A plate of green leafy vegetables eat acute kidney damage!Many people like to eat this kind of dish, if you eat something wrong or become "poisonous dishes"

If you want to be good, there must be less vegetables.For the human body, it is necessary to consume quantitative and rich vegetables every day.

However, if you only eat a certain vegetable every day, vegetables that are originally beneficial to the human body will also become "deadly vegetables."No, recently, Uncle Zhang (pseudonym), because of a large amount of a single vegetables, caused acute kidney damage and almost lost the excretion of kidney.

Eat a pound every day and eat it for a whole week

Uncle Seventy Grandpa has acute kidney injury

Uncle Zhang was 76 years old because he went to the hospital for examination because of a sudden back pain.The results were checked and found that their blood creatinine was as high as 276 μmol/L.This value scared the doctor and immediately asked Uncle Zhang to be hospitalized.As a result, during the hospitalization, Uncle Zhang’s serum creatinine continued to rise, rising from 276 μmol/L to 621 μmol/L, and the urine protein rose to 0.798g/day.

The reason for this result is because Uncle Zhang took more than 500g spinach every day during the week of admission.

Why does the indicators of blood creatinine continue to rise and make doctors "like an enemy"?What does this have to do with eating spinach?Xiaokang Girls specially invited Dr. Qing Yueyue, director of the clinical nutrition department of the Seventh People’s Hospital of Chengdu, to tell you well.

"Generally speaking, the blood creatinine index of normal people should be 57 ~ 111 μmol/L." According to Dr. Liang, serum creatinine is the most commonly used indicator in clinical practice. The blood creatinine is rapidSteering usually means acute kidney injury.

Acute renal injury is a clinical syndrome characterized by the rapid decline in the glomerular filtration rate and the accumulation of metabolic waste caused by it.Causes waste accumulation, hydrolysis disorders and damage to immune function.

Dr. Liang said that it was because Uncle Zhang took more than 500g spinach every day during the week of the admission period.The spinach contains a large amount of oxalic acid. The combination of oxalic acid and calcium in the human body forms calcium oxalate. A large amount of calcium oxalate will cause the acute renal tubular damage, which will lead to the rapid increase of the uncle’s creatinine!

After clarifying the cause, the doctor gave him drinking more water, adjusting the diet structure, and taking vitamin B6. After 1 week, Uncle Zhang reviewed the blood creatinine and dropped to 230umol/L. After 2 months, the blood creatinine was reduced to 133umol/L.

Highteric acid, high purine, high nutrition

Spinach is really "love and hate"

In addition to very rich oxalic acid, spinach also contains a lot of purine.According to statistics, every 100g spinach contains about 90 mg of purine.

Taking high purine food for a long time can easily cause people to increase uric acid and cause gout.

In addition, after the rise of uric acid, it may also lead to the consequences of destroying joints, injury to the kidneys, and chaotic metabolism.

But then again, although spinach contains more purine and oxalic acid, spinach is also a very nutritious food.

Spinach is rich in dietary fiber and can promote intestinal peristalsis.At the same time, spinach is one of the important sources of lutein, and lutein is very good for the degeneration of retinal macular degeneration caused by preventing eye aging.

In addition, spinach is also rich in carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A in the body, which is good for the health of the eyes and skin.

Spinach and these vegetables comes with "poison"

Be sure to do this step before eating

Dr. Liang said that in daily life, foods such as spinach, rape moss, bamboo shoots, amaranth, and high purine content such as high purine content do not mean that they cannot be eaten, but to master the method of cooking.

Before cooking these foods, it is best to simmer the water and use the characteristics of oxalic acid to dissolve in water to remove most oxalic acid.

It is worth mentioning that the daily intake of vegetables per person per day is about 300 ~ 500g. At the same time, a variety of vegetable combinations are advocated.Therefore, Dr. Liang said, do not eat only one vegetable like Uncle Zhang, but "rain dew is stained" and eat different types of vegetables, so that the nutrition is richer.

In the end, Dr. Liang reminded that for patients with chronic kidney disease, their renal function has more or less decreased to a certain extent. ThereforePeople are higher.

In addition, patients with kidney stones, excessive consumption of oxalic acid can promote the formation of calcium oxalic acid stones. As one of the most common type of stones, calcium oxalate stones can also cause obstruction and damage the kidneys.

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