57 years ago, the first entered "Lin Haixueyuan"

Wen | Zhang Wenguang

Zhang Siyuan looked at the black -and -white 2 -inch long photo after joining the army. It felt a bit funny, and the small face was particularly large, because the hungry body was thin, and the fat cotton jackets were particularly unavailable.Spirit.

He admired the photos, and his thoughts returned 57 years ago …

The recruits are temporarily living in the classroom of Leling No.1 Middle School in Shandong Province. When the military uniforms were issued, they fought with each other. They had already taken care of their parents and forgot to be behind their necks.

The head of the reception walked into the house and said, "Stand the team to gather!"The comrades of his comrades were in accordance with the command of the chief.The head of the soldiers even talked with dragging, and it took a lot of effort to stand in a good team.stand at attention!See you to the right!Some look left.

A little.Report: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7.Report: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7."What’s the matter with?" The head of the call passage was angry, and the recruits pointed at the report 7 asked: "What is your name? List."

The comrades who reported 7 stood out with a red face and said timidly: "I won’t count."Essence"Okay, you can return to the team! Standing behind the 6th place." Later, I learned that this unknown comrade is Sun Changrong. It looks like a person who looks very spiritual. It doesn’t look like an unknown one.

The head of the chief said: "Comrades, now start to change military uniforms, take off the clothes you wear, and even take off your panties." Ha, ha, haha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Harbin made a laughter.

"Don’t laugh, be serious, put on military uniforms, you are not ordinary people, but a PLA warrior. The difference between the PLA soldiers and the people is to obey the discipline. Discipline is like a mountain.A qualified warrior must strictly execute the military discipline, and to do all the actions to listen to the command … "

After graduating from middle school, Zhang Siyuan was the first time to listen to this long speaker, and it was also the first speech by the military head of the army.The words are new, but as him, it is not difficult to understand.There are still quite illiterate in the recruits, and they are vague when they listen.

There are three types of military uniforms: one kind of cotton.From hats to shoes, they are cotton.The second is half skin.Cotton coats, cotton coats, human characters, shirts lined with pants, autumn clothes and autumn pants, grass green military pants heads, pairs of socks and a pair of white cloth socks.One bed grass green quilt, a mattress, a white sheet, one width and one narrow two backpack bands, plus a pair of single black cloth shoes, and a bag.Add a pair of large -skinned big head shoes and a cotton hat.The third is full skin.From leather hats, leather coats, to leather big shoes, autumn clothes, shirts inside, all are the same.Zhang Siyuan was going to the cotton coat of the guardian of Beijing. It was not a long time after wearing it.The head of the soldiers took him off again and replaced it with half -skinned military uniforms to the northeast.A pair of large scalp shoes in a pair of felt, wearing it on the feet very bulky.He doesn’t know why?Don’t ask, he said in his heart, "Let go wherever you go, just be a soldier."

In this way, I took a stuffy tanker from the Railway Station of Pingyuan County. I ate a meal in Shanhaiguan halfway, urinated urine, and suddenly reached Shenyang.Another hour from Shenyang Station, one hour later, a car called Shintezi town.The white one, nothing clear.Zhang Siyuan was still standing in a gathered team, as in a dream, looking at the west, he couldn’t see the ice and snow.At first glance, it was all snow and snow. The mountains in the distance were white, and the town was white and all white.Can’t tell where it is ditch, which is the way.If it wasn’t for the traces of the car, it would be difficult to argue.The cold north wind, with fine snowflakes, poured into the neck.Zhang Siyuan couldn’t help but hit a cold.Hurriedly put the hat of the hat.At a low temperature of minus 40 degrees, let these "small Shandong" taste cold.If it wasn’t for the snow, the snow was enough for them to adapt for a while.He no longer feels heavy head shoes.

Starting from the train station, to the barracks, there are 3 miles.The recruits stood in the barracks. They were not adapted to such a snow and ice road. From time to time, someone slipped and stunned the knees of the new army.Zhang Siyuan thought that in the past, the old people who had heard of Kanto said that the cold urine in the northeast had to be knocked with a stick, otherwise it would be frozen, and it was thought to be exaggerated. It seems that this drop of water is not false.It was said that it was for me to go to Beijing, and I didn’t know which bastard was pushed up, and came to the ice and snow where the rabbit did not shit.cough!Waiting for suffering!Because I was thinking about it, I didn’t pay attention to it, and I fell into a cricket, and almost squatted to the ground. Fortunately, I was helped by the comrades behind, so I didn’t fall.

