A 13 -year -old boy died of spicy bars, which is worth thinking about all parents#junk food

A 13 -year -old boy died of spicy bars.

A 13 -year -old boy died of spicy bars. Have you heard of it?This 13 -year -old boy particularly likes to eat spicy strips. He has to eat a few packs of spicy bars a day, and then he starts with irregular acne on his face.At first he thought it was adolescent, and it was normal for acne, so he didn’t care too much.Later, the longer, the longer, the more, and even the body began to have a lot of acne.

Followed a lot of hair loss.Later, I slowly found that something was wrong, so I started to squeeze him by hand. When the acne was squeezed, a lot of oil was squeezed, and it was like pus. Later, the more squeezed, the more squeezed.After another five or six days, the boy felt painful and itchy.Then I found that when I got up in the morning, there was water and pus on the back.

Then he told his mother about this.Then the little boy’s mother took him to the dermatology department of the hospital to see it. Doctors in the dermatology said that this was a skin disease, prescribed some medicines and some orally, and went home for two days.EssenceIn the end, not only did not play a little bit, it became more and more itchy, and it became more and more serious.After a while, the acne on his body was also broken one by one, and he began to float a thick bad odor, and then he began to have a fever.

When they were taken to the hospital, the doctor told them that they were too late, and the whole body had been ulcerated and inflamed. At this time, it had been infected with organs, which had affected breathing, and eventually rescued ineffective death.This is another tragedy.

The disease comes in from the mouth, and this sentence is really not wrong at all.Children’s diet is extremely important. It has nutritional, unwilling, loves, and is not nutritious and even harmful.At this time, parents should not give him a mess in order to satisfy their children, so that you do n’t love him but hurt him, and even lose his life.

It is worth thinking about all our parents.After reading the family, remember to forward it for more family members.Gifts of roses, hand a fragrance.

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