A 50 -year -old man suffers from fever, and his body temperature is as high as 41 ° C!Doctor reminds →

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The 50 -year -old man Lao Chen was engaged in outdoor work. A few days ago, after a few hours of exposure at high temperature, he vomited severe vomiting, and then appeared in mental deficiency, shortness of breath, twitching, closed teeth, and colleagues quickly called 120 to be 120.Lao Chen was sent to the Ministry of Emergency Medicine in Xiamen Hongai Hospital.After three days of treatment, Lao Chen is now awake.

It is understood that when he was sent to the rescue room at 4:30 pm that day, Lao Chen had fallen into a state of coma.After checking the doctor, his body temperature was as high as 39.3 ° C, and the heart rate was nearly 160 times per minute.The hospital immediately opened the green channel for him and was in danger.After a series of emergency treatment, Lao Chen’s condition did not turn well. At about 4:50 pm, he was restrained, accompanied by jet vomiting, and the breathing difficulty intensified. The body temperature was as high as 41.0 ° C.Lao Chen was sent into the ICU.

After 3 days of admission, under the careful and standardized treatment of Dr. ICU, Lao Chen finally successfully removed the tracheal intubation. At present, the consciousness has been awake, and he can soon be transferred to the general ward.

The body temperature exceeds 40 ° C is equivalent to the human body into a steamer

Shen Kaijin, director of the Ministry of Emergency Medicine of Hongai Hospital, introduced that fever is severe heat stroke. The typical symptom is that the body temperature exceeds 40 ° C. Such a high body temperature will cause irreversible damage to the brain.Internal organs are "steamed". If rescue is not timely, the mortality rate is very high.

Severing strokes are more common in high -temperature environments for a long time, and they are also found in the elderly or children, pregnant women who do not work hard to work, and have poor body temperature regulation and poor adaptability or basic diseases.Shen Kaijin reminds the public to avoid moving on the scorching sun. If you want to go out, you must take sunscreen measures. Try to use as much as possible to use cotton, hemp, silk, and other breathable sweat -absorbing fabrics, so as not to heat the heat in time when sweating a lot.Special people try to avoid going out.

In addition, when the weather is hot, people should eat more vegetables and fruits, such as cucumber, tomato, watermelon, melon, etc. The most important thing is to drink plenty of water and drink 1.5 liters of water a day to 2 liters of water.So don’t wait for the thirst before drinking water.When sweating a lot, saline can be supplemented appropriately.

(Xiamen Evening News reporter Kuangwei Correspondent Mao Lingzhi)

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