Actress for 8 years to ask for a child and finally get pregnant!Husband knees at the Mother Temple for half an hour!Once the test tube failed to collapse and cried

On June 21, actor Liu Nanxi posted a good "pregnancy" video on the social platform.It is the first time that this is the first time that I have used test strips to measure two bars in 10 years.Seeing this video, I was so happy for her.Because before earlier, I paid attention to their road to preparing for pregnancy, getting eggs again and again, tie needles again and again, failed again and again, and I cried again and again. I have brushed it.The sadness and suffering here can only experience themselves.

When Liu Nanxi’s husband saw the pregnancy test stick, his eyes became red instantly, and he cried moved out, and he became a daughter -in -law!Many netizens praised this man worth. When a woman was pregnant for 10 years, she could not give up, and many men could not do it.

Looking at their test tube diary collection, it has been updated since 2022. The road to pregnancy has indeed begun since 2013. Liu Nanxi found chocolate cysts during the rising career and needed to be prepared as soon as possible. In the end, she and love 8The young boyfriend entered the palace of marriage, and started surgery after marriage, and then prepared for pregnancy.

In the past eight years, they have tried various methods, drinking Chinese medicine, counting countless needles, going to Miaofeng Mountain, Putuo Mountain worshiped the temple, tie dolls, etc.I like and look forward to the arrival of children, but never show his anxious side in front of his wife.

If you work hard but do not gain good results, Liu Nanxi’s chocolate cyst has recurred again (still on the other). Not only is this found that hyperthyroidism has also been found, and her determination to ask for her son to collapse instantly. FortunatelyTraveling, even if there are no children, live a good life!Let her get out of the haze and re -ignite life.

What is moving is that they have talk to the future baby in the video in the video. The words are really honest and are full of expectations for the baby’s arrival.Dad quit smoking for 16 years for the arrival of the baby, learned various cuisines, and paid attention to a blogger a few years ago, and thought about the baby’s name!I have imagined how many moms would use how to surprise their dads and said that they were pregnant, and now they have finally got their wishes.

Others are very easily pregnant, but they are rugged here, and they can be called all kinds of upgrades!The road of begging for the son finally has a successful ending, and I wish them a green light all the way, and everything went smoothly.

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