About 10 changes that are not known for pregnancy

Female friends will change greatly after pregnancy. There are changes from head to toe. Let’s take a look at these changes together?

Change 1: Eye edema and congestion

Female friends have slowed their physical circulation system after pregnancy, and their eyes will become red and swollen.Pregnant mothers must have enough sleep and drink less water before going to bed.After production, the symptoms disappear automatically.Pregnant mothers will fluctuate in their bodies before and after childbirth, which will easily cause retinal thickening. Pregnant mothers who wear contact lenses will feel discomfort. Therefore, pregnant mothers with myopia are best to wear frame glasses.This situation maintains about 6 months.

Change 2: Dizziness headache

Some pregnant mothers will dizziness and dizziness during pregnancy. This may be that the changes in hormones in the body cause increased body temperature and large blood supply to the head.In addition, pregnant mothers have insufficient water and hypoglycemia.

Change 3: Water spots, stretch marks

Some women become more smooth and delicate after pregnancy, and some pregnant women have various pregnancy spots and stretch marks on the skin. This situation generally continues to wean after the production of pregnant mothers or children.Pregnant mothers usually eat more foods containing vitamin A and professional massage cream, which can reduce symptoms, increase skin elasticity, and sunscreen.

Change 4: Abdominal muscles are gradually separated

After pregnancy, female abdominal muscles will gradually stretch to both sides to meet the growth of the uterus. This situation will disappear after childbirth. Maternal exercise can help straight abdominal muscles to slowly gather by their own elasticity.

Change 5: Mao hair growth speeds up

After pregnancy, estrogen secretion in the body continues to increase, and hair grows rapidly.As long as it is six months pregnant, this situation will disappear automatically, and how long hair will fall off naturally.

Change 6: Breast drooping and bigger

About 2 months of pregnancy, the breasts will become sensitive and continue to increase tenderness. At this time, if you don’t pay attention to the breast, you will sag.So wearing a dedicated bra to prevent breast sagging.Some pregnant mothers also have blue blood mesh on their breasts, but they will disappear after childbirth.

Change 7: Back pain

Female friends after pregnancy, because the baby and their own weight will cause spine deformation and poor stability, so there is a situation of backache back pain.Return to normal physiological bending.

Change 8: Hand edema

The level of hormone in the body changes, and the cells contain a lot of water, which can easily cause edema all over the body, especially the back of the hand.This symptom is particularly obvious when you are 2 months pregnant, so massage your hands in a timely manner to reduce swelling, and this symptoms will disappear 5 days after production.If serious, ask the doctor in time.

Changes 9: frequent urination, widening and thicker hips

The fat is continuously accumulated under the influence of hormones. The weight of the fetus will make the pelvic joint and the pubic bone connecting are not as stable as before, so the hips will become thicker and wider.The uterus during pregnancy will compress the bladder, so there will be frequent urination.

Change 10. Legs varicose veins

Eternomin can relax the blood vessel wall, which makes the venous flap not close well. It is easy to form varicose veins on the legs, and it will also appear on the head or rectum, which causes headaches or hemorrhoids.Drink plenty of water at this time to avoid maintaining the same posture for a long time. It is best to raise your calves when you sit down.

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