80 % of pregnant women have had fetal dreams, which one has you dreamed of in the top ten rankings?

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"October pregnant, once childbirth", don’t look at the pregnancy of pregnant women in just ten months. It feels less than a year, but it also crosses the four seasons of nearly spring, summer, autumn and winter.

In these 10 months, the mother has to experience a lot of things, such as pregnancy vomiting, drowsiness, dyspnea, pubic pain, inconvenience of mobility, etc. These physical discomfort will find ways to overcome them.

However, the most afraid of is the "torture" of mental suffering during pregnancy, that is, "dreaming". Many people think that people will have a lot of dreams in their lives."Superstition", I believe that many things are related to the baby, and they are more concerned about "fetal dreams".

1. Frequently dreaming of small animals, dreaming of small animals drill into their own belly;

2. Dreaming of small animals such as dragons, phoenixes, chickens, etc.;

3. Dreaming of "immortal" to talk to yourself, let yourself choose something;

4. Dreaming of planting flowers and selling flowers, love and care for flowers and plants;

5. Dreaming that an old man gives you a beautiful thing;

6. Directly dream of a little boy or a little girl who says he likes himself;

7. I always dream that I am back when I was young, but there are some children I do n’t know in the dream;

8. Dreaming of a bumper harvest at home, a grain rich, and even a lot of things you don’t know at home;

9. Dreaming that he lives with a group of small animals in the forest;

10. Dreaming of picking fruits, picking a lot and wanting to pick.

Relentless fool: I always dream of a big fish before pregnancy, in the pond, the upper reaches of the sky, two or three times, and then Baidu said that I was getting rich. I hurried to buy the lottery.It’s right.

South 66149919: Have you ever dreamed of dragons?When I was pregnant with my son, I dreamed of dragon, which was particularly spectacular.

Ping An Homeland 18595629L: I dreamed that the big snake black and white were entangled under the tree. As a result, the color Doppler ultrasound examination was twins, and it may be a dragon and phoenix …

Food without appetite: When I was pregnant, I dreamed of a big black dragon, but the dragon was killed and was born with a boy.

After pregnancy, due to hormone reasons and physical changes, pregnant women will become more "sensitive". They will always have some strange dreams. It is normal to be in psychological reasons.

However, if pregnant women do these dreams frequently and always dream of some bad things, the pregnant woman must take a good rest, because these dreams will affect the sleep of pregnant women.

If pregnant women can’t keep enough sleep, not only will their bodies not get a good rest, they can easily feel tired. Even the baby in the stomach is unstable.Growth,

Pregnant women should relieve their mood in time. Don’t watch horror movies, adjust your mentality, and don’t be too nervous. The dream dream will naturally decrease.

In fact, to put it plainly, pregnant women often have some hint of fetal dreams, mostly caused by psychological reasons. It is a normal psychological response.Maintain your own mentality, don’t think about it, avoid affecting your own schedule, but also affect your mood. Therefore, you can think of some beautiful things and relax yourself to welcome your baby with the best mentality.

After reading this article, have you dreamed of that?What kind of fetal dream have you ever made?Welcome to leave a message for discussion!


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