This is a small town, under the jurisdiction of Tieling County.Listening to the veterans said, it is called Shintezi.The correspondence address is written: Tieling County, Liaoning Province, the Forty -38 troops of Xintaizi, is the military weapon repair camp of the Logistics Department of the Shenyang Military Region.The head of the soldiers took a breath and said, "Okay, we are home."

The barracks are in the field north of the town.From a simple Tulu Road to the barracks from the railway station, the road is covered by thick ice and snow.There are no high -rise buildings in the barracks, all of which are bungalows, which are taller than ordinary residential houses.The east of the barracks is the Harbin University Railway.Standing at the gate of the barracks, you can see a series of train, with fine snow and snow, and drove.The dormitory is not cold, there is heating, which is much warmer than the hoe at home.The upper and lower layers of Chase shops are lined up on three sides of the north, east, and south. On the one hand, they sleep on a class, and each person is the width (one meter) per person.Zhang Siyuan slept in the middle of the lower shop, with both ends of the monitor and deputy squad leader.There were three classes (one row) in a room, and a single bed was placed in the west wall.The door is a gun rack.

The first task of living in the barracks is to take a bath. Don’t bring the flea and lice of your hometown (laughs).The wide bath pool is hot.I dare to guarantee that these recruits come out from the mother’s belly so big and have never taken such a hot bath.Some are ashamed, wearing trousers head.Let the old monitor call him up badly, and train it to take off his trouser head.Some knees, elbows, and heels have a thick copper coin.Some heels and back of the hand are also left with free frostbite cracks, and the red bloody blood seeps out.

There was a joke saying: "There is a recruit from the countryside, the squad leader asked him to take a bath. When he went to the bathhouse, he turned his head and ran."Let you take a bath, what do you run?"The recruit said with a strong Shandong speaking," Say the squad leader, did I not offend you? "You can’t be so harmful!Look at it, the hot air boiled such a large pot.Also stunned in it.The cut head (haircut) cutting (sound: decision) cutting feet (trimming).There are 80 -year -old lady in my family.Only after marrying a daughter -in -law, I came before she conceived her child.When I die like this, my family will have a mile.Please see the division of the 80 -year -old mother, you let me go!"The squad leader had made him smile long ago, and he couldn’t get up on the ground.

The military weapon repair camp is an independent camp directly under the logistics department of a military region.It is said that it is a military factory, most of which are workers.Most of the workers live in Shenyang City, and morning and evening, they took the train and commute to get off work.There are only three teams and three companies in the soldiers. They usually work in the workshop like workers.Mainly the guns and optical instruments equipped with the repair force.Car workers, planing workers, milling, abrasives, forged workers, tiegers, artillery, firearms, wooden workers, sandwickers, electrical welders, enamel workers, paint workers, optical workers, electricians, etc.Pulling the company out during the war can complete the repair task independently.In 1965, the Anti -U.S. Aid Vietnam War broke out, and the superior command repair camp moved to Kunming.In the same year, in order to respond to the tight border relationship, he went to Dandong.This is all later.

Let’s first say that the commander of this military repair camp is a North Korean person named Quanyunbai, 40 啷 啷, white net skin, a fat face, yellow -eyed beads, eight -character eyebrows, medium -sized figures, and thin body.The legs are a bit of the legs (the common problem of North Koreans).

It is said that he was originally a Korean. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, he came to China with Kim Richeng and participated in the Anti -Japanese War.After the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, he joined Chinese nationality and stayed in the Jielie Army.During the War of Resistance Against Japan, he was the director of the Army Repair and the rank of the Lieutenant Colonel.The political commissar is a major, and two deputy battalions are the captains.There are technology stocks and logistics stocks in the camp, a health center, a military staff, and a political secretary (called document, the camp is called secretary).The recruits were glad to come to the technical forces.When a few years of soldiers, learning the door skills, can you eat a bowl of rice home when you go home?

After three months of military training, the squad leader led the recruit to take a group photo in the photo hall of Xintaizi Town. Zhang Siyuan took the way Zhang Yi’s military uniforms and washed three pieces.Zhang portrait, send it home to let the parents look at the son of the military uniform.

After the training of recruits, Lianli awarded the rank of recruits. Although they were all soldiers, the ceremony was still solemn.After wearing a army hat, it is a veritable PLA soldier.There are also a lot of people, and comrades are busy taking pictures in the studio.Zhang Siyuan borrowed the Sugi -style iron handle punching gun (the soldier is the rifle, the squad leader is the assault rifle, and the length of the pistol is a pistol).Zhang Siyuan believes that the whole body is based on the whole body, so that his parents will see the son who grows taller again.Sure enough, my parents took the photo and gave it to my sister -in -law and showed it proudly, "Look! My son is growing again, how spiritual you are!"

