After giving birth, you have leaked urine and vaginal relaxation. How can these difficult troubles be solved?

Leakage of urine is a "timing bomb" postpartum

In fact, pregnancy and childbirth will cause great damage to the bottom of the basin. These damage does not show that it does not mean that it does not mean that it does not exist, but it becomes a "timing bomb" buried in the body.Maybe one day, this "timing bomb" exploded.When laughing, cough, sneezing, exercise, and even holding children, there will be leakage, which makes mothers worry.

Professor Zhu Lan from Beijing Union Hospital conducted an epidemiological survey of women in 7 cities in my country. It was found that the prevalence of 30.9%, the prevalence and the severity of urinary incontinence increased with age. The lesion rate is as high as 69 %.

Harm may be delayed

It is certain to damage the bottom muscle after pregnancy, but many women have no discomfort at the time when they checked their bodies after giving birth.However, the sequelae of the quality of the pots that really affect the quality of life may not be reflected until a few years, or even decades later, so it has not attracted a lot of attention.

According to statistics, 30% -40% of women will have different degrees of urination abnormalities in the age of 40 and 50.However, they do not know that urination problems such as incontinence and urine leakage, frequent urination, urination, urgency, urgency and other phenomena are likely to be related to pregnancy and pregnancy two or thirty years ago.

In addition to the embarrassing things that leak urine, there is also a postpartum problem that needs to be valued -vaginal relaxation

Vaginal relaxation is the most worried about women, because vaginal relaxation can affect the sexual life between husband and wife, so what should a woman’s vaginal relaxation?What are the causes and harm of vaginal relaxation?

Causes of vaginal relaxation

1. The elasticity of the vagina is determined by "elastic fiber".The breakdown of "elastic fiber" in patients with vaginal relaxation and damaging the vaginal elastic fiber mesh is the main cause of vaginal relaxation.

2. For mothers who have natural delivery, because the fetus is delivered by vagina and squeezed by the child, the vaginal dilation is obvious, the muscle and hymen marks are completely destroyed, and the elasticity decreases significantly.However, although the vaginal vaginal vaginal vagina changes from the vagina, vaginal relaxation will occur.But it does not mean that natural delivery is the culprit that causes vaginal relaxation.

3. Some people with chronic diseases, weakness or weight loss in their bodies, and their muscles, fascia, ligaments and other structures are relatively loose, which will also increase vaginal relaxation.

4. As the age increases, the level of female estrogen decreases, causing the muscles, fascia, ligaments, and related support structures to degenerate, muscle tension decreases, fascia becomes thinner, and the vaginal mucosa atrophy at the same time, it will be even more even more.Eliminate the relaxation of the vagina.

Harm of vaginal relaxation

1. Women’s face begins to get old.Vaginal relaxation can cause premature failure of women and lose the color of the past.According to statistics, 80%of postpartum women and 90%of women over 30 years of age will have vaginal relaxation of vagina.Great, dry, painful, sad, low, even blowing and leaking urine!

2. Infection after vaginal relaxation, especially vaginal relaxation can make the vaginal wall not close, and the vagina is often in an open state, and bacterial infections are prone to occur.

3. Men are very concerned about the sense of holding in sex, while women pay more attention to the sense of accommodation. Once the vagina is relaxed, these two feels will become worse, which will affect the quality of the sexual life of husband and wife.

4. Vaginal relaxation is likely to cause stress urinary incontinence. Generally, women aged 450 are susceptible to this disease.Because the front wall of the vagina is swollen or the bladder is swollen, the abdominal pressure increases when the bladder is full, laughed, or shouted, which may cause urinary incontinence.

5, vaginal relaxation, some gynecological diseases have arrived one after another.Easily infections after vaginal relaxation, especially vaginal relaxation can make the vaginal wall not close, and the vagina is often in a state of enlightenment, and bacterial infections are easily occurred.

Vaginal relaxation treatment

In response to the problems of loose and loosening in the private parts of the women, the effects of loosening the private parts, the honey Viveve (market, also known as Weimei) in Guangzhou Jingya Hospital brought the gospel to the majority of women.Equipment that can withstand rigor clinical tests in many countries and regions, and is currently the only latest technology that has passed the EU CE and the US FDA certification to treat women’s private parts and improve women’s privacy and health.Welcome.

How does honey ViveVE have no pain, safety, and effectively treating the relaxation of women’s private parts?

Honey Viveve is a tight radio frequency treatment equipment with a free -knife -free female private part. It is mainly to solve the problem of privacy and urine leakage of women’s private parts by using the exclusive patented single -pole radio frequency technology and intelligent patent cooling technology.

The honey ViveVE tightness instrument adopts the unique patented radio frequency (RF) technology of thermage to tighten the women’s private parts.Compared with laser, monocular radio frequency stimulates women’s private parts, and effectively uses circular rotation technology to act on the mucosal layer and muscle layer of women’s private parts to stimulate activated collagen reorganization.The effective effect of RF is in the leather fiber layer, which truly enables the fiber layer to achieve thermal effect.

At the same time, Honey Viveve uses a patented intelligent refrigerant system with a one-time probe, which is 3-5mm to stimulate collagen production to improve sexual function and sensitivity through the reshaping of collagen.With the support of cold spray technology, energy can comfortably reach the deep fiber layer comfortably and protect the mucosa of women’s private parts.

The exclusive patented monocular radio frequency thermal energy, which allows the aging private parts to peel off and new, and the relaxed private parts of the inner wall hyperplasia collagen can achieve the tightness, recovery and elasticity of the women’s private parts.Only for 30 minutes, it really achieves non -invasive painlessness, and a significant treatment effect. Honey ViveVE professional female private protection, your private protection is the first choice.

Three unique technologies of Viveve exclusive patented RF RF

1. Reach the deep-temperature low-temperature frequency energy to generate heat and penetrate into the 3-5mm vaginal tissue under the vaginal mucosa to stimulate the growth of new collagen.

2. Integrated cooling, accurately control the cooling liquid to send to the film of Viveve Veimi treatment head, create reverse thermal gradient on the surface of the vaginal skin, and gently heating deep tissue to protect the vaginal mucosa.

3. Capacity links make the radio frequency energy evenly distributed on the surface of the treatment head, uniform heat transfer, avoiding hot spots, so that the radio frequency heat can be controlled and continuously passed to the vaginal tissue.

Reverages from the United States and Japan

According to reports: After 100%of women receive treatment,

The vaginal relaxation of 1, 3, 6, and 12 months has improved significantly, and there are no adverse events.

How often does Viveve honey work?In clinical research, 90% of women have significant and continuous vaginal tightening within 12 months after surgery.Even new collagen will weaken the effect over time.The effect needs time, and some patients also want to do a Viveve treatment once a year

How long does VIVEVE work?In clinical research, 90% of women have significant and continuous vaginal tightening within 12 months after surgery.Even new collagen will weaken the effect over time.The effect needs time, and some patients also want to do a Viveve treatment once a year

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