A doctor planted 117 ears

The description of the shape of the vertebrate in biology has a keyword, "left and right symmetrical".

This word is well understood. If the spine is folded as the mid -axis, this half should be like the other half of the mirror.The left eye, right eye, left hand, right hand, even a nose and a tail can be evenly divided into two halves.This is the case for flying birds and fish, people or cats and dogs.

This is a natural law, and it is called an accident that breaks the law.

At the age of 20, Lu Min was still studying in college and was pregnant unexpectedly.The boyfriend’s house was anxious to do a happy event for the young people.When she was in the basin, the accident came again.

"My mother -in -law glanced at it and turned around." Lu Min recalled, "My mother said, see what you gave birth to."

The little girl who was just born has only one complete ears.In the position of the right ear, there is only a little small meat petal, without ears and auricle.

This is a typical feature of congenital small ear deformities, commonly known as "small ototic disease".About 2,500 such children in China are born each year, of which one -tenth is that both sides have malformations, which will seriously affect hearing.

Ear is an unavailable organ, and it is manually reconciled to make up for defects.A way of passing is to take out some of the patient’s rib cartilage, make the shape of the outer ear, and then implant the underpurpal.The age of 7-11 is considered by the medical community as the "golden age" of human rib cartilage.

Lu Min waited for 7 years. In 2022, her daughter was 7 years old and entered the "best surgery age."In order to settle the new ears, the little girl endured 7 months of skin expansion.

"I don’t want to wait anymore." Lu Min said.

But unexpectedly found the mother and daughter again.

117 people who have to surgery as soon as possible, most of them are children

At the critical moment, Dong Yueping was unwilling to turn the front.

He set off from Linfen, Shanxi, and drove for more than 5 consecutive hours, and immediately arrived in Xi’an, Shaanxi.But the person who called the phone insisted that it would be meaningless to return.

"You stop the car first, I will explain to you with a video call!"

"I’m on the highway (highway)! How to stop?!" Dong Yueping roared at the phone.

He finished the call and glanced at his son. The 17 -year -old boy also looked at his father.On the right side of the boy’s skull, a spherical block of the size of a fist.It was the water bottle buried under the skin. The water injection of one or two milliliters of water per day was for several months. The water bottle gradually expanded, the skin was tension, and the skin grows. The new skin will be used to cover the ears made of rib cartilage.

According to the original plan, two days later, the "water ball" will disappear, and one right ear will be born there.But at this moment, Dong Yueping did not know how to speak to his son that his ears could not be done.

It was a notice on January 13, 2022, the Xi’an Health and Health Commission issued a penalty for "suspending business for three months" in Xi’an High -tech Hospital and Xi’an International Medical Center, which "rescued and diagnosed with patients with urgent danger".

Xi’an International Medical Center is the destination of Dong Yueping and his son.In this hospital’s plastic surgery, they have completed the first phase of the external ear reconstruction, that is, buried in the skin expansion.On the way to the second phase of the operation, they were notified by the hospital to return.

At this time, Lu Min in Sichuan bought a ticket for a long time, and the "water ball" on her daughter’s head had been hung for 7 months.After learning that the hospital was "suspended", Lu Min had to take out the daily necessities such as water cups and towels from the suitcase to continue waiting for this "accident".

In those two days, Zhu Bing made a lot of calls like this.

"There were more than 100 people who had an outpatient clinic, and more than 400 people who had an appointment (surgery buried in the skin expansion), and 117 people who had about the second phase (surgery)."A notice. "As the assistant dean of the Plastic Surgery Hospital of Xi’an International Medical Center, she and her colleagues kept calling at the moment. They preferred that the patients who had come to the hospital in the near future, especially the" with the ball "for several months, must conduct the second phase as soon as possible.The 117 surgery, most of them are less than 10 years old.

