A 38 -year -old woman attended a classmate party and was sleeping and pregnant by an old classmate who hadn’t seen it for more than 10 years.

“”A 38 -year -old woman attended a classmate party and was coaxed by an old classmate who hadn’t seen in more than ten years, and then became pregnant.However, after the child was born, the woman suddenly came back to find her ex -husband and proposed to register the child’s household registration in the name of the ex -husband.Ex -husband: Am I not shame enough?To hukou, get 500,000![sun]

"I’m shameless? I want me to wipe you my ass? You really treat me as a bad person!" The husband yelled at his ex -wife, what’s going on?about what?

Women Tianyao and ex -husband Yang Kai have been married for more than ten years.They also have two daughters.They could have lived steadily, and suddenly a classmate party broke the peaceful life.

One day, a primary school classmate in Tianyao Village suddenly asked her if she would attend a classmate party in a few days.Tian Yao thought for a while, agreed.In fact, she didn’t care much about these childhood friendship, but she just felt too depressed at home and wanted to go out to breathe different air.

On the day of the party, Tianyao dressed up.After all, she has been in charge of the whole class since she was a child.Looking at himself in front of the mirror, Tianyao was very satisfied.She changed a more sexy skirt and went out on high heels.

At the party, Tianyao was still the most dazzling star of the year.A group of men were still staring at her, after all, they were married.They talked about their parents and dare not say anything.

A group of people are saying that Yang Chuan is also a little fan of that year. "I haven’t seen it for so many years, you are still so beautiful." As a woman, others praise her beautiful and naturally happy. Tianyao covers his smiley face.Genedly said to him.

Unexpectedly, Yang Chuan could chat like this and asked him about his indifference and feelings.These in -depth exchanges suddenly captured Tian Yao’s heart.The other students saw the two of them talked to the sky, and they teased their dress: "Well, how can this little couple speak so?"

After all the classmates left that night, the two were still worried, and they felt a little late.At this time, Yang Chuan suggested that the two of them went to a hotel to drink a good chat.Tian Yao also knew what he meant, after all, he had grown up.

Unexpectedly, as a husband and wife, the mother of the two children agreed without hesitation!Why is this?

In fact, there were many people who chased the sky.After all, the value of the face is there.At that time, Yang Kai’s face was not ugly and didn’t know what happened.I fell in love with him.There is no colorful gift, no garage, no matter what, he has to marry him.

But after getting married, Tianyao found that he was drowned by emotions.Yang Kai is really a lazy guy.He was lying at home every day without money, asking his parents for money.He doesn’t care about the children.Anyway, he is a typical old man, but the child is so big. What can he do?

Tianyao lived in such a life, and was very depressed, but for her children, she could only endure.For Yang Kai, she was just a relationship between her husband and wife, and there was no trace of affection, so she heard Yang Chuan’s proposal, and she agreed without hesitation.

After spending a lingering night in the hotel, their relationship gradually lost control.In order to be able to be with Yang Chuan, Tian Yao cheated Yang Kai and said that he would go to Shenzhen to work for a while, and then lived in Yangchuan’s house for forty -five days.Back home, he walked to Yang Kai with his big belly.In front of her, she told him the divorce agreement with the divorce agreement.

Yang Kai knew that he was really not good for Tianyao, so he gave Tianyao 250,000 yuan, so that he would return to the custody of the two daughters, and guarantee that he would not bother him in the future. Why?Tianyao came to Yang Kai again this time?

After divorce, Tianyao realized that he was deceived.Yang Chuan turned out to be a man with a family who divorced her and found him a junior!What made her unexpected was that Yang Chuan had no intention of divorce, and said to her, "Your family is unhappy, does not mean that I am not happy. My wife is so good to me. I am a fool and want to divorce?"

In desperation, the gray Tianyao took the child back to her mother’s house.Now that the child is at the age of school, before the hukou has arrived at Yang Kai’s house, she found a mediation staff to help solve it.thing.

After learning about Tianyao’s request, Yang Kai scolded: "Wear me a hat, and I want me to wipe you your ass! Am I shameless? Tianyao, are you really shameless?" People saw it, you want you, you wantRegister, I don’t care about your child, you give me more than 500,000."

Seeing Yang Kai’s anger burning, netizens expressed their views.Some people say that Yang Kai is right.This woman has been derailed a hundred times.When she abandoned you, it was so bold.You just don’t get used to her.

Some netizens said that all of this was Yang Kai’s inaction at the beginning, which made Tian Yao feel heartache, but it was indeed Tianyao’s fault, but in the orphans and widows, I still try to help me.Hundred days.

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