After a girl’s encounter, she found that she was pregnant!And that person does not know#而#而 而 而

The woman woke up and unexpectedly found a man beside her, and she didn’t know the man. She had no time to think about it. She quickly took her clothes and escaped the scene.

After returning home, she desperately rinsed her body with water, and she would go abroad to study abroad tomorrow. I didn’t expect that this happened. Why was she so unlucky?On the other side, Xiaoshuai woke up and didn’t see Xiaomei, and only a blood stain was left. He knew that he had been deceived.

Xiaoshuai is the illegitimate son of a listed company owner. At present, he is responsible for marketing in the company and his ability is quite good.Because he was out of business yesterday, he accidentally saw Xiaomei and fell in love with Xiaomei at first sight. All of this was seen by Xiao Mei’s classmate Xiaoxiao. Xiaoxiao told Xiao Shuai that Xiao Mei was not a serious person, Xiao Shuai believed it.In fact, she is jealous of Xiaomei. Seeing that Xiaomei is not only beautiful, but also very popular, it is also the money of the owner of a listed company.Eat hard.

Later, Xiaoxiao gave Xiaomei medicine. After Xiaomei did not save people, she handed Xiaomei to Xiaoshuai, so she had the beginning of the beginning.Soon after Xiaomei went abroad to study abroad, she tested that she was pregnant, and Xiaomei wanted to end with her children.Eventually she was rescued by her aunt in time. After Xiao Mei calmed, she told everything. Her only request was to let her aunt do not tell her parents to prevent her parents from worrying.

The aunt who worked at the hospital agreed.After that, with the help of her aunt, Xiaomei gave birth to a pair of dragon and phoenix.As the days have passed, the child is getting bigger and bigger, and it looks very cute, but in order to prevent her parents from worrying, Xiaomei decided to give them away, but in the end, she couldn’t bear it.The aunt knew what Xiao Mei was worried about, and she suggested that Xiaomei will give her the child to her. At that time, she said that the child was adopted from the hospital.

In order to prevent her parents from worrying, Xiaomei felt that there was only this method now. During the time when they stayed in their aunt’s house, Xiao Mei met a friend of a aunt. Because she often came to visit her aunt, they gradually they gradually came to visit her aunt.The relationship is getting closer and closer. However, the friend of Xiaomei’s aunt at this time is actually the mother of Xiao Shuai, and Xiao Shuai has been looking for Xiaomei since that night, because he likes Xiaomei very much, and he does not know that he thinks about his thoughts.The people who thought about it at his mother was beside his mother.

Three years later, Xiaomei and her aunt returned to China with two children. With the help of her aunt, their parents did not find it.Then Xiaomei did not expect that during her departure, her father’s company had a crisis. Her parents were afraid of her worried, so she never dared to tell her that when she returned to her father’s company to work, she learned of this.

The reason why the company is so is because their competitors have a very good talent, and this talent is just a little handsome.Xiaomei still learned of this through business activities.Although it has been three years, Xiaomei still has no courage to see Xiao Shuai. She hates that man. If it wasn’t for him, how could she eat so much hardship?After finishing his emotions in the bathroom, Xiaomei left the event site, but could hide it for a while and could not avoid it.

Xiao Xiao, the spokesperson of Xiaomei Company, leaked the company’s business information to their competitors, which is the company where Xiaoshuai is, because her boyfriend’s father is the owner of the company, this leak.It made Xiaomei a heavy loss. Xiaomei didn’t want to be enemy with this classmate who had become a popular star, but he did not expect that he did such a thing.But in the case of classmates, Xiao Mei still let Xiaoxiao go.However, this time the disclosure of the company’s confidential incident, Xiaomei mistakenly thought that Xiao Shuai pointed out that Xiaoxiao came over to steal. In order to return her teeth with her teeth, she decided to dive into Xiao Shuai and steal the business secrets of Xiao Shuai.By inquiring about Xiao Shuai’s schedule, she followed Xiao Shuai to the seaside.As everyone knows, Xiaoshuai came here because he met Xiaomei here.In order to approach Xiaoshuai, Xiaomei broke the glass bottle, then picked up a small piece and put it on the beach, and then stepped on her feet.

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