"I understand their mood too much." Zhu Bing recalled that some patients’ family members scolded the hospital and scolded her and the doctor. She endured and asked them to vent., I would rather beolate for 14 days, and the pressure given by the epidemic, so the mood is not good. "

According to the situation that Zhu Bing learned, a group of patients had to go through the admission procedures the next day; and some patients had lived in the hospital for a month in order to wait for surgery; after someone arrived in Xi’an, they could only live in relatives and could only live in relatives.Home, I was really embarrassed to disturb again; someone was on the road and broadcast the service broadcast of the service of train compartments around her when talking with her.Most patients’ families are not ideal. The surgery needs to cost 780,000 yuan. This toss increases the cost of medical treatment.

"Is it someone else’s relationship?" Dong Yueping doubted that in the end he took his son back to Linfen. Recently, he was only 20 kilometers away from Xi’an.

In fact, except for patients who have been admitted to the hospital, after the implementation of the "suspension" measures, many departments of the Xi’an International Medical Center have no new consultation and one new registered surgery.

I have never thought about the consequences of posting Weibo, I just thought about the consequences of not doing surgery

At 11 o’clock on the night of January 12, Guo Shuzhong, the dean of the Xi’an International Medical Center Plastic Surgery Hospital and the producers of the "ears".

"Children ” with the ball ‘for a few months, they can’t drag any more." He worried, "The water injection pipe of the skin expansion is exposed, the body surface is open, and the risk of patients infection will rise significantly.In addition, many children who are in the compulsory education stage have undergone surgery while taking advantage of the winter vacation. If they continue to "bring the ball", they are likely to be unable to return to the campus at the beginning of school.

Guo Shuzhong claimed that someone was repairing a car. He was "repairing people."He was nearly 60 years old and was the director of the Institute of Plastic Surgery, the First Affiliated Hospital of the Fourth Military Medical University (Xijing Hospital).He has the second case in the world and China’s first facial replacement. He has completed China’s first forearm and ear reconstruction surgery. Regardless of the international and domestic fields, he is a top expert.He carved and assembled ears with rib cartilage, the finished product was realistic.

"It can do this job on the earth, not more than 10 people." He said confidently, "We are artists who take a knife."

Parents of many patients with ears come from all over the country.Guo Shuzhong said that before the child was born, some parents saw the ears defects through ultrasound examination, so they contacted him to make an appointment for face -to -face diagnosis and surgery.There are also old people who regard small ears as a shortage of life and want to do the operation, leaving the world "complete".

In the office where Guo Shuzhong’s is not spacious, there is a large white board occupying a half -faced wall. The whiteboard is densely marked with the date of each skin expander into the patient’s scalp, and there is the number of second -phase surgery.In the past, this number has always decreased while increasing.

"I can’t stop, I can’t fall. It is estimated that there are still more than 10,000 surgery waiting for me in the future." Guo Shuzhong said.

The most important thing is the 117 patients in front of you.They were buried in the skin expander long enough, because Guo Shuzhong was holding his body, and the operation had been postponed for a few months, and it was delayed again.

"My mood is bad today." "I feel very sorry for these patients." On the evening of January 13, Guo Shuzhong publicly published a Weibo with his personal account, telling the anxiety of unable to surgery.In the photos of the patients buried in the skin expansion, the side of the children’s heads suddenly drumped into large pieces, significant redness, and the pipes passed through the skin and around.Guo Shuzhong issued a warning: "You should have a second -phase operation anyway, otherwise the risk will increase."

Shi Junli is a student of Guo Shuzhong and the director of Plastic Surgery of Xi’an International Medical Center. The first phase of the skin expander was buried in patients, which was mainly completed by her.At most, she buried 35 a day.

She will open a mouth above the patient’s new ear selection, cut the subcutaneous tissue with surgical scissors, form a hollow bag, and then stuff the folding into a small piece of expander into the body.Sewing wounds.In this operation, the scissors must wear different levels of the subcutaneous tissue, which has high requirements for doctors’ feel.

The female surgeon used two slender fingers to simulate scissors, and calmly and accurately described the touch of the blade to cut the tissue under the skin.At the junction of the knife, the tip of the knife must be turned slightly. "

When recalling the "suspension", this ridicule was a little excited.

