After giving birth to 60 pounds after giving birth, Yang Mi is only 100 pounds of pregnancy, baby Sun Yi Xiao S is the most popular

Recently, the weight of the weight -bearing recipes of Big S and Xiao S has a high degree of attention. After giving birth, the big S is finally determined to lose weight again. Every day, I insist on exercising very little. Even her husband Wang Xiaofei lamented his wife’s perseverance. You must knowS can’t do things.Big S is really not very small for pregnancy. This may be a rare female star who will become fat, because most female stars are pregnant and have a fat belly. You say that it is not angry!

Little S is a well -deserved hot mother. She has given birth to 3 babies. Each child is a daughter, and she is often ridiculed on the show.Little S has a three -tabbing figure without any shape. Every time he gave birth to a lightning weight, his good figure is enviable.In the era when the entertainment industry in Taiwan, there were not many popular female stars in China. Xiao S was the first to get married. She still had a good body in her face.

Sister S was a female star who had a good figure in the entertainment industry in Taiwan in the early years, but Big S was envious of her sister Xiao S for a long time after pregnancy for a long time or in a nightmare.Big S was once a vegetarian, very principled, and what you want to do will definitely do it.Big S was difficult to prepare for pregnancy after marrying Wang Xiaofei. Because she was too thin in vegetarian, she began to raise her body. In order to be able to get better pregnancy, she also started eating meat without eating meat.After being fed crazy, the big S body burst into 160 pounds and bloated into two yourself.

Under the persuasion of my sister, Da S had eaten all the things that he had never dared to eat during pregnancy, and the weight was naturally high.Lightning slimming.However, after giving birth to her daughter, Big S began her difficult weight loss path. She has tried many methods to make a lot of efforts, and the results of weight loss have had little effect.If it wasn’t for the substitute for "Kangxi is Coming", the big S, which has not completely lost weight, would never show up.On the show, the big S voiced that she was so fat because of her sister’s persuasion. As a result, she couldn’t lose weight to make her very troublesome, but the Kung Fu was reluctant to recover the goddess’s figure after leaving 60 pounds.With a weight loss experience, this time after giving birth to a second child, the big S dumped 20 pounds of fat a month, and the finger was just around the show.

Seeing the hard work of Da S to lose weight, I realized that it was so difficult to lose weight for female stars, but there seemed to be few people who had worked hard to lose weight like Da S, but there was one who exploded like her.The slim Huo Siyan can be described as a ball when he is humming, which is more terrible than the big S.When she was pregnant, she burst into fat. The figure had no one to see the star. She exploded to 190 pounds.Li Chen, who went to the airport with her pregnant belly, loved Li Chen who loved and broke up.Although there are a lot of photos when you explode, Huo Siyan, who gave birth to a child, is enviable.

Wu Peici, a good sister of Big S and S, is also a hot mom who will have children. When she is with her boyfriend, she announces his withdrawal from the entertainment industry.I thought that Wu Peici would marry into the giants smoothly, but I did not expect that after so many years, Wu Peici was still single.Although he did not get married with his rich boyfriend, Wu Peici gave birth to his boyfriend for 3 babies in a row, and his children were very happy.The most surprising thing is that every time I just saw Wu Peici’s beautiful photo, beautiful pregnant belly photos, beautiful giant belly photos, and beautiful photos of beautiful weight loss, each time after giving birth, there is no speed of light.Slimming, don’t go at all, you say you are envious.It is no wonder that it is loved by the rich boyfriend, it is only a matter of time to capture the mother -in -law’s heart.

Yang Mi is also an angry master.When Yang Mi was pregnant, she couldn’t see that she was a pregnant woman at all, because her arms and legs were still thin, but they were slightly raised slightly. The clothes were well -dressed and could not be seen at all, so that there were often questions in the past few years, whether Xiao Nuomi was born from Yang Mi.Yang Mi even filmed during her pregnancy. She filmed the movie "Little Times" in the crew. She also completed the difficult moves such as running in various running belly. She was really desperate.Even if Yang Mi is not gaining weight, the most angry person is that Yang Mi has a weight on Weibo, saying that he has finally passed 100 pounds. This tone makes people who have difficulty losing weight to live.

Sun Yi is the youngest hot mother. She loves two people with Dong Zijian.The two people have been passing on the news, but they have never admitted their relationship positively.The news of the marriage directly on the cover of the magazine, Sun Yi concentrated on the fetus for a long time. This post -90s generation is definitely the most free and free couple.For a month after the marriage, Sun Yi was photographed to go shopping with Dong Zijian. The thin figure couldn’t see that it was already a hot mom. The word weight loss never appeared in her world.

The most cruel postpartum must be baby. She was actively prepared after she married Huang Xiaoming.After pregnancy, I reduced their work. In Hong Kong, I took the appearance of Su Yan to meet with girlfriends.On the day of the production, the hospital’s door was full of reporters. Huang Xiaoming also sent a red envelope to the reporter. After the production of BABY and Huang Xiaoming, they appeared with the child. The baby body wearing a black coat was completely different.Come out or a small slap face.Baby is probably a thin star, and he appeared on the same day. The point is that they are still beautiful. They are really matching with Huang Xiaoming.

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