After giving birth to a second child, why did I recover so well?San Bella confinement journey full experience

Fan said: Scientific postpartum recovery

Unconsciously, it has been two months to become a rabbit’s mother.In just two months, my life has changed a lot, but there are always many things that are constant.

Among these long -term things, I have my pursuit of my career.

One month after leaving the confinement center, I quickly "resurrected the blood" and re -entered the work of intensive work, and found the familiar rhythm.In just more than a month, many beautiful experiences have been harvested.In addition to participating in the event in Beijing’s axis, a business trip is also a commonplace: the day before, I also took the wind and waves together in Sanya and Audeminee, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of the imperial era. ↓

Immediately flew to Shanghai again, feeling the starlight of the county’s extraordinary night; when he tightly went to Chengdu, I looked forward to the shock of Cartier’s new Gaozhu …

Many friends saw my trip everywhere, and I was surprised that I recovered so fast that I couldn’t see that I had just given birth to a baby.And I also feel that my body seems to contain infinite power, supporting what I love for.

The same is the concern to the daughter, and this concern is now doubled.Now every time you travel, you often rush home in early planes, and then leave Star Daiyue to leave, in order to hold a lot of time to hold a rabbit and talk to Hyun.No matter how the scenery in front of me changes, the time to coexist with them is always the most beautiful scenery in my heart.

When participating in the shooting of the "Breeding theme Film Festival" in collaboration with the "Porcelain Wallpaper" in San Bella’s Maternal and Baby Nursing Center, I faded all the decoration that day and only retained the identity of "mother".

Looking at the rabbit who was sleeping quietly in my arms, I only thought of one problem in my mind -as a mother, what do I ask for them?Thinking about it, but the word "healthy and happy".

Looking at the growth of rabbits every day, my great happiness is my great happiness.When she was born in memory, she was still such a small one. When she had a complete moon in the confinement center, she seemed to grow up suddenly.From 5 pounds and 6 to 8 pounds, the length is from 48 cm to 53 cm, and there are more and more curiosity about the world around.

The growth of 让 also surprised me. With my sister, she seemed to be no longer a little baby.When I was sitting in confinement with the confinement center, I learned to take care of rabbits and me. I also know more about my sister’s responsibility, and I know how to love.

Today, I come back from the kindergarten every day. As soon as I enter the house, I always go to confessing "I love you" with Rabbit.

Looking at them together, I have a lot of hope, many love, and the happiness of raising life.

In my opinion, I can quickly recover their good state after giving birth, and return to my tension and busy work; Rabbit can grow up healthily during the beginning of the world and become a "angel baby" who develops a good habit.It is inseparable from the scientific pregnancy production planning, but also the careful care of the mother -to -child care center at the San Bella’s mother and baby care center.

Their professional postpartum rehabilitation and mother -to -child care made my baby and me feel the warmth of the family. Not only did I meet and I met again with my good myself, but also helped me take a step towards the goal of "raising healthy babies". EvenWell, I spent a happy month in the confinement center. Whenever I think of it, it is a wonderful experience.

When I shared the experience of pregnancy before, there were also Fan You interested in the confinement center where I lived.So today, Fan, combined with my own experience and feelings, share with you the postpartum recovery and baby nurturing experience at the postpartum recovery and baby at the San Bella’s mother and baby care center this time ~

The second child’s mother recovered after giving birth, why did I choose San Bella?

Two pregnancy production and postpartum recovery, my creed is always "professional affairs to professional people to do."Childbirth will greatly change the physical condition of pregnant women, and will also cause various impacts in physiology and psychology, which requires scientific care and guidance.

With the experience of rapid recovery after the last birth, I still chose to receive care at a professional confinement center this time.When I was Huai, I watched all the Beijing TOP confinement centers, and I also had my own goals.When Erbao was determined to have the due date, I went straight to the "Hermes in the Central League of Confinement" -saint Bella San Bella Mother and Child Care Center.

I did not expect Rabbit to come in advance. When I was in the full room, I tried their light luxury line Baby Bella Xiaobela first. I accidentally harvested a professional experience beyond expected. When I left, I was very reluctant ~

In fact, when I chose the confinement center, I always have a set of standards in my heart. Usually, I will choose from the following three dimensions: maternal and child care mode, living environment and word of mouth.

Let’s talk about the nursing mode first. The confinement center usually has three types: nursing, moon, and hybrid.I personally hope that the guidance and care process operation of more professionals can be more standardized, so the confinement center of the nursing system is preferred.