After granting the title, Zhang Siyuan was divided into two consecutive rows, and the car class learned to drive the car.Oh my god, isn’t this dreaming?He slapped his thigh, hurting, it was true.Rural children learn to drive cars?I dare not even dream.What’s more, the three company teams are such a car class, only 12 people, Li Xingguo, Guo Zongshan, Sun Yiyuan, Li Ziyu, Zhang Guanyong, Ma Hongzhu … and so on.Li Xingguo has the highest cultural level. He graduated from high school. He became the deputy squad leader and Zhang Siyuan became the team leader.All the fellows are all villagers. Where can he sleep in music.I wrote a letter to my family that night and reported to my parents that the good news of this day.Lying on the bedside, spreading the letter paper, took out the pen, and just wrote a "Parents adults to see words".Hanging with Dad’s milk. "

Zhang Siyuan looked up and looked at him and said, "You won’t write it yourself?"

Zhang Zhiyong went on to say, "Cleanly, I will write and ask you?"

Zhang Siyuan looked at Zhang Zhiyong in surprise and asked, "Are you married?"

Zhang Zhiyong replied, "Well, marry, marry before coming. Before fresh enough, come here."

Zhang Siyuan asked: "Don’t you want a daughter -in -law?"

"I don’t want to, hey, hey, hey, hey."

Zhang Siyuan almost smiled.Laughing and saying, "Okay! I wrote it for you, just write it as you said!"

"My daughter -in -law does not recognize the word, and my daddy’s milk does not recognize the word. If you take a letter to let others show it, you will not make a big joke. Don’t write it up!" Zhang Zhiyong ordered again.That night, all the recruits were lying on the bedside.Those soldiers without culture were rushed to turn, asking for this, and asking that.No matter who you ask, you have to wait for others to finish your family letter in order to help you write, right?

Anyone who stayed in the military weapon repair camp, except for the lack of culture, is to go off the workshop to learn various technologies.Zhang Wenjiang and Mixing learned to learn the plane.But none of them learned to drive the car.Li Changwen, who had no culture, went to the horse shed to feed the horse and helped the boss to catch the big car. Sun Changrong went to the cooking class.As mentioned earlier, Sun Changrong counts only to seven, and stands together. Regardless of whether he stands there, he will report seven when counting.Cooking in the cooking class, the cooking squad leader pointed at a steamed steamed bun, teased him, "Sun Changrong, how many of this drawer bun?" "Report the squad leader, 7."Go to the cooking class, or feed pigs.

Later, Zhang Siyuan learned from the chief of the reception of the army. Zhang Siyuan began to be selected by the Beijing guard.Because the Beijing Guardian focuses on appearance and height, it is selected by the Beijing Guards first.After arriving at La Ling, the younger brother of the armed minister of Leling County thought that he would go to the Beijing guard teacher, so he pushed Zhang Siyuan through his brother’s relationship with his brother.As a result, the recruits who went to the guardian of the Beijing Guard were all stood.Fortunately, Zhang Siyuan didn’t go to Beijing.Later, I heard that the person who went to Beijing to go to Beijing Guardian stood for three years and returned home.It ’s not as good as people, so the god of fate arranges the fate of people.

There were 12 recruits in the entire car class. The squad leader was a veteran who joined the army in 1962. He was divided into two groups, and two Soviet -style Gaz Mayi cars, Lishazi and Shizi.Just after the disaster, the troops also ate quantity. A large bowl of sorghum rice, a flat bowl of rice, a convex bowl of two rice, only half full.Zhang Siyuan was used to work at home. He was not afraid of being affected, but he had a large amount of meals and only ate half full.Drink a bowl of soup -like soup. After a few soaked urine, each car is put on a car sand or stone, and the five internal organs are gurgling.There is no way to write a food stamp at home.If you are really hungry, go to the service agency to buy biscuits.In this way, parents are not assured.

"Let’s say that he won’t let him go to be a soldier, just don’t listen, look, we are not hungry at our family, he can’t eat enough!" Mom said to his father all day.

The dad’s dad was annoyed and said, "Isn’t that learn to drive a car? Eat a lot if you are tired. Otherwise, you give him a pocket wheat!"

"You have to go to you, and I do n’t know one if I do n’t know one.

