8 weeks of women in Taiyuan, medical treatment, doctor: relaxation!No matter how much

The Taiyuan Women’s Meixiang has been pregnant for 8 weeks. In the past two days, it was found that there were a small amount of bleeding in the vagina, and the lower abdomen was slightly painful.She was pregnant for the first time, but she was frightened. She immediately called her husband to send her to the hospital for treatment. Meixiang asked, "Doctor, I’m afraid this is not to have a miscarriage?"

It is found through HCG examination and other: Meixiang’s bleeding originated from vaginal inflammation.Then through the vaginal ultrasound examination, the embryo found that the embryo developed normally, the size and heartbeat were normal, and there was no risk of ectopic pregnancy.Director Li told her: Nothing!In the future, I will rest in bed, do not tired, do not mention heavy objects, and then have bleeding, they still have to come to the hospital.

In fact, vaginal bleeding after pregnancy is also common in outpatient clinics, especially during early pregnancy.There are generally two cases of early pregnancy bleeding: drip bleeding and continuous bleeding; literally understanding: Drop bleeding is less bleeding, bit by bit, and sometimes a blood -like secretion on the underwear;In the same menstruation, the amount is more or less.

There are many causes of early pregnancy bleeding.There are roughly these categories:

1. Pregnancy implanted bleeding: The fertilized eggs walk from the fallopian tube to the uterine cavity and bed in the endometrium. There will be a little bit of bleeding.2-3 days.This is the most common cause of bleeding. Most of them think that it is almost menstruation, but menstruation does not come during menstruation, so I find pregnancy.

2. Cervical polyps: Cervical polyps are a manifestation of cervicitis. They grow at the cervical mouth. After pregnancy, the pelvic cavity is congested, the blood volume of the cervix increases, and the number of small blood vessels is increasing, so there will be bleeding.

3. Cervical or guiding vaginal inflammation; if the pregnant woman itself suffers from gynecological inflammation such as vaginitis and cervicitis, a small amount of bleeding symptoms will also occur after pregnancy.

4. Breakfine abortion: Generally, with a small amount of vaginal bleeding, the amount of bleeding is generally not much, which may develop into abortion.If there is a miscarriage, the amount of bleeding will increase, and the abdominal pain will increase. Then, the embryonic heart stops beating.The incidence of such bleeding is 10%.

5. Ectopic pregnancy: If fertilized eggs do not bed in the uterine cavity, ectopic pregnancy occurs, and a small amount of bleeding can also be caused. The probability of such incidents is 3%.

Early pregnancy bleeding will make maternal alarmed women frightened, fearing to cause spontaneous abortion.Therefore, what should I do to do the symptoms of bleeding?

1. Discover early pregnancy bleeding, you need to go to the doctor in time. Where does the bleeding from internal diagnosis and examination?

2. Do an ultrasonic examination: clear whether it is pregnant or off -the -palace pregnancy;

3. Check the level of HCG and progesterone: After clarifying the intrauterine pregnancy, further clarify the cause of bleeding and embryo quality;

4. Maternal women pay more attention to rest, prohibit sexual behavior, avoid tiredness, avoid heavy objects, etc.

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