San Bella provides "24 -hour nurse one -to -one" service, and the mother and baby are in the same room; Bella is a variety of nursing models to choose from.Nurses on both sides are nursing or midwifery. They have 3-4 years of professional knowledge accumulation in the school. After graduation, they also have rich experience in newborn internships. Compared to infant education teachers, more professional reserves will deal with their babies to deal with babies.Various clinical issues.

Here, scientific parenting is not a slogan, but a professional care that has been implemented. Nurses will also hold hands to the novice parents’ science parenting knowledge.During the confinement, my family and I got a lot of new knowledge again.For example, babies of any monthly age can be hugged vertically, which is conducive to reducing the problem of vomiting and giving the baby more sense of security. Rabbit especially like ↓

The neck of the newborn baby cannot support the head of the head, so when holding it vertically, the nurse specially supports it with his hands to ensure that the head, cervical and spine are on the same vertical horizontal line ~

The environment is also a point that I value it when choosing a confinement center. There are hotel -style, suburban villas, and apartment -style on the market.What I mainly consider is whether the location is convenient, convenient for family members to come and visit, and even whether it can be sent to the doctor in time when there are accidents, and whether the environment is comfortable and private.

The magnificent hotel where St. Bella is located is located in the bustling CBD business district. Many friends work nearby, relatives and friends from other places will basically be nearby, and you can bend over in minutes to visit me and your baby.Bella is located at Wangjing East Hotel. The style is light and luxurious, and it is very close to the Homoyu Hospital. It is very convenient to have a baby who lives there.

Not only are the traffic very convenient on both sides, but the supporting facilities are also complete.Before and during the process, you will do a good job of killing and disinfecting. The baggage check -in is time -saving and worry -free, and he and your family do not toss.

It is said that when confinement is relatively private and important things, you will value the real experience of celebrities or friends in the circle of friends. Only when you see that the confinement of the people will be planted, you will be planted.

Qi Wei’sAfter sharing 15 pounds, I felt excited instantly.

Lin Xiaoxian, the founder of Xiaoxian stewed, and Fan Laoyao, gave me peace of mind.Her three -child and fourth babies were confinement in San Bella, and they also praised.Because the postpartum recovery is fast and good, after the baby is full and sleeping, she will also turn the confinement center into her "temporary office".With a friend’s affirmation, it also made me determine that I chose San Bella in confinement ~

This confinement time is also a special experience for me.Usually busy work, rare for a while, can stop and rest, immerse in the joy of embracing new life, and enjoy the warm and sweetness of the family together.

Looking back now, I feel extremely happy and unforgettable, and I will talk about it carefully ~

Postpartum recovery requires scientific planning, and professionals help get more effort

42 days after giving birth are the golden restoration period. The confinement center is generally 28 days and 42 days. I hope to return to the workplace as soon as possible. I choose 28 days.Essence

During the stay in the stay, with the professional and warm company of the staff, I can say that I lived well, eat well, and practiced well. When I was out of confinement, I basically lost weight back to pregnancy.Good.

What’s more, this time there is still a confinement with me all the way. Let’s do fuck, eat confinement meals together, take care of rabbits together, and the whole family has unlocked a new childcare experience.It’s extremely ~

Sask to high -end hotels, comfortable environment

Women are relatively weak after giving birth, so a comfortable environment, both physiological or psychologically, will help recover, and check -in with baggage is even more time -saving.

St. Bella is located on the 9th floor of the Gorgeous Hotel in Beijing. It is located on the bustling CBD. You can see the CCTV building when you raise your eyes, overlooking the car on the overlooking bridge.

I also received a handful of flowers during the check -in. The ritual was full of feelings, and my heart was very warm.

This time I took the confinement with, and the suite I lived in was the largest apartment. The indoor area was about 130 square meters. The environment of the suite is mainly wood color.Easy to calm down.

Rabbit is lying in the Parababy medical stroller provided by the confinement center and sleeps very sweetly. Here you have developed a good biological clock, and the rest is great ~

Even the Mother’s Day theme of Mother’s Day with San Bella X’s "Porcelon Wallpaper", rabbits are very well -behaved, and they are not affected by the environment. They have been sleeping, quiet ~

The overall room is the layout of one room, one living room, and one guard. The partition is clear and the facilities are perfect.The three -dimensional and vivid decorative hanging paintings on the wall have a feeling of walking into the art space, which is very high -end.