"When I buried the" ball ", I started to care about them." Shi Junli said.She has encountered that there are rural children who lack monitoring, and they will jump to the village’s ponds to swim in the summer, causing wound infection.Some people are torn or injured when they are playing with people, and most people can only sleep in one direction for a few months.

Dong Yueping’s son has not been in physical education for a long time.Lu Min’s daughter had just arrived at school age. After receiving a period of surgery, the "ball" became bigger and bigger, and the tight skin was shiny. There was a kind of vulnerability that would be damaged by touch.The child of this age is lively, and the teacher is worried that she encounters bumps and suggests that she should not go to school.In the past 7 months, after falling asleep every night, Lu Min will get up three or four times, "It’s okay to see my daughter’s" ball ".Other careful mothers will sew the hollow ring pillow so that when the child turns over, "the big bag can be put in."

"Wait a day, and I will worry about it for a day." Shi Junli said, she did not expect, "The professor would send the Weibo, which caused a sensation on the Internet."

"At that time, I never thought about the consequences of sending Weibo." Guo Shuzhong waved his hand and said, "I just thought about the consequences of not giving them surgery."

"The disease in my heart is heavier than the illness on my body"

Lu Min said that she would never forget that the day when her daughter was born, she was not welcomed by her family.Her young husband heard the accident and refused to visit the mother and daughter.The in -laws left the hospital silently.The mother took care of them, but it was straightforwardly speculated that the "reason".

"New room formaldehyde", "not eating folic acid", "cold during pregnancy" … have been considered, but in fact, even the most cutting -edge medical research for this congenital disease cannot give the answer of "OK", environmental pollution, environmental pollution, environmental pollution, environmental pollution, environmental pollution,Genetic defects are all alternative factor.Guo Shuzhong and Shi Junli have been in contact with a family, with a total of 16 ears, "it should be caused by genetic."There are also some developed industries, soil and groundwater have been polluted for a long time, and there are many cases of "small ear".But in general, this unexpectedly drops, does not pick the region, does not pick the rich and the poor, only in terms of gender, the proportion of men is high.

The lower probability also made Lu Min catch up.As soon as her daughter was full of moon, she asked for medical treatment. Guo Shuzhong’s team gave her a solution to satisfy her, except for the "return after 7 years."

In the process of growing up, her grandmother never wanted to take her out to play.The grandmother reminded her to look at the electronic screen less and protect her eyes. "No ears can’t even wear glasses."Some little friends were curious, and reached out the "little ears" that she kept her only, and she learned to fight back.

Dong Yueping was the first time from the inspection doctor.The doctor asked, "Do you have a few ears, do you kill (abortion)?" He did not hesitate, "Five or six months, it is a personal, just because of one ear, how could it not be possible."

On the day of his son, he saw the flaws with his own eyes.

The father had been to a lot of places for medical treatment, and he had never found a suitable plan.The boy didn’t care about his ears when he was a child, but when he entered his adolescence, his character became more sensitive and introverted.He wore a hat every day to go to school and didn’t like going out.He is more willing to paint alone than playing with his peers.

Thinking of the feeling of "uncomfortable", the 24 -year -old Li Da is still excited.

He was born in a small town in Inner Mongolia, and his nickname was "Tolo" when he was a child.He introduced that in the local dialects, this means "no ears".

"Tolo, play together!" He remembered the call of his childhood friends, and thought of another elementary school classmate with one ear that was missing. He was called by the teacher to take pictures with him to "take care", and there was almost no disgusting.However, when Li Da went to junior high school, his psychology began to change his body.

He quarreled with him at the same table, scolding him, "No ears are, you can’t go in, he can’t go in", he is so angry.Walking in the mall in the county seat, he will be surrounded by "curious town residents" and inquire about how he lost his ears.He was increasingly anxious, washing his face and looking in the mirror, and asked himself "why less than others."He is more and more unexpected, and his academic performance has been affected.He has always kept hairstyle that can cover his ears.

