result of parent -child appraisal is actually biological. Do you dare to believe that there is such a thing?

Lao Li is the owner of a small factory and is also a small asset figure in the local area.The wife of the family is filial piety, and the days are happy and happy.

But recently, Lao Li suspected that his son was not born, and said that his guess was not groundless.

The matter should start from nineteen years ago. At that time, Lao Li was introduced by the matchmaker, and before he got along with his current wife, the two led their marriage certificate.After half a year after marriage, he gave birth to his son.

At that time, Lao Li was immersed in joy and didn’t think much.In addition, when he was working in a foreign country at the time, he thought it was caused by his wife’s premature birth, so he didn’t doubt it.

Until recently, he heard that his son was produced in full month, which made Lao Li have to doubt that his son who had raised nineteen years was not his own biological flesh.

Thinking of his grievances that he had been for so many years, Lao Li almost collapsed.

In order to completely figure out the mystery of his son’s life, Lao Li had no choice but to find a lawyer friend of his own.

Lao Li’s wife saw the arrival of Lao Li’s friends. The anger and friends accused Lao Li’s mental spirit. He had never done anything to betray Lao Li, and Lao Li doubted himself again.Not only hurts the feelings of the family, but also insults his personality.

In order to prove her innocence, she even took out a parent -child identification report on the spot. I saw that the report was clearly written in white paper and black words, and supported Lao Li for his son’s biological father.

Seeing this appraisal report friend also wondered. Since the two parties have already performed scientific identification, why do I still doubt the life of their son?

Lao Li’s wife then told her friends that she had been very loving for 19 years since she had been married, but some time ago, Lao Li didn’t know what madness, and his attitude towards herself and his son changed greatly, and questioned her son’s life problem many times.

In order to restore the family’s tranquility and eliminate the doubts of Lao Li, the old Li’s wife did not compile with Lao Li, and it was simply letting Lao Li and his son’s parent -child identification.

I thought that this was so innocent, but who knew that Lao Li deliberately found faults and suspected that he had forged a parent -child appraisal report.

Lao Li’s so unreasonable way made Lao Li’s wife feel both wronged and angry. She couldn’t think of her husband and wife for 19 years, but her husband did not believe in her personality.

Faced with his wife’s cry, Lao Li also argued on the spot that the reason why he did not believe in this parent -child appraisal report was because he had the evidence of his wife betrayed himself.

Hearing his father’s determination to recognize his identity, Lao Li’s son, who had been silent, told Lao Li’s friends angrily that his father was always suspicious recently.

In this regard, Lao Li insisted on his own point of view. It was the wife and son joined forces to forge the appraisal report. This report was invalid, unless you re -do the parent -child identification again.

At this time, Lao Li’s mother couldn’t help but speak. The old man told the old Li friend helplessly that the old Li’s son was his grandson at first glance. Now his appearance is exactly the same as that of Lao Li.

She didn’t know what her son was going crazy now, and had to stir up a good family.

Regarding his mother, Lao Li was still stubborn. In his opinion, his loved ones knew the truth of the matter, but he also conceived his wife and son to deceive himself. The purpose was not to let himself dismantle the family.

Gong said that she was reasonable, and she was stalemate for a while.

Seeing that Lao Liyan did not go in, the old Li’s wife was also disappointed. For this marriage, she was tired of being physically and mentally and mental. Now she is also willing to perform parent -child identification again, but Lao Li must promise herself.

If his son is sure to be his biological flesh, Lao Li not only has to apologize to himself publicly, but also compensate his reputation loss fee.

In response, the old Li’s son also said that during this time, his mother was suffered by countless grievances. If the mother decided to give up the marriage, she would not intervene more, and then she would cut off the relationship with her father.

So why do I insist on performing parent -child identification again?What evidence does he have in his hands?

It turned out that when Lao Li used a computer to surf the Internet some time, I accidentally discovered that the name registered by the son on a social platform was Wang Feng. This name made Lao Li a sudden sudden. It turned out that the wife had dated a boyfriend named Wang before she got married.Essence

What makes Lao Li feel that the position of his son and the opponent has two moles in the position of the left face, which shows that Lao Li has a bad doubt.

In addition, the production time of pregnancy is not right, and Lao Li’s heart is becoming more affirmative. Most of his son is not his own biological flesh.

Hearing Lao Li’s saying, Lao Li’s son was speechless, and he was a pseudonym on the Internet. He also chose a more popular name in order to better protect privacy.My father made so much.

Although the old Li’s son continued to explain the name is just a coincidence, but Lao Li was unwilling to believe it. He insisted that his wife and son were to deceive himself. Now he only believes in the result of the parent -child identification again.

When I heard Lao Li’s statement, Li’s wife was completely angry. She said angrily that if she wants to agree to be a parent -child identification, if the child is not born to the old Li, she is willing to go out to the house and compensate Lao Li Liu Liu100,000; if his son was born from Lao Li, then Lao Li Jing went out of the house and compensated himself 600,000.

In the face of his wife’s decisive attitude, Lao Li still did not retreat.

Now he has completely seen the long -cherished conspiracy of his wife. The reason why he was so confident was because he found a greasy in the previous parent -child appraisal report.

Obviously, the date they went to identify was July 2nd, but the date filled in the appraisal report was June 2nd, which fully proved that the wife forged the appraisal report.

So the group came to the Parent -Child Appraisal Center for verification. After checking the appraisal report, the staff made it clear that there was no problem with the parent -child appraisal report, and the date filled in the above was likely to be caused by the staff.

This parent -child appraisal report can also be found in the hospital’s archives. There is no trace of tampering at all, and there is no need to be identified again.

Seeing the evidence in front of him, Lao Li felt very regretful. He said that he would apologize to his wife and son in the future and try to restore his precious family.

Do you think Lao Li’s wife should forgive Lao Li?

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