A few days after menstruation, the easiest pregnancy is the most conceived rate?Tell you through sex

Women know that after the menstrual passage, they enter the ovulation period, and during ovulation, not all of them will be pregnant. Be sure to find the same room on the day of the real ovulation to become more likely to get pregnant.Some women don’t care about this, so they are naturally pregnant, and some women are prepared to be adequately prepared for pregnancy.So, a few days after menstruation goes the easiest to get pregnant? Today we will explain to you in detail.

Women in childcare age have menstruation once a month.On the first day before menstruation, and the next day of the next day, we call it the menstrual cycle.The next 14 days before the menstruation is ovulation day. The first 5 days and 4 days before the ovulation day, including the ovulation day, is the ovulation period.

After the ovarian is expelled from the ovaries, it can survive in the fallopian for about 2 days.Sperm can survive in the female reproductive tract for about 3 days.Therefore, if the ovulation period is in the same room, it is the easiest to conceive.It can be seen from the above statement that the 10 days of ovulation is easy to pregnancy.

This method is more accurate for women with a stable menstrual cycle.If women’s irregular menstruation and inaccurate cycle, the period of ovulation is more difficult.

1. Ovulation test strip

The ovation test strip can test the level of luteal genin in women.The luteal formin promotes follicle rupture and the role of ovulation.Therefore, if the luteal formation in the test strip test is very high, it means that women will ovulate immediately, and it is more likely to conceive at this time.If the level of luteal production is relatively low, it means that women are more difficult to conceive.

2. Monitor the follicles

For women who are not allowed to ovulation, they can also go to the hospital for follicular monitoring.This is a very effective way.Under normal circumstances, from the first day of menstruation, you can go to the hospital for monitoring to check the development of follicles. Doctors can accurately infer the ovulation period of women based on the development of follicles.

Reminder: Was the husband and wife preparing for pregnancy can be smoothly pregnant, and the physical condition is crucial. During the pregnancy stage, the couple should adjust their physical condition, do not stay up late, drink or smoke, and relax their emotions.Instead, the easier it is to conceive. In this way, the possibility of success will be higher.

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