59 days from pregnancy to children, in just 1 year, we have moved 4 times, incredible

From my pregnancy to the birth of a child 59 days, about 1 year, we have moved 4 times. What an incredible thing this is, but it really happened to me.

Moving 4 times, not to say that we bought 4 times, but after we sold the house, rent the house to live, and then because the landlord was anxious to sell the house, it always made people look at the house.A house comes to live, in simple terms:

Sell — rent — borrow — rent.

First, this is the first house where I live (has been sold)

At the time when I was 3 months pregnant, I sold it to others in October 2022.

80 square meters

Property management fee 5 yuan/month

Stairs 5th floor

The open -air parking fee is 135 yuan/month

Month for 2005 yuan/month

390,000 out

Blind supply of 250,000

Go to the hand 140,000

Second, this is the second house where I live (has been moved away)

During the 3 months of pregnancy, I was completed in this house. As soon as I finished confinement, there were 4 months before the rented contract expires. The landlord couldn’t wait to urge us to move away.

This is a house full of bitter but deep memories:

Resign, buy food and cook, and other husbands, come home, come over, give birth to the baby to be discharged, confinement depression, quarrel with my mother -in -law, quarrel with her husband’s house, quarrel with her husband’s father -in -law, go angryFamily Gong, apologize to Jiajiajiao …

80 square meters

Property management fee 72.5 yuan/month

Elevator 7th floor

Underground garage 250 yuan/month

Rental 1,400 yuan/month

3. This is the third house where I live (I lived for 15 days)

Because the house we rented at that time, the landlord told us to move out for a while and wait for the place where the leakage was repaired, and we moved it back.Drinking mineral water, either nose bleeding, or uncomfortable throat.

The house that lived in these 15 days was still the house of her husband’s boss, and it was lent to us, otherwise it would really sleep on the street.

15 square meters to 20 square meters

Rent 500 yuan/month


There are no supermarkets in the surrounding vegetable market.

Fourth, this is the fourth house where you live (currently staying)

The home moved on June 30, 2023, I have to say that this house is better than the previous house for rent.

80 square meters

Elevator 11th floor

Monthly rent 1600 yuan/month

5. The look of my dream home

I have lived in so many houses to make my heart gradually look like my house.Four or four squares of light, good bathroom. The floor is a warm -colored marble living room. If you have air -conditioned rooms, it is best to bring the bathroom master bedroom. There are wardrobes living room (computer and learning) balcony.The small sofa needs to be soft to light the socket. You can put shoes and socks outside


} 75 Summary

1 Date: Friday, June 30, 2023

2 weight: 93 pounds

3 Baby: 59 days

4 balance: less than 3400

{Sitrier every day 天

I look forward to having a house of my own as soon as possible every day

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