Abortion after accidents, what do you need to pay attention to after giving birth?In order to maintain love and care for yourself as soon as possible!

After abortion surgery, the body is weak. If it is recovered, it will have no effect on it, so it is important to recover postpartum.At present, it is necessary to pay attention to the following aspects: the initial 2-3 days of miscarriage, try to take bed rest as the main time, and then get off the bed activity, but you cannot be tired and strenuous;During the period, pay attention to strengthening nutrition, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits and high -quality protein; you should also pay attention to keep warm and not be attacked by the wind, cold and dampness; observe the amount of bleeding and the duration.

The most important thing after miscarriage is to try not to cause infection.Therefore, whether it is natural or aborted, it will take patients to take antibiotics for 3 days to avoid causing infection of the uterine cavity.It is necessary to tell patients to observe the time of bleeding after miscarriage, that is, the usual dew.Look at its time, the amount of bleeding, and accompanied by symptoms.The amount of bleeding is large, the duration is relatively long, and even has blood clots. It is necessary to intervene with drugs to shorten the time as much as possible so that the uterus can recover better and avoid a bad impact on the next pregnancy.Patients with natural miscarriage need to continue pregnancy next time. After this abortion, or after adopting an artificial abortion, it is necessary to send the pathology and embryo chromosomes of the embryo after the abortion.The foundation of screening.In addition, after abortion, it was told patients that it was better not to do the same room.Some patients do not know too much about this aspect. After abortion, they may rest for 1 week. There is a room in the same room without bleeding from the vagina. After that, menstruation is not available for a long time. The patient has always thought that it has not recovered after the abortion.Pregnancy.Some people have a good ovarian function, ovulation after abortion is better, and pregnancy may occur under the premise of the same room.Avoid repeated pregnancy to ovarian function or damage to the endometrium.

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