"Parents in the world seem to have this kind of tacit understanding, and the hairstyles left for their children are almost the same." Zhu Bing recalled thousands of patients who have seen thousands of ears that have been seen for many years, "most of them have hairstyles that can cover defects."Some boys have never cut their short hair, shaving their hair before surgery, some people are novel and excited, and some people are hard to give up and cry.

According to Zhu Bing’s observation, the intelligence and physical fitness of patients with ears are generally no problem.The younger the younger, the fewer the psychological distress they suffer, "it is a normal child."If the hearing is not serious, the communication with people is very smooth.There are some of them, because the defects have been loved by their family members, and they have a strong empathy.Dong Yueping could not bear the murderer, his parents and father -in -law regarded the child as a treasure.He later got a "no problem" daughter, and the sister was sensible. From a young age, he knew that he would not mention his brother’s ears and did not compete with his brother.

Compared to the impact of the young mind, those unexpected ears hurt the patient’s parents.

Lu Min is often asked, what did you do when you were pregnant and generated your child like this.After being pregnant with the second child, Lu Min was very attached to imaging inspection. The number of B -ultrasound was much higher than that of the production inspection.She asked the doctor repeatedly, did she have ears, her lips, fingers.

As soon as Dong Yueping arrived at a family party, he had to listen to the "good suggestions" of relatives and friends and friends.He is doing a waste car business, and no matter how much his income, he is generously investing in the education of two children.He was not a rich person, because he didn’t raise the cost of making his son for a while, he felt very guilty.

Mothers often proposed to the doctor that "take my ribs to make ears for children", but the transplantation of foreign soda is likely to cause rejection. Zhu Bing has to explain and reject it.She remembers a 10 -year -old patient, and the whole family thought that "girls don’t need to spend this money", only her mother was "doing it" firmly.External ears are not within the scope of medical insurance reimbursement, and Zhu Bing also understands those families who abandon surgery due to economic difficulties.

Li Da recalled that his grandparents looked down on his mother, thinking that the child had defects was the mistake of being a mother.There was a parent meeting in the class, a group of mothers pulled his mother, and asked with concern, "How do you scrap your child’s ears" and blame her to "too carelessly", and then remind her "the child is not easy to find an object in the future."The family went to Beijing to see her ears and was deceived."After taking his Chinese medicine, my ears can grow, saying that I have a fever because my ears are swollen."

Li Da’s father was a mudmaker, and his mother was working on small workers. They have been saving money for their son’s ears.

"Sometimes I write my homework, she stares at me, and then crying." Li Da recalled that he asked his mother, "What am I writing wrong?"

When she raised her son’s "ear money" again, the mother found out the gastric tumor.She quietly hid CT films and didn’t want to spend money on herself.Until Li Da, who had already in high school, found her mother’s condition and forced her to receive treatment.

This mother was later depressed and took the drug for a long time. She always cried to her son: "Sorry, I’m sorry, I promise to make ears for you." In Li DaThe disease is much more serious.

"Finally put the professor Guan back to the operating room"

Because of distressing his mother, Li Da tried to accept the regret of the ear, "what can be done without doing."

When he was studying in college, he tried his best to study and socialize.He is tall, looks upright, and has good grades. He is the popular star on campus.During an event, he met a beautiful female classmate.Harvesting love makes Li Da more confident, "Actually, I don’t have anything less than others."

If it wasn’t for the new crown pneumonia in 2020, Li Da would no longer plan to plant ears.After graduating from college, he found a good job and served as a workshop manager in a dairy factory.He has a stable relationship with his girlfriend. Except for occasional "video calls with her parents will hide half", the driver’s license is questioned as "hearing" by the examiner, and he is not satisfied with life.He stayed with a very short inch, boarded the company’s annual meeting stage, and posted videos of direct exposure to the defects on the Douyin platform."Our feelings are also very equal. She is a kind girl, but she is not sympathetic to me, but love. I am very sure."

In 2020, because of the new crown pneumonia, the dairy factory requires all employees to wear a mask into the office area.