The staff also arranged a single bed by helping her by the window of the living room, so that she could accompany me to confine, don’t be too intimate.

The privacy of the suite is very strong. There are sliding doors in the middle of the living room, bedroom, bedroom, and washing room.The large sofa bedside of the bedroom window is also very praised. When you look tired here, you can overlook the scenery outside the window, which is very helpful to relieve your body and mind.

Bella is on the 10th floor of the Dongyu Hotel in Yidi Port. The 270 ° panoramic floor -to -ceiling window is a must, and the room is full of natural light and vitality.The overall color is bright and clean, and it is particularly relaxed and cured, just like returning home.

The bathtub by the floor -to -ceiling window is not only beautiful but also practical, but I especially like to play water here ↓

Bunny will learn swimming here under the care of the nurse.After taking a shower, the nurse wrapped her headscarf. The cute and loved little guy. When she put on the swimming ring to get into the water for the first time, she was scared to close her eyes and motionless. Finally, she told her that after the swimming, no swimming, she dared to openEye symbolic fluttering twice, not here to travel ~

Different from other confinement centers in China, the infant swimming circles here are all underarm circles. Traditional neck circles not only easily compress the trachea, but also cause a serious burden on the cervical spine. In severe cases, it will cause hypoxia in the brain, causing faint problems and other problemsEssence

During the confinement of my confinement, I thoroughly learned to swim.It is said that the swimming pool of Dongyu Hotel is very suitable for parent -child. She and her dad have a lot of coexistence.She also likes diving very much. She is particularly lively in the water. She said that she would learn to swim with bunny and rabbit.

As a result, after confinement, the Children’s Day received a newborn swimming circle jointly the newborn armpit of San Bella and UCCA. The pattern was full of childlike romance, which can cultivate artistic sentiments.The trip ~

One of the benefits of the hotel -style confinement center is that the life of the family who stayed in is more colorful.In addition to swimming in the swimming pool, I also especially like the amusement park on the second floor of Dongyu Hotel. Marine balls and slide can be called the favorite of Great Babies.She knows many children here and is super happy to play together every day.

During the confinement of Bella, there was even his own exclusive room.She especially likes this small world, and even treats the bed as a stage. She performs shows and shows shows every day.

And every day when she opened her eyes, her first thing was to come to see rabbits, all kinds of closeness and care for her sister, and unlocked her new experience.This new big sister, not only can fancy confession, constantly says "Rabbit, I love you", and also folded a paper plane and said that she would fly with rabbits.

In addition to the good room lighting and warm color, the selection of products is also very professional and intimate. At the same time, the quality is also beautiful and practical.

For example, this very architectural aesthetics, from German imported brand Rotho, can be used from birth to 3 years.The shape imitate the mother’s uterus design. With the stability of the bracket, it does not need to bend over. When the baby grows up, you can sit in the bath and remove the stent.

After I was out of confinement, I wanted to buy one home, and I found that all white was out of stock. The person in charge of the confinement center said that they had to wait for half a year before they had to wait for the best experience for the baby.

This Benetree’s touching table is also super easy to use. I bought two at home after the confinement.Every day, the nurse will change the urine and exhaust exercises for the rabbit and rabbit. I also put only a lamb doll with her on the side. The little guy can enjoy it ~

There are wheels at the bottom to facilitate moving. The hanging basket on the side can put common items such as disinfection alcohol, dry and wet towels, cotton swabs, and urine.Edition and baby version ↓

There are four large drawers below the classification storage, and the classification labels are affixed outside. What is clear at a glance.Not only all the boxes are classified, but the items in it also have label classification, which also helps novice parents to develop good parenting storage habits. After the confinement goes home, they will not be busy.

In addition to these large pieces, all kinds of maternal and infant supplies that babies and mothers need daily, and confinement centers are also available, and they can be used to stay.

Bella gave me a gift package to me and me and rabbits. From breast pumps, milk storage bags, to baby’s socks, diapers, and even daddy’s manuals, etc.

I chose the Xingye Ferris Wheel Package. When I stayed, I also prepared various maternal and infant products in the room. They were all professional brands, such as Pigeon, You Nijia, BabyCare …I only added some cotton soft towels.

