After 10 years of menopause, a 67 -year -old aunt suddenly came to leave, naturally pregnant and gave birth to a daughter, expert: return to the old

After liberalizing the three -child policy, I asked if the friends around me had a plan to have a three -child."I ca n’t afford the second child, how can I have the money to regenerate one?"

Energy, economy, and physical condition are issues that most people are considering. Many people are unwilling to have three babies, and some are not even considering the second child.

However, there are very brave couples. The wife is 67 years old when she is pregnant. Regardless of the opposition of the people around, they insisted on giving birth to three babies and became the highest -growing mother in China.

More than 40 years ago, Huang Weiping was a secretary in the commune of Zaozhuang, Shandong. For the first time, Tian Xinju saw him, and there was a feeling of this person who had known him for a long time. After spending a long time, the two naturally were together.At that time, free love would still be pointed in the countryside, but they didn’t care.

Later, the two got married. The 26 -year -old Huang Weiping became his father for the first time.

At that time, Tian Xinju just graduated from the health school and was a doctor in the children’s insurance department at the Maternal and Child Health Hospital.Essence

In the 1980s, the economic conditions of the couple were slightly better. With their own house, they wanted to regenerate a daughter, but at that time, they had begun to grab family planning. The two were under pressure and did not have a second child.

Until 1984, the 30 -year -old Tian Xinjuan had a quasi -student certificate. They gave birth to a daughter, and their wishes were finally realized.

After her daughter was born, her family’s economic pressure became greater. Huang Weiping switched to a lawyer. He often went to various places to travel around. He was too busy to work so that he was absent from the children’s part of the growth process.

His wife Tian Xinju was also very busy. One person couldn’t take care of two children. The son learned to smoke when he was very young, and he couldn’t keep up.The couple hit and scolded, but they still couldn’t control their son.

After graduating from his son in high school, Huang Weiping wanted him to follow himself as a lawyer, but his son could not pass the lawyer’s qualification certificate. He was muddy all day.

With her son’s lesson, Tian Xinju was very strict with her daughter. When she was in high school, she also picked up her daughter, which caused her daughter to talk: "The classmates are joking me, so I want my mother to pick up and drop off."

Later, the children gradually grew up and became a child. With their own children, no one brought her granddaughter after the son’s divorce.

In 2018, they moved from the old house who lived in 30 years to the 120 -square -square community house. Huang Weiping opened three vegetables in the green belt outside the community to plant various vegetables.With a cute granddaughter, his life is leisurely.

The life of the couple for more than sixty years is the same as most people. They have nothing special when they are married to have children and retire their children. The days are like a calm lake.

Suddenly one day, a small stone was lost, and the lake water rippled layers of ripples, breaking the original calm. This little stone was a third child.

The little daughter came from an accident. In 2018, Tian Xinju suffered from a cerebral infarction. During the treatment, she drank a traditional Chinese medicine that promoted blood circulation and removing blood stasis. After 10 years of menopause, she suddenly came for a holiday.

After a period of time, she was afraid of going to the hospital for examination. The doctor told her that she was pregnant. She did not believe that she was in her 60s and could not get pregnant.

Tian Xinju did not take the doctor’s words to his heart. When he went to the hospital for examination two months later, the doctor said very certainly that it was pregnancy. It was 4 months.

The fetus is clearly visible according to the BGA, and the leg bones are very long.

Tian Xinju was originally a pediatrician doctor of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital. She had seen the process of attracting her own. The scene was deeply imprinted in her mind. She didn’t want to use this cruel way to treat her child.

As a result, the couple decided to check first after discussing it. If the fetus has problems, don’t do it, so it is also at ease; if it is healthy, be born.

Hospital experts said that the natural adventure of this age does not meet the physiological laws of human beings, which is equivalent to returning to the old and returning children. The old age is a child. The mother has very risks to oppose them to give birth to this child.

But the couple didn’t think too much, "if you are pregnant, you will be born," Huang Weiping also gave the child a name called "God". He determined that the child was the gift of heaven.

At first, the couple did not tell anyone about the news that the people around me saw that her belly was getting bigger and bigger. They thought she was fat and she was fat, and her son reminded her to lose weight.

They did not tell their son about pregnancy. Huang Weiping believed, "This is our business, why do you ask his consent?"