"How to wear a mask without ear?" Li Da recalled that he removed the plastic handle of the Telun Su milk box and fixed the rubber bands on both sides of the mask."I am usually spiritual, so that a person has collapsed!" A dairy car driver persuaded him.Essence

"For my mother’s heart disease, and for my future family members." Li Da quickly asked the unit to take leave, went to many hospitals in Beijing, and rented it in the basement."I accidentally saw Professor Guo on the Internet. I took the green leather train and rushed to Xi’an overnight."

It was the end of 2020. Zhu Bing was very impressed.Li Da remembered vaguely that the role of anesthesia after surgery had not yet dissipated, so he asked his mother, is there a mirror, do you have ears, his mother is still crying, "Maybe all heart disease has finally vented."

In early 2022, due to the suspension of the hospital, Lu Min had to continue to coexist with "heart disease".She thought about it, her daughter’s defects were not cured, and she would not marry someone, and followed her for a lifetime; she was looked down on her, and she simply didn’t be angry with her in -laws. She also followed her mother -three generations of women in her life.

On January 14th, the second day of Guo Shuzhong’s Weibo, the hospital received a notice from the Municipal Health and Health Commission. 117 patients who had buried skin expansors could perform second -phase surgery, which was not allowed to "add" for the time being.

"Thanks to the superior leaders for being able to understand the sufferings of the children." Guo Shuzhong posted another Weibo. In his opinion, the hospital should learn lessons and insist on "life first."

Zhu Bing dial the set again with a completely different mood.This time, she heard "buy tickets now", "Departure immediately", "Listen to your arrangements" and all kinds of thanks.She remembered that some patients’ family members rushed to the hospital and rushed up to hug her.The children preparing for the second phase of the operation shaved their hair, and the head of "Big Belt and Small" shakes everywhere in the ward.

Dong Yueping’s son and Lu Min’s daughter were both on the list. The operation of the two was ranked on the same day, February 9.Although they have to wait for more than half a month, for them, the upcoming Spring Festival really has the meaning of "quitting the old and welcome the new".

Guo Shuzhong once again picked up the surgical knife -No. 11 knife film, German manufacturing, carving cartilage.One, two, three … 117 ears, starting one by one.Every time a pre -operative family talks, he solemnly apologize: "I’m sorry, because of my physical reasons, it has been delayed for so long."

On the first day of returning to the operating room, Guo Shuzhong made three ears. They all belonged to children, two 7 years old, one 12 years old.Seeing Guo Shuzhong, the anesthesiologist was also very excited, and said with a smile, "Finally put the professor back to the operating room."Zhu Bing described that in the ward, the children will communicate with each other, the touch of "with the ball" has already been "symmetrical", and "symmetrical" encourages "with the ball "-" You must be better than mine."" ".

"It is a happy thing for the children to surgery." That day, Guo Shuzhong "gap between the operation of the surgery" posted a Weibo. "I have been a surgeon for a lifetime.","

"The highest state I pursue is to be fake and true."

In the early morning of February 9, Lu Min held back his tears and said goodbye to his daughter.

"Don’t be afraid, mother is outside," she said.

"I’m here to plant my ears!" The little girl lying on the surgical transfer bed grinned, showing the incomplete incomplete, "I’m not afraid! When I came out, there was my ears."

Surgery began.After only a minute and a half, the negative pressure pump took the little girl’s subcutaneous water bottle, and the newly long skin was wrinkled.

Guo Shuzhong used a steel ruler to carefully measure the intact left ear of the little girl, compared with the "symmetrical standard" on the right skin surface.Another doctor took the surgical knife and made a right -angled incision along the line that Guo Shuzhong painted. The nurse quickly cleaned the blood of the knife mouth. The transparent skin expansion was exposed, and the surgery was cut out.

Under the shadow -free light, the incision surrounded by scissors, the amount of bleeding is small, and the field of vision is clear. This is the role of adrenaline injected.At the same time, another surgery team led by Shi Junli cut a small mouth under the left chest of the little girl and prepared to take the rib cartilage.

