44 -year -old Sister Jin is a fourth child pregnant belly!The pants can not be pulled up, and the tattoo male husband is held

Katthana, the elder sister of the Kardashian family, is about to be until the third trimester. This is the first child of her and the tattoo male husband, but it is the fourth child of Sister Jin.It is really not easy to be able to get pregnant successfully this time. After all, she also tried all kinds of methods.Like Jin Ka Dai Shan, the third and fourth children were born through surrogacy, and Sister Jin insisted on her own pregnancy.

1. Sister Jin is up to the pregnant belly and tattoo male husband to go out on the street, the pants zipper can not pull

It can only be said that the current pregnant women are too rolled. Rich -lady Rihanna showed off her pregnant belly so, and Sister Jin became Rihanna 2.0.

Sister Jin is in a black dress. Now it is 8 months pregnant. Sister Jin also learned Rihanna. She did not wear conventional maternal dresses. She worked hard to put on the clothes before pregnancy.

Sister Jin’s tattoo male husband and predecessor also have several children, but they are still very excited about being a father again.

Sister Jin is more conservative than Rihanna. Rihanna has a 9 -month pregnant belly and has high heels. Sister Jin went out of the street this time, and she was honestly wearing flat shoes.

Sister Jin was still out of the street this time. The tattoo male husband was a drummer. Sister Jin had previously made a hot search at her husband’s concert.Sister Jin finally ushered in his highlights when he was middle -aged. He had no pursuit in his career.

This is when Sister Jin was pregnant some time ago, and the tulle clothes were more transparent. The 44 -year -old sister Jin was the most Buddha in Kardashian’s sisters, but her current feelings are the most stable.Essence

Sister Jin’s tattoo male husband loved her super, and the two people were addicted to the love in public, and they were spoiled.

Second, pregnant women are too rolled, Rihanna wears diamonds and corset show pregnant belly

It was really created by Rihanna with the pregnant belly. This is Rihanna’s second child, or this style.Rihanna went out of the street and appeared directly in diamond corset.And Rihanna is also pregnant with too big belly, and the pants zipper can’t be pulled.

Rihanna is committed to creating an extremely hot image during pregnancy. The high -row ball head, coupled with such a casual shape, is too open.

Rihanna has entered the due date. In fact, fans hope that Rihanna can regenerate a daughter. After all, the first child is already a son.

During pregnancy, it can still perform hot and sexy. Rihanna went to Barbados a few days ago. The denim skirt could not be tied. Rihanna had to challenge these shapes and never regarded himself as a pregnant woman.

Rihanna and black boyfriends are now sweet, and Rihanna, who is about to usher in Erbao, seize the last time to perform the style of the hot mom again.

However, Rihanna always does not play cards according to common sense. Her second and first babies have a short time. Rich lady Rihanna has long been not bad money, but she is still trying to do the best in all aspects now.Okay, fans urged her to make a new song.

Pregnant women are so rolled now. They are no longer the shape of pregnant women’s clothes before, and they no longer do not clean up themselves. Pregnant women can also be sexy and charming.

44 -year -old Sister Jin is a fourth child pregnant belly!The pants can not be pulled up, and the tattoo male husband is held

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