Tian Xinju secretly told her daughter that who knew her daughter resolutely opposed: "If you are born, you will cut off the relationship!" But this has not shaken the determination of the two people.

In October 2019, the 67 -year -old Tian Xinju had a daughter, and the news of God’s birth spread all over the Internet. The son also learned from the Internet that he had added a sister.

The children were angry and did not go to the hospital to visit the mother, and even did not contact their parents for a long time.

Huang Weiping specially invited Yuezheng to take care of his wife to confine. After Yueyue did 2 months, he felt that he should not give the child to Yueyue. He was afraid that he would not feel deeply affection with the child. Therefore, he asked Yueyu to go away.

After that, the couple brought their children by themselves, feeding, changing diapers, and teaching in the early morning, life became busy, and sometimes the couple could only sleep for 5 hours a day.

The birth of God has attracted the attention of many people. Some netizens sent their baby’s clothes and supplies, and the company gave diapers and milk powder.

There are concerns and doubts. Some people say that the granddaughter and the younger daughter are inconsistent with their children.Some people also say that they are a child who gives children to their children at this age. After a hundred years, they will become a burden on their children.

In the face of these negative remarks, the couple are very optimistic. They think that life is their own, and there is no need to pay too much attention to others.

In New Year’s Eve in 2020, Huang Weiping put on her daughter’s new clothes and teased her "Dad". The three -month -old Xiaotianci seemed to understand. "BA", she sent this syllable for the first time from her mouth. Huang Weiping feltThe happiness and doubts all the way seemed to have disappeared all the way.

Xiaotianci took care of the husband and wife the next day to grow up day by day. The eldest son and the second daughter slowly understand their parents. When they have time, they will come to visit, holding Xiaotianci to tease.

Now Xiaotianci is more than 2 years old. It is when it is naughty. He runs on the room, standing on the coffee table for a while, and then put all the shoes on the shoe rack down.

And Tian Xinju is 70 years old, and sometimes she is tired with playing with her children for a while. In the face of a strong child, she said with a bitter smile: "I want to send you away."

Tian Xinju’s body is not very good, she can’t do heavy work, her legs and feet are inconvenient, she is weak to take care of children and housework. The child is more Huang Weiping with it.

Before the child was born, Huang Weiping handed over the work of the law firm to others, but sometimes he participated in the case and worked with the baby while working.Old man.

Life seems to return to the busy and fulfilling calm again. Every day at 3 pm, Huang Weiping will take her daughter to take a walk downstairs in the community. Xiaotianci can already run on the car and run quickly, and Huang Weiping follows behind.

At 7 o’clock to 8 pm is Huang Weiping’s exercise time. He pressed his legs downstairs in the community alone, and then quickly stepped on 4 kilometers. He wanted to take care of his wife and daughter. The healthy body was the premise.

He often sighed: "It’s not enough time!" For him, there is a layer of meaning: he is afraid that he can’t accompany his daughter for too long, so he wants to maintain a good health and can accompany his children for several years.

For the future, Huang Weiping is still confident. He and his wife’s retirement pensions add up to more than 10,000 per month. For Zaozhuang, the economic conditions are pretty good, enough to raise children. In addition, he now handle some cases with part -time handling and has income.

Last year, a company found Huang Weiping and wanted to operate his short video account, saying that he would bring economic benefits. Huang Weiping wanted to leave more protection for his children, and agreed that he had cooperated with the company to make a live broadcast.Every time, the company will come to shoot video materials, and post it to the Internet after editing.

Tian Xinju intends to teach her to cook, do housework, and cultivate her self -care ability when he is 8 years old.They bought insurance for Tianci and started saving her, and they discussed with relatives in advance. In case of accident, they would continue to take care of Godci.

Huang Weiping believes that his "post -50" dad will not do worse than the "post -90s" nanny and dad!

At the age of 67, when he was questioned and criticized, Huang Weiping’s husband and wife held up the pressure and insisted on giving birth to a child. After the child was born, he carefully took care of and planned the future without a trace of perfunctory.

In my opinion, this is much better than those irresponsible parents!How many parents are young and capable, but they are born without raising. They have children and abandon them. They regardless of their children. What kind of parents are young, rich, and capable?

Regardless of whether it is an elderly child or a single baby like Ye Haiyang, they have seriously raised their children and educated their children. For children, this is a good parent.

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