"Step out the bone film like peeling onions." Guo Shuzhong once metaphorically, "Come on the pork ribs, those translucent crispy bones are rib cartilage."

Shi Junli explained that the cartilage used on the ears was mainly on the ribs 6, 7 and 8.If the amount is not enough, you may need to take No. 9.Their length, hardness, elasticity, and thickness are relatively suitable.The left ear should be used to use the rib cartilage on the right. On the contrary, this is to use the natural arc of cartilage.

The number 7 is the best, and it will be used as the main support of the ears. The 6th and No. 8 and No. 9 are made of ear wheels and the ear wheels.Human ears are gully and horizontal. If they are pursuing simulation when reconstruction, all details should be built.Shi Junli said that too young children have insufficient rib cartilage, and they will be calcified and hardened when they grow up. Over 60 years old, "it becomes bean paste ice cream, which is crispy."

Some people have large ears and more materials.But everyone’s ears have a unique form. "The external ears of medical needs are not pursuing beauty, but ‘like’." Shi Junli said that the reference thing is the ears on the opposite side.

Guo Shuzhong claimed to be "Masters of Feds Manufacturing". He invited the professor of the Sculpture Department of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts to teach the team, allowing students to practice carved radish, mustard, sheep and pig’s ribs.

At this moment, he took the first section of the rib cartilage of the little girl and placed on a white operation table with a slap.

The child’s cartilage is pink, and it looks very pure. Guo Shuzhong used the scissors of the surgery to gently repair the residual tissue, pick up a transparent template of the little girl made by 1: 1, compared with the cartilage, whichDraw the outline.

The 11th blade appeared, it cut the bone surface, the white debris dropped, and the cartilage began to show a beautiful arc, which was simulating the outer edge of the ear wheel.

In the operating room, the ECG monitor made a uniform and loud drip, and the background sound was the love song, classical music and the Spring Festival prelude to play alternately.Guo Shuzhong carved his bones while talking about the history of plastic surgery -during the World War I, many soldiers suffered a close gunshot injury, and the face was severely damaged.

"Some military doctors treat their legs, some treat their stomachs, and have a doctor who specializes in repairing and replenishing work." The person mentioned by Guo Shuzhong, named Harold Gillis, is a New Zealand otolaryngologist.In 1916, he worked in a British clinic to persuade the supervisor to repair his face for the "Ghost Face" warrior returning from the battlefield.He has dissected many warship remains and found that the rib cartilage is suitable for reinventing organs.

"This is a gift that God has given us." Guo Shuzhong said that using his own rib cartilage -making organs can effectively avoid rejection reactions; with a few less rib cartilage, it has little impact on people.

Gillar is known as the "Father of Plastic Surgery", but in the following decades, doctors from the world have just made a "meat plate".In the 1950s, a doctor in the United States first made "the shape of the ears" with rib cartilage for the first time.After that, another American doctor who loved art and carved stones carved the details of the ears on the rib cartilage. In a long period of time, the doctor dominated the world’s ears.The information comes from him. All academic conferences are he hosted. "

"In 1995 I attended his training class in the United States. He didn’t care about me, but I heard it very carefully." Guo Shuzhong smiled and recalled, as if returning to the era of humbly study, and then he restored the "big guy" momentum.Said seriously, "To this day, his method has been eliminated, and our ears have long been far more than him." He will go to the free clinic and find the foundation to perform surgery for patients with difficulty in economy.

Guo Shuzhong combined the carved cartilage components, sutured and fixed with titanium silk. In his hands, a rounded edge of the ears appeared.

"Ears are three -dimensional three -dimensional structure." He explained that "carving and plastic are two things, and we must sculpt and shaped." More rib cartilage was taken out and sent to him.The white debris scattered on the lid of dark green and light blue.Guo Shuzhong cherishes these materials and is not wasted as much as possible.

After 1 hour, Lu Min’s daughter’s right ear had a prototype.Guo Shuzhong pinched the template, and started to trim the details of the ear, increase the "sub -structure" -adjust the "triangle nest" of the ear wheel, increase the ear screen, and leave the luga cavity.He put the molding structure in the incision on the right side of the little girl’s head, compared with the left ear repeatedly, and made several adjustments.