During the stay in Bayera, I especially like the washing products of the New Zealand national brand Ecostore. There are shampoos and bath milk for maternal mothers, as well as the second -in -one shampoo used by newborn, touching oil and hip cream.All the products are extracted from natural plants and minerals, such as coconut, corn, sugar cane, which are particularly friendly to infants, mothers or sensitive people.

San Bella’s selection positioning is more luxurious, such as the NEST Design newborns of bamboo cotton materials, which helps to breathe in the skin and reduce the probability of eczema and rash;"Hermes in the Boy Bottle" Hegan, also with an additional SS pacifier dedicated to the newborn and preventing milk ~

Scientifically customized personalized diet, delicious nourishment is not easy to gain weight

Confinement meal is also a point that I especially value when choosing a confinement center. Nutritional intake is a particularly important part of postpartum recovery. It has enough nutrition to help recover from postpartum.Not only is it easy to get fat, but also risks such as blocking milk.

San Bella’s confinement meal is tailor -made by professional Chinese medicine practitioners, nutritionists, and five -star senior chefs. It can be said that it is a ceiling level.

In addition to the overall scientific planning, the daily ingredients and matching are also very particular.The three meals and three o’clock are produced by the magnificent "Longting". From 8 am to 9 pm, six meals a day are not heavy.Cantonese cuisine is less oil and low salt and low -salt, and the heat is free to the room. It tastes healthy and warm.

Breakfast is usually a combination of China and the West. Sometimes the staple food can eat miscellaneous grain pancakes, Xiaolongbao or soup buns. Sometimes it is sandwiched, Huafu, porridge soup, miscellaneous grains and vegetables and fruits.Match with nutrition.The overall feeling is that although it is light but delicious, and it is not fat, I especially like it.

After breakfast, the confinement center will also arrange some fruit plates, such as dragon fruit, kiwi, papaya, pineapple, blueberry, etc., are all seasonal fruits, which feels rich in matching.But at the same time, it pays great attention to the amount of control, and it will not allow you to take too much sugar and cause weight gain.

Lunch and dinner are richer and the amount will be greater.The combination of amaranth and vegetables is very reasonable, and the rice is not monotonous. Sometimes it is matched with ham, eggs, and shrimp. Sometimes there are some coarse grains nuts, red beans and mung beans, and so on.

The rampant vegetables are basically beef, chicken, fish, and seafood, and the pork will be less to avoid excessive high protein intake.The meat and seafood here are particularly delicious, fresh Q bullets, delicious not greasy ↓

The chef pays great attention to the combination of vegetarian and vegetables. The meat and vegetables will be paired with quite weight, such as mushrooms, vegetables, and so on.

Considering the mother’s breastfeeding needs, the confinement center not only prepares two bowls of soup at noon dinner, but also uses a thermos cup to install a part of the need.Cantonese soup is famous for its delicious nourishment, but it will not be too greasy to cause blocked milk. It is very thoughtful.

After the dinner, San Bella will arrange a meal at 3 pm and 9 pm. Generally, porridge soup is matched with snacks. In Beijing, you can eat authentic Cantonese snacks and be full of happiness.

In addition to Chinese snacks, there are also a lot of western pastries.I have always been relatively small in sugar in my pregnancy, so I feel particularly happy after eating a little sweets, but the nutritionist will control the amount very well, and you don’t have to worry about it at all.

Bella’s confinement meal is also jointly customized by exclusive nutritionists and hotel chefs. Three meals and three fresh foods are first delivered first. The proportion of Chinese food is higher, and the taste is also first -level.

In short, although there are six meals a day in the confinement center, they will always become a variety of tricks, so that you can always eat different things, full of freshness, and you want to eat every meal.

I often help me to "eliminate" with the confinement, and I am happy to eat ~

In addition to three meals and three o’clock, the confinement center will also provide health tea "the essence of the moon" all over the weather. The brand comes from the old -fashioned Guanghetang, which focuses on women’s pregnancy and nourishment.

Guanghetang’s instant fish glue and bird’s nest are also very good

The four stages of the arrangement, collection, supplement, and adjustment can be adjusted. The tea drinking formula has the effect of nourishing qi and blood, and the taste is sweet and delicious. It is especially suitable for people who do not like to drink water.

The tea room is equipped with a fully automatic coffee machine. If the dad is tired of taking care of it, you can have a cup anytime, anywhere ~

The care team is professional, and the postpartum recovery is worry -free

After pregnancy and childbirth, Baoma’s body will change to varying degrees.For example, I will pay special attention to the recovery of the body and the repair of rectus and the bottom muscle of the basin. The postpartum rehabilitation and care of the confinement center is particularly necessary for me.

