After eating the peaches in the refrigerator, life almost gone!Doctor: Be wary of this "cold" killer

For many neighbors

The refrigerator is simply

God -like existence

What should I do if I buy too much fruits and vegetables?

Put the refrigerator!

What about leftovers and leftovers?

Plug in a refrigerator!

… …

But you know the refrigerator 险 safe

Once wrong


It may become a "accomplice" of the disease

Recently, 53 -year -old Uncle Zhou

Due to abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, headache, the hospital entered the hospital

The culprit was actually ate in the refrigerator

A rotten peach

Uncle Zhou, who lives in Nanshi Street, Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province, bought some peaches home from the market a few days ago.Because it was not eaten, the remaining peaches were placed in the refrigerator, and this was for several days.

When he thought of eating peach again, he opened the refrigerator and found that the peaches began to be a bit broken. In some places, they squeezed in and squeezed the juice.

Uncle Zhou was reluctant to throw it away like this, so he chose the peach that looks good, cut off the broken part, and then consume it.

One day later, Uncle Zhou felt that his body was a little uncomfortable, and then he had abdominal pain and diarrhea, fever and vomiting, and even had headaches and unclear symptoms.Fortunately, the family was sent to the hospital in time, and Uncle Zhou was now out of danger and successfully recovered to discharge.

The doctor introduced that the culprit caused by Uncle Zhou’s condition is a "cold killer" hidden in the refrigerator -Liszt bacteria.This bacteria can survive in the aerobic and oxygen-free environment, and the vitality is very tenacious. It can still grow in a low temperature environment of 5 ° C. It can survive in a -20 ° C environment for 1 year.It can survive for 295 days or even longer.

The doctor reminded that the refrigerator temperature of the home refrigerator is usually between 3 ~ 10 ° C, and the freezing temperature is usually at -4 to -24 ° C. This condition can survive.The leftovers and leftover dishes taken from the refrigerator should be kept above 70 ° C for more than 5 minutes to reduce the breeding of Lisnter.

Liste bacteria is a conditional pathogenic bacteria. It can enter the human body through the digestive tract, eyes, damaged skin and mucous membranes through the contaminated food.

Although this bacteria is very toxic, the disease is not very high, and it is not necessary to worry too much for healthy adults.

However, the people with low immunity are the key attack targets of Listera. Pregnant women, babies, elderly people, tumor patients, etc. are the easiest to recruit.

Most people usually have symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, headache, muscle pain, etc. (usually 21 days) after eating food contaminated by Listius (generally 21 days).

After a pregnant woman is infected, bacteria may be transmitted to the fetus through the placenta, which may cause abortion, dead tires, neonatal sepsis and purulent meningitis.

1. Keep cleaning

Keep your hands clean. In addition to washing your hands before and after meals, you should also pay attention to wash your hands before cooking and cooking.

The kitchen utensils should be kept clean, and the sanitation of tableware, chopstick boxes, knives, cutting boards, and rags should be paid special attention. Do not let it become a source of pollution.

2. Raw cooked separation

During the cooking process, raw food should be separated.The "cooked" here refers to the food that is eaten directly after cutting, such as mixing cucumber and beef.The separation of raw cooked refers not only to not get in touch with each other, but also indicates that the cutting boards, tools, and utensils used should also be separated.

3. Cooking and cooking

Raw food should be cooked thoroughly, especially meat, poultry, eggs and seafood.Under normal circumstances, after cooking, it should be cooked for another 10 ~ 15 minutes; if it is a large piece of meat, such as stewed chicken, you also need to extend the cooking time.Try to avoid stir -fried processing methods, because the stir -fried time is short, the temperature of the food center is difficult to meet the requirements.In addition, expectant mothers must abandon the habit of raw food aquatic products.

4. Save food at safe temperature

● Cooked food must not be stored for more than 2 hours at room temperature;

● All cooked food and easy -to -rot food should be refrigerated in time (below 5 ° C);

● Cooked food should be heated to above 60 ° C before eating;

● The storage time of food in the refrigerator should not be too long;

● Frozen foods do not freeze at room temperature. It is best to use a microwave furnace to thaw, refrigerator refrigerator room thaw or clean the flowing water thaw;

● When using a microwave oven, it is necessary to ensure sufficient heating time so that the temperature of the food center can reach 60 ° C or more;

● When eating buffets or when buying food in restaurants and other places, if the food is not hot or refrigerated or placed on the ice, try to avoid selection.

5. Use safe water and raw materials

Do not drink unclean water or without boiling tap water.Choose food that is processed safely, such as milk disinfected, expired food and partial deterioration ingredients.

Source: Jingshi Health Home

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