When the negative pressure pump finally pulled away the air under the skin, almost a moment, the epidermis pasted tight cartilage, the cartilage stuck the skull, and a pink right ear appeared.Blood supply is restored, and these cartilage will continue to survive.

"Our line, the highest state of pursuit is called fake and true." Guo Shuzhong said that a few years ago, he tried to use artificial materials and made ears in industrialized. The effect has always been unsatisfactory.

Psychologist with a surgeon knife

In the afternoon of 5 days, Lu Min chased her daughter and passed through the long corridor of the ward.

"Slow!" She told that she didn’t dare to face any accidents.

In addition to a drainage tube on the bald head, the little girl looked normal, her right ear began to swell, and she was as round as the left ear.She has big eyes and loves to laugh, and she has a "little pony" toy with her.On the night of the operation, she still screamed "hey, hey", but now, she runs for a while, jumps for a while, squats for a while, and then she will vent her family -like -time target in the rest area of her family. Lu Min panicked.She had sent photos and videos of her daughter’s new ears to her family.She couldn’t help asking her daughter, "Is your ears beautiful", and then waiting for the "Bring -Liang-".

One night, the mother and daughter could be discharged home.

At this time, Xi’an has not added a local confirmed case of new crown pneumonia for more than 20 consecutive days.

Walking in the hospital, Guo Shuzhong will meet other departments "with a knife"."I really envy you, Lao Guo!" Some surgeon experts said to him, "I have been undergoing surgery in my life, and I suddenly don’t let it. I don’t know what life is used!"

Guo Shuzhong knew that feeling.As a surgeon, he cut an inflamed appendix and also picked malignant tumors.He performed surgery for the worker master who was injured and stopped with his legs; he had surgery for children who were bitten by a donkey to take off their chin and their parents were looking for a doctor;There was a young man who had crushed the pelvis in a car accident. Guo Shuzhong couldn’t forget that he looked at the doctor’s eyes. "Everyone is like that, and the desire to survive in his eyes is still so strong."

"Still a sense of accomplishment," he said.

Compared with the post -60s teacher, the post -80s teacher Junli is more ambitious.She always believes that "no operation is perfect", and process, operation, and medical equipment can be optimized and optimized.Taking the surgery of the skin expander as an example, she hopes to make a "standardized process", which is precise to "how many centimeters do this cut" and "how many stitches of this mouth seam".

Her reason is, "Don’t let this surgery become my ‘unique cheats’, but to allow more doctors to learn and do" -mo will benefit more patients.

When Dong Yueping’s son was discharged, he refused to wear a hat.When I got home, I bought a lot of "tops" online, who had only cared about "shoes", put on new clothes, and went out to see my classmates.

"When the inner power is strong enough, I once felt that the appearance defect was not so important." Li Da recalled, "But when I really have a normal appearance, my heart is still different."

After he was discharged and went to work, when he met every colleague, he would point to the new ears for the other party.For the first time, he replaced the avatar of social media accounts with his own photos, and he no longer "particularly fear of losing his lover."Not long ago, he was promoted to "General Manager Secretary" and followed the leaders to go in and out of various public places."I was very active in the past, but when I was selected, I was less. Looking back, I understood the idea of the leader."

He didn’t dare to exercise violently, and "Big Wine" did not dare to drink, and protect his ears carefully.

"My surgery knife can touch the patient’s heart, making them more confident and happier. I am a psychologist with a knife." After "the artist who took the knife", Guo Shuzhong came up with a title for himself.

Li Da always remembers the day when he was discharged with two ears.He walked out of the hospital’s door, walked to the street, and kept passing by with passers -by, but no one looked at him -that was the ordinary people he wanted most.

(At the request of the interviewees, Lu Min, Dong Yueping, and Li Da in the text were pseudonym)

China Youth Daily · China Youth.com reporter Qin Zhenzi Source: China Youth Daily

Source: China Youth Daily

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