5 pieces = 4 spoons of soy sauce. This kind of "fruit" tastes good, and it is not recommended to eat baby.

A while ago, the baby of@S’s house was shouting to eat durian.Now this season, opening durian = open the blind box, the price is a bit expensive, it is really not hand.

I couldn’t hold the baby all the time, and my@S had a bag of frozen durian out of the snack box.After coaxing for a long time, the little ancestor finally opened and tasted a small piece.

Unexpectedly, I do n’t know if I do n’t eat it. This eating has opened a new world of food food. "Mom, can I finish eating?"

Frozen dried fruits are different from the common dried fruit (preserved fruit). In recent years, it has been on the snack circle, and the price is also quite expensive.Below our article received a message and asked, "Can fruit jelly be given for children?"

Today, let’s talk about how to make common dried fruits in the market?Which is not suitable for baby, which is relatively healthy.

The same dried fruit, the process is very different

You can see it when you open the packaging. Dry and dried fruits are very different from ordinary dried fruit (preserved fruit).

The difference between the ingredient table is also very large:

This is because their production technology is different:

Most of our common fruits are dehydrated through air -dried or high -temperature drying to achieve a dry state.

▲ Commonly used on raisins, dried apricot and other preserved fruits

▲ Commonly used in brittle chips such as dried pineapple and dried vegetables

In the process of air -drying and drying, fruits will lose a lot of nutrients, such as B vitamins and vitamin C.

When processing, more sugar, salt, flavors, etc. are added, and the sodium content is usually relatively high. It is not recommended to eat it.

The processing method of fruity jelly dried is very different from what I just mentioned.

The full name of the frozen dried is "vacuum freezing and drying".Simply put, frozen -dried fruits are to cool the fruits first, turn into solids, and then sublimate the ice directly under vacuum conditions

The vacuum frozen drying technology is currently a new process in China. The cost of the whole set of equipment is high, and more manpower and funds need to be invested.

And the income rate of vacuum frozen drying technology is lower than ordinary preserved fruit.

For example, strawberries, if it is generally hot -dried, 4 pounds of fresh strawberries can produce 1 catties of fruits; but if it is made of frozen drying, it takes 10 to 11 pounds to get 1 catties.

▲ The process of frozen dried for 18 hours of fruits and vegetables, sugar, and orange juice

Therefore, the cost of comprehensive equipment, labor, and raw materials, fruits are sold a bit expensive.

The concentrated fruit essence has almost no nutritional nutrition

Although after a series of operations, fruits made by vacuum frozen and drying technology, their nutritional value and taste are really better than ordinary preserved fruit.

Nutrition is largely retained

Some people have used the experiment with purple mulberry fruit to measure the content of the main biological active ingredients after drying.The results showed that the amount of anthocyanin content after frozen and drying was minimum (about 5%of the loss), which was very close to fresh purple mulberry fruit, while other drying methods lost up to 80%.

This is determined by its drying method:

Vacuum can avoid the oxidation of fruits, retain rich antioxidant substances such as flavonoids, polyphenols, etc.;

Frozen can protect some nutrients that are not destroyed, such as vitamins of the vitamins C and B.

The taste is stronger

After the fruits experienced the frozen and dry process, the water was lost, and the texture changed from juice to crispy.

When you eat your mouth, you can taste the sweetness and fragrance of the fruit in one sip, and the taste of each inch of fine pores is instantly alive.

Because the water is removed, the sugar and flavor of the fruit itself are concentrated, and the taste will be more rich.

And frozen -dried fruits are easy to chew, and it is crispy and fragrant, and it is easier to digest.

Long shelf life, easy to carry

The residual moisture of frozen -dried fruits is generally below 5%, which can prevent the breeding of microorganisms, and the residual water in the food is evenly distributed, so its shelf life is very long.

After dry fruits, the volume and weight are also smaller and easy to carry.Therefore, it is also widely used on aviation food. The fruits and vegetables that astronauts eat in space are almost all "frozen and dry" products.

The sugar content is not low.

Generally speaking, fruits are dried in healthy and nutritious and online healthy snacks.Usually use it to solve it or add milk and sugar -free yogurt to add flavor.

When buying, we should pay attention to the ingredients table, do not choose the extra added sugar and oil.

▲ Select this kind of ingredients clean

If you eat it, control the amount, because its sugar content is not low.

You know, eating 100G apples is equivalent to eating 4 fresh apples.

According to the recommendation of children to eat fresh fruits, we recommend that children aged 4 to 5 years old, eat about 15g to 30g of fruit every day.

Most fruits and vegetables can be made into frozen and dried, but lettuce and watermelon are considered to be the least suitable for freezing and dry food, because their water content is too high.

Finally, share a cold knowledge:

After the invention of freeze -drying technology, it was first used in the medical and scientific circles.

Especially in World War II, frozen -drying technology was applied to blood storage, saving the lives of countless soldiers on the battlefield, which also allowed more people to understand this technology.

The comment area talks, what kind of fruits your baby likes to eat?What do you have to keep a trick?

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