The national food stamps in the countryside are not easy to replace. His father pushed a pocket of a pocket wheat to exchange the grain station with a Taiping car. People only gave 30 pounds of nationwide, and the rest were for Shandong Province.It’s 30 pounds, it’s 30 pounds, it’s better than not.Zhang Siyuan received 30 food stamps, and it was too much.I really eat somehow at night.In the spring of 1964, Yingli called on each agricultural and sideline production.There are good land in the barracks, planting large radish, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, soybeans, and rice.After autumn, there is no meal, and you can eat enough.Write a letter to the family, don’t let your parents hang up the food stamps.

At that time, the labor intensity was very strong and bitter.After Zhang Siyuan turned off the lights every night, he was lying on his thoughts, and told yourself that you want to do it, you have to do well.This opportunity is unexpected to dream. It is a day to do a good job. It ’s one day if it’ s not good. Why not do it well?What is afraid of bitterness is not much stronger than going to Texas to push a small car.A poor boy in the countryside, how big it was at the time when he learned to drive a car!He imagined his father and mother’s happy expression after receiving the letter, and imagined that he drove a car by himself in the future and flew Mercedes on a wide highway.I fell asleep when I thought about it.I dreamed that driving a car to the Cai’s family’s house, and seemed to be Kong Zhen. I wanted to pee. Someone was still female everywhere. I was anxious. I haven’t waited for the urine to wake up.Dudu, beeping and rapidly sounding.The soldiers in the sleeping dreams heard a whistle and instinctively woke up.The soldiers of the whole company, regardless of the recruits and veterans, knew that it was an emergency collection.Each soldier must get up in the dark in a short period of time, get up, lift up the backpack, carry all the items that should be brought with shoulder bags, kettle, etc., go on the back rifle, and stand in the courtyard to gather.No one speaks throughout the process, you can only hear the sound of the cricket.The company commander took the stopwatch, calculated the speed of each soldier, and then reviewed.Zhang Siyuan just made urine in his sleep. This was anxious, and his urine was gone.

Sometimes the whole camp has an emergency collection.One, two, and three companies were pulled to the playground to gather.Then pull the team, run into the road of thirty or fifty miles, and do some subjects of lying down, air defense, and prevention.Then the battalion commander is commented.Good praise, poor criticism.Emergency collection like this is done every week.Sudden attack, no laws can be followed and thoughtful.

Once the whole camp emerged, Zhang Siyuan came out.He slept on the pavement of the upper and lower shops, and he hung his hat on the top every night before going to bed.Young people had a lot of it. They worked for a day. They lay on the lamp after turning off the lights.Well -ha.齁 ____ha, 哬 — 哬 ____ha.In a room, thirty -seven or eight people.Less than half an hour off the lights, gritting, farting, snoring, and mouthful, it is like a symphony.There are treble, bass, rough sound, fine gas, long cavity, short cannons, some like holding their breath, only listening, 齁 — have no movement for a long time, like no air.Suddenly — 哬 — Ha.Come up in one breath.The sentinel came in from the outside, hey, hey, even if he shot, got up and changed!Hey, hey, get up quickly!You can wake up several times.

Zhang Siyuan does not care about those, as long as he falls asleep, a dead dog.There is a college student who is a soldier, named Liu Changxun, and Zhang Siyuan’s sleep.You don’t say that this intellectual and soldiers from the countryside are different.Personality is also very close, that is, there is a problem of insomnia, and he can’t sleep at night.As soon as Zhang Siyuan’s snoring, he pushed Zhang Siyuan, Zhang Siyuan, um, turned over, not playing, but it couldn’t pass a few minutes, and he rang again.He couldn’t help it!During the day, I said to Zhang Siyuan: "At night, your snoring sound is too loud, and I can’t sleep noisy."

Zhang Siyuan said, "Really? Do I snore? I don’t know!"

"When I go to bed first, do you wait for me to fall asleep, do you sleep again?" Liu Changxun begged.

Zhang Siyuan said, "Okay." He said in his mouth, but at this end, he was disobedient when he was on the pillow.

Don’t look at these guys sleeping like dead dogs, but they are spiritually gathered!Du Dudu emergency gathered whistle sounded, one by one, like a hound, raw dragons and tigers, and immediately woke up.When Zhang Siyuan hit the backpack, he accidentally fell his hat on the quilt and hit the backpack.Wait for him to carry a backpack, find a hat, and find out.The urgency of the winter was sweaty and did not find it.The other comrades -in -arms went out and had no choice but to run out naked.Imagine that in the winter of the Northeast, at a low temperature of more than 40 degrees at night, others put the hat of the hat, tied the hat belt, and frozen the neck.He was bare, what a smell, but you can imagine it.In this way, his head was bare, and his two stuffy hands covered his ears.You can’t freeze your ears, and keep talking about your daughter -in -law!Who follows without ears?Am I right?He returned with more than 30 miles away with the team, frozen his head into purple eggplant, and criticized it.Back to the dormitory, pulled the lights, and did not find the hat.His mother!The hat was beaten in the backpack. Where can I find it?

