After eating peach for more than 20 years, how are you allergic this time?It turned out to be pregnant

Ms. Zhu is 29 years old and has been married for more than a year.Recently, a friend sent a box of Wuxi peaches. Who knew that a peach was under his belly, and Ms. Zhu was itchy.In the past, this year had never happened to eat peaches. Ms. Zhu hurried to the hospital for examination. It turned out that she had been pregnant for more than a month.

Only at the age of 29 to peach is allergic?I am pregnant

Ms. Zhu loves to eat peaches. Not long ago, my friend brought a box of peaches to Ms. Zhu from Wuxi.Who knew that after eating one, Ms. Zhu felt itchy on her body, and then began to sweat coldly, her stomach bloated, and her breathing was not smooth."Isn’t this allergic?" Ms. Zhu was doubtful and nervous, but she had never been allergic to eating peaches before.

Subsequently, Ms. Zhu went to the hospital for treatment. As a result, Ms. Zhu was pregnant for a month, and this allergy phenomenon was also caused by special constitution of pregnant women.

After pregnancy, physical fitness will become relatively easy to allergic

Yu Lin, deputy chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Yangda Affiliated Hospital, introduced that women after pregnancy will be different from before and become relatively easy to allergic.Commonly suffering from urticaria during pregnancy, and pregnant women will cause allergies because they eat peaches, mango and other fruits. If you really want to eat peaches, it is recommended to peel the peach.

According to Yu Lin, there are two main reasons for maternity allergies, one is allergy caused by food, and the other is allergy caused by the environment.Food allergens mainly include shrimp, crab, chocolate, milk, peaches, mango, orange, peanuts, dried fruit, etc.; Environmental allergens are mainly mold, cotton wool, animal hair, pollen, second -hand smoke, etc. in dust.

What should I do if pregnant women are allergic?Severe medical treatment

Once pregnant women have allergic symptoms, the family must be vigilant. If the situation is serious, go to the hospital for treatment.Reducing contact with allergens is the most effective prevention or treatment method.And allergies are closely related to inheritance. If pregnant women induce allergies during pregnancy, the fetal immune system will identify allergens and remember it. If they encounter the same allergens after their birth, a allergic reaction may cause allergies.Essence

Pregnant women should avoid raising small animals and avoid staying in the turbid air in the air for too long. In addition, they should also ensure sufficient sleep. Do not excessive fatigue or even stay up late.

Correspondent Fu Xuan

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