After 00 -year -old girl and uncle, they lived together in January.

If there is a next life, I choose to let you go, my silly wife.

I was 28 years old in 21 years, and she was less than 19 years old. When she first met her, I never thought she would be with me.

She and I were both working out. I unfortunately rented a house and became neighbors. Although we were very different in age, after a period of time, I had a good impression on each other. In this way, the two people slowly came together.

We live together, happy and happy.At the same time, I also spent her first birthday (19th birthday).However, the next thing broke all of our current situation.

Yes, she became pregnant for a month.She is definitely a good thing for me.But for a girl just over 19 years old, it is undoubtedly a thunderbolt, not to mention her family does not know my existence.She had only one idea at the time, that was, the child would never have it.

Who knows that she is a kind child, and she sees me as a child, but can’t bear to hurt me.Eventually gritted his teeth and decided to give birth!In this way, she hid her family quietly in September for me.

In the past few months, she has welcomed me with a smile every day, and she has been happy every day.In fact, I know that she was "pretended". Pregnancy and having a child were a big event in a woman’s life. They were happy, festive, and congratulations.However, she can only secretly get pregnant and carry me tears on her back.It wasn’t until the child was about to be born that her heart knot was solved.

The child is about to be born. Should we tell the mother’s family that the two topics of us have discussed many times. I used to be afraid that she would be scolded and gave up every time.However, now we have finally gathered the courage to tell her mother’s family. Fortunately, her family did not scold her, but more of her concerns. I know this is also the helpless move of her mother’s family.Here, I want to thank them for giving me a chance to be their aunt.

It didn’t take long for the baby to be born. Because she wanted to her family, she went back to her mother’s house when the baby was four months old.

Since I can be regarded as an orphan, we decided to settle in her mother’s house. It happened that her mother’s house had an empty house. This day was a live, but I couldn’t let her and the child live a good life.

Although I am 30 years old, I have no deposit. Last year, I had to go out to work for my baby and for our family’s livelihood, but this was even more bitter.

Her fate was also very miserable. Her father died and her mother remarried, so there was no elder in the family.Therefore, after I left home, she could only drag her children by herself, and she could only rely on herself.

She watched her child suffering a lot, and she could only hold back when she was urgent. When someone was looking at the child to see the child, she had to be empty and convenient. Sometimes it was a long time when she was hungry.I bought her a box), and the instant noodles were finished. She got up early every day and cook some meals.

We have been together for more than two years. In the year and four seasons, any items she bought from head to toe have not exceeded more than one hundred. Of course, in the past two years, she has counted the items she bought for herself.It’s not that she doesn’t like better things, but to help me save money.

You silly wife, why did you choose my husband? If you have a lifetime, I don’t want to meet you anymore. You have suffered too much with me, and I hope you can find a better one.

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