After childbirth, this kind of pain will appear in the breast.

"Xiaomei, recently I feel the breast tenderness is great. Do you say I will have any diseases?", "No, this is a normal reaction during breastfeeding. When I was breastfeeding at the time, the chest also felt like this. Don’tA scared herself … "Xiaomei said.During the lactation, the estrogen has not returned to the normal level. At this time, a series of changes will occur in breasts. These are normal phenomena. Moms do not have to be too anxious.

Big breasts

Some girls around me are always worried about their figures. In fact, the size of a person’s chest is not unchanged. At least pregnancy and lactation are a good time for breasts.At this time, the estrogen level in the pregnant mother is relatively high. Under the stimulation of estrogen, it is difficult to think about it.But many mothers may ignore this change and still wear previous underwear.The previous underwear was insufficient, and it could not support the bigger breasts, and it would also squeeze the breasts out of the breast.It is recommended that my mother changes herself a breastfeeding underwear during breastfeeding. The support of breastfeeding underwear is greater and will not harm the breast.

Breast pain

The main cause of breast tenderness is breast blocking.During breastfeeding, some mothers have a lot of milk, but because the baby’s absorption is relatively small, many milk will be blocked in the breast, causing breast pain.At this time, the mother needs to prepare a breast pump to empty the excess milk in the breast to prevent the milk from blocking the breast.The discharged milk can be stored in a disposable milk storage bag, and then put it in the refrigerator. Take it out when needed.

The color of the areola becomes darker

In fact, the deepening of areolas starts from pregnancy. This is because the level of estrogen in the mother’s body during pregnancy is relatively high, which will cause pigmentation in the body, so the color of the areola will become darker.Although the estrogen in Baoma’s body began to fall after giving birth, it would take a while to restore the state before pregnancy, so during this period, the mother’s areola is still dark.Mom, don’t worry, wait for the level of estrogen to gradually recover, and the color of the areola will gradually become lighter.


A few days after production, my mother felt that her breasts began to harden and even had some pain.This is because the estrogen increases during pregnancy, which stimulates the nerve center of the brain to secrete the "prolactin". After delivery, the prolactin increases rapidly, prompting the breast secretion of milk.Therefore, a few days after production, the soft breasts suddenly hardened because of milk secretion.

From pregnancy to breastfeeding, under the action of estrogen, the mother’s breasts will inevitably change. Some changes belong to normal phenomena. Moms should look differently.

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