Both San Bella and Bella have very professional medical teams. From the first day of my stay, the nurse will help measure body temperature and blood pressure every day, as well as obstetricians to check the wounds regularly, observe the healing and the degree of uterine shrinkage, and so on.Pay attention to the mothers’ feelings.

The staff of the confinement center will formulate a plan according to the specific situation of the mother. For example, my own postpartum situation is good, the time of delivery is not long and there is no side -cut wound. Medical staff still insist on regular inspections and ensure that they are all lost.There are wounds in a caesarean section, or a little more serious situation. With the help of professionals, postpartum rehabilitation will be more smooth and efficient.

Breastfeeding is usually recommended whether it is a harmonious house or a confinement center.Although I was the second time my mother, I was separated for a long time from the last time I had breast milk. Like the novice mother, I needed breastfeeding guidance and help.Here are professional dairy masters and doctors monitoring at any time, helping to do breast dredging, solving problems such as rising milk, which greatly enhances the happiness after production.

Many mothers are prone to milk blockage. During the process of feeding, breasts are more or less prone to cracking skin problems.I hurt my last time for a long time, this time I was very smooth, and there was almost no pain.With the cooperation of confinement meals, health tea, and Tongtong, the milk is already smooth in the first week.

After a week, the amount of milk is increasing, and the nurse will be packed with breast milk fresh bags. The time and weight are marked in detail on it, which is very intuitive.

The confinement center also helped me tailor-made the mammals and jackets of the underwear S-BRA. I chose to use the German skin somatoscopy to customize the "body mask" skin care series.The moisturizing somatoscope also has the effect of diluting the local melanin precipitation after diluting.It will not be restrained when wearing it, so that I have a new understanding of functional underwear.

The production process is comparable to high -level customization. It is completely customized according to my physical data. The effect of shaping and adjusting the fat form is super good. It feels like a small waist.After the confinement, I will wear a conjoined clothes in the dress, and my body is more upright.

Mammal underwear is very light and comfortable, embroidered with my name.The adjustable design of the shoulder straps and chests has won my heart. Unilaterally adjusts, it can adapt to different occasions such as raising milk and breastfeeding. Speed -drying fabrics are not worried even if they miss milk.

Maternal may have the risk of postpartum style after production. Traditional confinement will be cautious about shampooing and bathing.San Bella’s STB Postpartum Training Institute and Guanghe Hall, specially prepared the herbal Hanfang Pharmaceutical Pack to wash their hair and soak their feet ↓

When washing his hair, the Master Kang will also help to relax on the head SPA and shoulders and necks. While preventing postpartum hair loss, he can also decompress it.

There are also mattress production exercises every day. There are special videos in the room TV, including nine sections such as abdominal breathing, fist hooks, Kiger exercise, leg movement exercise, hip bridge movement, and bicycle exercise.I will accompany me to do it together and help me cheer up. When the confinement is out of confinement, my rectus muscles return from three fingers to one finger, the effect is very good ~

In order to return to the workplace in the best state after confinement, I did dense postpartum repair in the last week.San Bella’s postpartum SPA is very distinctive. It uses method+instrument+herbal multi -pronged method. It will have an immediate effect once.

This high -end imported instrument ROS ’s from Spain looks very scientific and technological.Under the stimulation of the microcirculation of the abdomen, the whole fat feels burning, and the whole body will sweat.

In order to achieve the best results, I also paired with the Genteel Jamu massage method of Singapore. First apply the "Jiamu powder" to my stomach, massage the whole body meridian, help the body lymphic detoxification ↓

Then wrap the abdomen belt to help the belly skin tighten and the organs return.

Every day I have ROS’s waist and abdomen shaping instrument with a Jamu method. After a few days, my belly is visible to the naked eye.It is said that when Qi Wei took a confinement in San Bella, she lost 15 pounds.

San Bella is still the only confinement center with a million -dollar imported BTL instrument. The BTL is mainly used for basal muscle detection and repair. It is convenient and hygienic without taking off your clothes.The whole process is about 28 minutes, and there is no pain. It is said that the effect is equivalent to 15,000 Kagel movements, which can be called a gospel of lazy people ~

Professional nurses assisted with baby, completely liberated Baoma physical and mental

In addition to taking care of the mother’s postpartum recovery, a very important role in the confinement center is to take care of the baby, which can greatly liberate the mother’s body and mind, and better invest in recovery.At the same time, novice parents can also learn a lot of essential knowledge to bring baby.