Several other villagers, although they did not drive on the car, are not bad.Zhang Wenjiang, Mixing, and Huang Youchun went to Sanlian to learn car workers, and Lu Zhiqiang learned planer.The most ingenious is learning sandwich workers or forged workers (blacksmith).It ’s not good to learn to drive a car. I’ m not afraid of loading and unloading sand all day. It ’s too dangerous.The first lesson that the old squad leader taught was safety.One afternoon, the old squad leader drove back to the camp with a full car sand.There were 5 soldiers in the car in the car. Zhang Siyuan sat in the driver’s building and the co -pilot was located.This co -pilot position is taken turns.When the car passed a railway entrance, the old squad leader just drove the car on the railway, and saw a row of trains driving from south to north from the left, pulling the harsh flute and drove over, less than 100 meters apart.This intersection is a detour, and there are big trees on both sides of the road. There are no trains to pass in advance, not to mention that the railway department has not set up a crossing rod at this intersection.As soon as you are in a hurry, you don’t want to think about it. The old monitor hurriedly hung up and reversed back. The front wheels of the car just left the track, and the locomotive was with a harsh cry and cold wind, wiping the car’s front bumper,Oh-, Huho passed by.Staring big eyes, looking at a section of the black compartment that flashed in front of the eyes, the old squad leader’s face was yellow, Zhang Siyuan’s face was yellow, and the face of the five soldiers sitting on the roof was also yellow.It, the yellow waxy yellow.No one speaks, just like death.In fact, it is stupid, including the old squad leader, which is scared.After a while, the old class shook her legs, got out of the car, and wanted to see the car after walking to the car.If you don’t look, he is scared to sit on the ground and can’t stand up again.The comrades who followed the car did not know what happened.They all slipped down from the car, this look was frightened.Stupid than almost colliding with the train just now.I saw the right rear wheels of the car hanging, and the rotation was a five -six -meter -deep road.The entire car is tilted to the right significantly. If there is a slight shock, there may be the possibility of even the car to turn the car into the deep groove. If that, the seven people will not survive.The old squad climbed up his legs from the ground, and turned around around the car and said, "Zhang Siyuan, go back to the camp to report to the company commander and let the camp in the camp come here. We are waiting."Far away, there is five or six miles roads. Zhang Siyuan returned to the camp and reported to the company commander. The company commander also reported to the battalion commander.land.Using a crane "快" to stay in the Gami Mayi car, which was about to roll over, drove out the car slowly.Really!These 7 people’s life is really big!He came back to the Grandpa Yan.Every time Zhang Siyuan thought about this, he shuddered.


Everyone is destined,

Speculation is useless.

Mo anxious,

Blessings are not afraid of early and late.

Zhang Wenguang, male, was born in Qiandezhuang, Tianjin on June 16th, 1945.In 1948, he returned to his parents to his original status -Deping County, Shandong Province (withdrawal in 1956).The autumn of 1963 should be enlisted.Successive soldiers, correspondents, and company documents, the second branch of the Ministry of Logistics of the Shenyang Military Region, the Ministry of Political Department of the Political Department of the Ministry of Political Department, and the political associates of the rolling camp.He joined the Communist Party of China in 1966 and served as the secretary of the organs and members of the Youth League party committee.In 1986, he transferred to the Dezhou Agricultural Bank of China and served as the office director and secretary of the party branch of the organ.Technical secondary school degree, intermediate politics and work titles.Once a special reporter from Texas Daily, Texas Television, "Shandong Economic Daily", "China Rural Financial News", "Chinese Rural Finance" and "Shandong Rural Financial".Secretary -General of the Texas Rural Finance Society.For many years, it has been rated as an excellent correspondent by the Propaganda Department of the Texas Municipal Party Committee.Wood carving, calligraphy, writing.After retirement, he is committed to literary creation. He has been in the "Fate and Road", "Traces of Years", "Wait Wall", "Chun Ni", "Who are he", "Tiger and Bear", "The Laughs in the Family Institute"" There are three names with names "," Mom "and" Military Officer’s Life "and other long, medium, and short stories.More than 200 ancient poems were published in "Today’s Headline".

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