A woman in Jiangxi has caused pregnancy, begging her husband forgive, father -in -law: Who is the child is not important?

Hu Hui and her husband Li Ming spent many years in rural Jiangxi, but the relationship between the two was not very good.In order to increase income, Hu Hui chose to leave his hometown to work in Shenzhen, while Li Ming stayed in his hometown for farming.

On the train to Guangdong, Hu Hui met a man named Wang Zhi.They love each other, and the relationship on the train makes Hu Hui feel that Wang Zhi is a man worthy of trust and entrusting his life for a lifetime.

After getting off the train, Hu Hui and Wang Zhi exchanged contact information and left each other’s sight.After Hu Hui found a job and settled down, she always missed Wang Zhi.However, she was concerned because she was married. If she chose to be with Wang Zhi, how would she face her husband Li Ming?

After careful consideration, Hu Hui felt that he was young and should pursue true love boldly.So she contacted Wang Zhi and decided to live with him.However, a few months later, Hu Hui found that he was pregnant.She happily told Wang Zhi this news, but Wang Zhi’s attitude made her sad.He did not care about the fetus’s stay, and even said that he had no opinion, whether it was born or killed.

He was injured by Wang Zhi’s attitude, and Hu Hui left Guangdong and returned to his hometown in Jiangxi.However, she did not dare to go home directly to face her husband, and she could only live secretly in her mother’s house.

Although Hu Hui and Wang Zhi still kept contact, Wang Zhi became more and more indifferent to her.When Hu Hui was pregnant for nearly six months, she asked Wang Zhi to be responsible for the fetus, but Wang Zhi pulled her directly, and there was no message since then.

Hu Hui felt helpless, and she hoped to return to her husband again, and hoped that her husband and in -laws could accept her.She was disturbed by her father -in -law.

The father -in -law said that as long as Hu Hui was willing to come back, they could forgive her.For the child’s father’s problem, just keep secret in front of relatives and friends.The father -in -law said that after the child was born, the whole family would accept him.

Hu Hui was ecstatic and returned to his home with expectations.However, after returning home, she found that things were not as simple as she imagined.At first, her in -laws were very good to her and thoughtful.

However, over time, Hu Hui found that his in -laws’ attitudes changed.When her daughter was born, her in -laws began to become stingy and even did not even buy clothes for their children.Hu Hui was angry. She believed that her father -in -law did not fulfill her previous commitments, and her husband didn’t care about it.

Hu Hui couldn’t bear such treatment. She said to her father -in -law: "At first you said he was willing to accept me, why did you change now?" She felt very angry, so she took her child away from her mother’s house.However, the economic conditions of the maiden family are average and cannot bear the cost of living with her and her children.She can only seek the help of the media, hoping to return to her family again.

In an interview with reporters, Hu Hui said: "Before I met with my husband, he had the problem of inconvenience of legs and feet. But at that time, I was ignorant and I would blindly marry him. After marriage, I found that my husband was not only stingy, but alsoHis family conditions are very poor, the housing location is remote, and it takes 40 minutes to go to the supermarket. Such a life is really unbearable. "

It can be heard from Hu Hui’s words that she was full of abandonment of her husband and thought he was not worthy of her.Although she was pregnant with other people’s children, she thought that she was better than her husband in all aspects, and his family should accept her.After the mood was calm, Hu Hui sent a message to his father -in -law, hoping that he could pick up himself.However, the father -in -law ignored her and refused to be interviewed.Hu Hui was sad and didn’t know where their mother and child were.

In this case, Hu Hui’s concept of marriage seems to have some problems.She did not realize her responsibility and commitment in marriage.Her behavior not only deviated from the bottom line of marriage, but also led to the breakdown of the family and the predicament of her children.Hu Hui needs to reflect on his choices and attitudes, as well as understanding and respect for marriage.

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