The scientific parenting of San Bella and Bella is not a slogan, and the professionalism and meticulous nursing can be called the industry benchmark.

Professional nurses assist with baby, mother and baby enjoy

As a professional nurse confinement center, San Bella provides the "24 -hour nurses one -to -one" service, the mother and baby in the same room.A nurse will provide continuous care from 8:40 in the morning to 8:40 the next day, and complete the 24 -hour maternal and baby physical signs and nursing data.

The nurse cares in one -on -one in the room and only serves our family for 28 days.You can avoid cross -infection risk, and you can find problems as soon as possible, and respond to our demands at any time.The head nurse also observes and records the physical condition with my baby every day, and communicates with me in time.

Bella mainly adopts a hybrid nursing mode. The golden observation period the previous day was one -to -one like San Bella, like San Bella, and then 12 hours a day during the day. It was sent to the centralized custody room at night.This model is particularly suitable for Baoma who is not sleeping well. Only at night to rest can mothers recover their energy and physical strength faster, and milk will be more nutritious.

What makes me most assured is that both sides of the nurses are on duty.Before serving, you need to take 2 months of theoretical study and 3 months of practical exercise. He is proficient in all 35 items of ACI intermediate maternal and infant care and 32 operation skills.

They are very experienced, both professional and caring, and treat their babies with special intentions.The nurse who was discharged from our hospital saw that the rabbit fell asleep a small one, and the movement was extra careful, for fear that she would wake her up.

In the first day of staying, Rabbit quickly adapted to the new environment, not crying, naked, sleeping and sleeping ↓

Waking up the nurse will help her wash the incense. The rabbit was a little scared at first contacting the water.At this time, the nurse will sing and stroke her, and slowly let her get used to water. After the bunny adapts, the small expression will gradually show the enjoyment ~

She also loved to wash her hair. The nurse gently massaged the small bubbles while massaging. The rabbit kept her eyes closed and looked very comfortable.

After washing incense, the nurse will also help rabbits to care, rub oil and touch the face and body, and finally wrap it into a "silkworm baby", which is particularly secure.

As mentioned earlier, the confinement center strictly follows scientific care, which is not only meticulous and more professional.Newborn’s umbilical care is very important. Nurses follow the natural drying method advocated by the World Health Organization. The umbilical cord will be cleaned in about two weeks of rabbits; it will also monitor data such as jaundice.High, doctors recommend eating more rows, drinking more breast milk, and monitoring every day, and slowly jaundice drops.

In terms of soothing babies, the nurses follow the 5S laws proposed by Dr. Harvey Karp, an American pediatrician, such as the law -the baby is appropriately wrapped with a small blanket and a small bag to restore the baby’s sense of security in the mother’s uterus.The rabbit wrapped in, also smiled when she sleeps ↓

Holding or holding the plane, the effect of soothing and crying is also very effective, and can be immediately soothed.Again, Rabbit is really a baby who likes sweetly, and the bright smile is extremely healed ~

When you are awake, feeding is also very particular.The nurses will feed the amount of breastfeeding scientifically based on the number of birth days and weight of the bunny and the number of kilograms. During her check -in, her milk volume gradually rose from dozens of milliliters to about 100.I stood on the side and learned to be serious, and I would arrange me to breastfeed when I was crying.

After the feeding, the nurse will use a sitting position to make it easy to discharge and observe the baby’s condition in real time. Tutu is particularly enjoyable every time.

In addition, she will also arrange some entertainment and learning activities for her, such as playing on their stomachs, exercising muscle and central nervous system development, and show her black and white card to promote visual and brain development ↓

You will arrange swimming twice a week, within 5 minutes each.The rabbit was very scared at the beginning of the water. After slowly adapting, I was very happy in the water. From time to time, the little expression was exposed ~

When the baby takes care, the mother has time to rest and recover. While maintaining energy and good attitude, she can learn breastfeeding and other parenting knowledge.

Learn the whole family together, the atmosphere is easier to love

Family people can also learn a lot of nursing babies to cultivate the concept of parenting for scientific feeding.This time, Boy and Boy A felt a lot of handy. In fact, many knowledge was learned in the confinement center when I was born in a baby. This time I got a lot of GET.

