After fertility, there is urinary incontinence. How can I not be disgusted by my partner?

She is not a person, but a group. She chose to silence because she was ashamed of expressing. She dare not say that her own troubles, but this does not mean that she does not exist!

In fact, "laughing" is not a joke, but a disease!The pain in it only understands the talents who have experienced.In my article, she is a large number of "urine" incontinence groups.

What is "urine" incontinence

The International Urine Control Association defines the incontinence of "urine" as "the" urine "phenomenon of" urine "that can be" obviously confirmed and involuntarily "urine", and thus bringing social activities and personal hygiene in patients. "

The incidence of "urine" incontinence is very high. A survey of epidemiology conducted by some areas of my country shows that the incidence of "urine" incontinence ranges from 18%to 53%. As high as 40%; and statistics from the American Institute of Urology show that more than half of women are facing the trouble of "urine" incontinence.

Women’s "leakage" urine is very common. About 25% of young women and 44% to 57% of middle -aged women, and 75% of elderly women will experience different degrees of "leakage" urine.

There are many types of "leakage" urine. Among them, there are three main types of women’s "leakage" urine: stressful "leakage" urine, urgent "leakage" urine and mixed "leakage" urine (pressure and acute "leakage" urinecoexist).

Maybe we all think that "urine" incontinence is far from us, but in fact it is very close to us!Even stars can’t be spared!

Pressure "urine" incontinence

This year’s Mother’s Day, Chinese Taiwanese female singer Ella sent a long text to celebrate her third Mother’s Day.

She revealed in the text that because she is a bit difficult in the production process, she causes the uterus and bladder to prolapse.Improved. The end of the article called for: "Mother is not a superman. In all processes, there are any difficulties and frustrations. Please ask for help!"As a public figure, she can directly disclose the privacy issues that others are ashamed to express, and call for patients who are troubled by" urine "incontinence to actively seek help. It is really worthy of praise.

Of course, then, the "leakage" urine problem faced by Ella is actually known as "stress" urine incontinence ". When the patients have increased abdominal pressure such as sneezing, cough, laughing, or exerciseAutonomous "urine" liquid flows out. This is a health problem that many women in the world will encounter, so they must be paid attention to.

Why do you "leak" urine after giving birth

Like Ella, many postpartum mothers have "leak" urine, mainly due to the relaxation of the bottom muscle of the pot.Women’s pelvic floor muscle groups are like a powerful net pocket, holding our bladder, rectal, vagina, uterine and other pelvic organs in normal positions.

During pregnancy, the uterus gradually grows up, and the weight of the baby, amniotic fluid, placenta, etc. will be pressed on this "net pocket", which will cause the bottom muscles of the pot to become more and more relaxed.

Once the bottom muscles of the basin are loose, the rear corner of the "urine" will become smaller or even disappeared, resulting in the increase in abdominal pressure such as cough and beating, the "urine" liquid will involuntarily leak out.Not only will postpartum mothers "leak" urine, but expectant mothers in the late pregnancy may also face such troubles.

The occurrence of "urine" incontinence and the number of fertility, the age of the first fertility, the age of production, the size of the production, the size of the fetus and the incidence of "urine" incontinence during pregnancy.

1. The age of fertility is too large, and the possibility of "urine" incontinence is also greater;

2. Women who have giving birth vagina are more likely to have "urine" incontinence than women produced in cesarean clinics;

3. The possibility of women produced in cesarean closets than unprecedented women with "urine" incontinence;

4. The use of accelerated production process such as production -assisted pliers, tire pumps and retractables has the possibility of increasing "urine" incontinence;

5. The possibility of "urine" incontinence in the mothers with a major fetus is also high.

How to deal with stress "leakage" urine

1. Treatment of chronic abdominal pressure such as constipation;

2. Basin bottom muscle training: It is the preferred non -drug treatment method.

Methods: Continuously shrinking anal movements is not less than 3 seconds, relaxed for 2 to 6 s, and do it for 15-30 minutes in a row, repeat 3 times a day; or do 150 to 200 times a day.Last 3 months or longer;

3. Under the guidance of doctors in regular hospitals, choose drug treatment or surgical treatment to help improve.

"Urine" incontinence caused by other reasons

In addition to fertility, there are many reasons that lead to "urine" incontinence, such as:

1. Age: Women’s "urine" incontinence is 45-55 years old.With the increase of age, "urine" incontinence may be related to the relaxation of the pelvic floor, the decrease in estrogen, and the "urine" sphincter degeneration.Some common diseases, such as chronic lung diseases, diabetes, etc., can also promote the progress of "urine" incontinence.

2. Pelvic organs: Black, rectum, uterus, vagina and other organs caused by fertility or other reasons.

3. Obesity: Obesity women have a significant probability of stressful "urine" incontinence than those with normal body type.

4. Race and genetic factors: The genetic factors and stressful "urine" incontinence have a clear correlation.Stress -intensive "urine" incontinence patients often suffer from this disease.White women’s "urine" incontinence is higher than black.

5. Development abnormal: Some young women, because of the congenital basin floor muscle abnormalities, "urine" incontinence will occur without childbirth.

Long -term "urine" incontinence not only affects the quality of life and bring psychological shadows, but also causes some diseases such as "urine" road infection. Therefore, I hope that everyone must actively seek correct improvement methods to improve and maintain good health.

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