For example, the American Society of Sciences emphasizes that babies of any monthly age can be embraced (pay attention to support to ensure that heads, cervical, and spines are on the same vertical horizontal line), not newborn proclaimed by some confinement centers cannot be hugged vertical.Holding vertical hug is helpful to reduce the problem of vomiting, giving the baby more sense of security, and rabbit like it.

There are also tips for feeding with breast bottles. The small air holes in the pacifier must be towards the top, so that the baby will save effort and not milk.

The nurse also taught Boy A to sleep, and placing the newborn in the heart of the chest heart can make her feel more secure.Using this method, Boy A quickly became a trick to sleep.

In the "Super Daddy" competition of the confinement center, he also learned a lot of knowledge: for example, it is best to rub in your hands before changing diapers, and the urine is not wet and softer;Side changes to urine and do not wet, avoid hurting the baby’s spine, and so on.

Dads answered the questions and the on -site diapers were not happy. The final result was released. Boy A won the title of "Little Bella King Grand Dad" with the first real fucking theory.The baby is more energetic ~

The biggest difference between this time and the last confinement is that I have this little assistant.

She is a girl with a very independent personality. Now she is now in the early age of 3, as if she is a natural sister who enjoys the feeling of bringing the baby.So we will also conform to her personality and let her have more sense of participation in her sister.

This time, I simply lived in the confinement center and accompanied me to confinement.Every morning I wake up, I will come to my room for the first time, tell my sister the first good morning, and "the first thousand sentences" I love you.It also uses the childcare knowledge learned from the nurse for practice. For example, he will lightly pat the rabbit to soothe, and said softly while stroking, "Sister is with you" ~

She also assisted the nurse to feed the rabbits, and she had to hold the bottle by herself.When the rabbit was hungry and crying, she said, "Bunny, my sister feeds you", Rabbit really stopped crying, the sisters were full of tacit understanding.

尿 拿 will also help us take the urine, show the black and white cards for my sister, and help her wipe her body milk.Now that even the breast pump will be used, it is still learned from the nurse of the confinement center.Not only will you take care of your baby but also take care of your mother, he is particularly busy a day.The healthy growth of rabbits has a meal of credit from the beginning.

The newborn can develop a lot of good habits in a subtle way after the care of the confinement center, and it will be particularly good after returning home.On the first day of returning home at the full moon, I can already sleep for 5 or 6 hours.The current life is also very regular. There is basically no noise night at night, it is a baby baby ~

The soul is soothed, and the inscription ceremony is instantly

When confinement, the confinement center gave me and my baby, not only the physical care, but also spiritual relaxation and conditioning.The staff are more attentive, not only considering emotions and feelings everywhere, but also only once in each life, helping us to create a sense of exclusive ritual moment, leaving many surprises and emotions.

Pay attention to humanistic care, and the details are warm

The enthusiasm is my first impression of the staff of the confinement center.When I stayed at Bayera, I was able to go and jump when I was discharged, but they still prepared a wheelchair for me and gave me beautiful flowers. I suddenly felt like a star.

When staying in San Bella, the members of the nursing team also exchanged one -to -one exchanges with me to help me quickly understand their duties, considerate and professional.

For Baoma, the production of production is not only a physiological change, but also psychologically have a great impact.From the excitement of the baby, the expectations of the talked, to the anxiety that produced when recovering, someone needs to listen to respond to soothe.

In the process, the nurse and staff of the confinement center are my good communication objects, and in addition to the physical recovery projects, they will also arrange psychological guidance and do some projects that can alleviate emotions.

For example, art nourishment is a major feature of the San Bella Concubine Center. Compared with other confinement centers, it will pay more attention to aesthetics, and various own art courses will be richer.I tried to prepare perfumes and Japanese -style floral arts, relaxing and unzipping, and also gained a lot of new knowledge. This feeling is great ~

The bedside of each room has a "Selection of Night Reading Poems", which contains many classic poems.

Before falling asleep every night, Boy A and I read it for 咩 and Rabbit. The two of them listened quietly, and then dreamed overnight.After the confinement went home, we also insisted on this small ceremony before falling asleep, and the ordinary days also needed a sense of ritual.

Help to create a sense of ritual, leave many good memories

For families who have just ushered in newborns, every minute and every second with the baby is unique, especially those days with memorable meaning, it is only once in life.

Boy and I like to create a sense of ritual in my life, I hope to leave those beautiful moments in our hearts longer.The staff of the confinement center seemed to see our minds, and used their warmth to help us leave too many surprises and beauty.

Among these unforgettable memories, a full three birthday party is indispensable.Because April and May of each year are my birthdays of my family. Compared with previous years, every birthday of this year has extraordinary significance for us.

At the end of April, my birthday was celebrated together for the first time in my life.That day, I said to my sister early in the morning, "Rabbit, today is the birthday of our mother." Then singing a birthday song for me, sending flowers than heart, happiness is so simple.

The confinement center specifically selected a cake with the theme of the "Breaking Shell Day". It is the shape of an egg. There is a little angel on it, symbolizing that my sister was born.Seeing the first second of the cake, my heart was full of surprises.

During that time, a lot of friends sent flowers and gifts. The staff helped me to help me get upstairs and downstairs to pick up courier, dismantle courier, and help me put out good -looking "arrays".Surrounded by love, my heart is full of gratitude.

Immediately afterwards, the birthday of his dad, the two happened to be the same day.I am 3 years old, and I am 33 years behind my dad ~

The confinement center knows that now I especially like blue and like Princess Aisha. I helped us arrange the theme of Bingxue Qi, and perfectly hit my heart.She also gave her a cute and loved human figure, which was super love.For the first time in my life, I participated in my sister’s birthday party.

Rabbit’s full moon party is the highlight of the confinement.The San Bella Concubine Center helped us set up another blue sky. Our family gathered together and spent an unforgettable day.

The confinement suite I lived suddenly turned into a small world full of fun.The main color is the super love "ice and snow", the blue balloon color is softer, as if the plant is "growing", taking us into a childlike dream world.

The cake, as always, fits the theme, is a pink rabbit, which is super cute.Afternoon tea desserts are also like small animals, as if entering the fantasy forest.

On the day of Party, our family wore a new clothes made by Qingwai. My mother -daughter skirts and my mother and daughter skirt were matte pearl rice white. She recently fascinated the princess style, and she was paired with French lace, which was cute and loved.

The big sister gave birth to birthday blessings for the first time, and the two sisters took a photo super love ↓

Usually at the confinement center, she has to hold her sister several times a day. On her birthday, she loves it.

The San Bella Concubine Center also gave us a special gift -a small album and a small video made for the rabbit, which recorded her change in one month.

Looking at her growth, she couldn’t help crying.I know that she always has one day, and she will grow up like a big baby like a gang.But at this moment, I just hope that time can be slower, so that I will get along with her with a little longer.

Record a precious moment, once a lifetime

The moment the baby grows up is also the beautiful wish of every newborn family.In addition to making a photo album for us this time, I also helped contact professional photography institutions, leaving a beautiful memories for Rabbit and us.

When the rabbit was born two weeks after she was born, ONE One, a newborn photography agency, took this group of newborn photos for her.The main shooting is the Chinese portrait photography ten Jie Guo Yan. She is particularly good at shooting the baby, and each one is particularly attentive.

We chose three sets of themes, one is a little star, reminding me of the time when I was a kid, I especially loved me to sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star ~

I like the theme of the "silkworm babies" of this quiet years, and has a new meaning.The little rabbit fell asleep quietly in the flowers, and a faint smile appeared, as if she had a long dream.

Of course, the theme of the Mei Mei Rabbit must not be less ~

The birthday party of 也 is also taken by only one. Under their lens, the interaction between 咩 and her sister is particularly loving.Perhaps many years later, I will tell the story of the day to the photos that grow up to the photos.

Participating in Mother’s Day theme of Mother’s Day in San Bella and "Porcelain Wallpaper" is an unforgettable experience for me.

Before rabbing rabbits, I discussed with Boy A for a long time. I felt that the relationship between the two children could not be "let go of it", but to actively guide and work hard to double love.This time I took the confinement with my 咩, and the original intention was to make her get along with the rabbit and cultivate feelings earlier. We do more, and the multiples of love will grow by one point.

Choosing the confinement center is not only for your own beauty, but also a love for your baby.

In San Bella and Bella, our family has spent extremely happy postpartum hours.This is like a "charging station". Under the scientific care of the staff, Rabbit has grown up healthy and thrive. I also got a chance to reshape the body and soul, so as to start to the new life in a better state ~

Pictures from brand, business model shooting

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