4 love melon in 1 day, it’s too messy

The hustle and bustle of everything started at noon on June 19.

"Old Variety" Huang Zijiao apologized for sexual harassment for 3 selfies, and named 13 artists, and then chose to be light.

Fortunately, in the end, I was rescued.

After yesterday, Huang Zijiao first spoke after harassing the storm. He passed the seven -character message through a friend:

Thank you, let you down.

After the sound, Huang Zijiao disappeared quietly again.

It’s just that he was "quiet", but the entertainment industry was stirred up by him.

In the past few days, all kinds of melons have continued.

Among them, especially "sexual harassment".

For today, the four "sexual harassment melon" have caused heated discussions.

Many stars are involved.

Since his debut, Ella’s impression has always been:

Sunny, atmospheric, bold.

She is a member of She.

After the combination of "dissolution", Ella was mixed in the variety circle with the character of "Social Cow".

In the past two years, she moved her career focus to the Mainland.

For example, in recent times, the popular "Chengfeng 2023" has Ella.

Even in the show, with a "Lovers Beat", it caused a large wave of memories to kill.

She showed optimism and confidence, and also infected many people.

As a result, behind the smile, there was a load.

On June 29, according to Taiwan media reports, when Ella Chen Jiahua attended the event, she was sexually harassed by the son of my father and friend at the age of 8 or 9:

When playing a computer game, the elder brother asked us to sit on his leg, and he put his hands into my pants.

I felt wrong, screaming and crying out.

Ella said that he had concealed this matter for many years. It was not until he got married, and he finally dared to mention it when he traveled with his family.

And in addition to this time, Ella revealed that he had encountered sexual harassment at work after his debut:

Maybe he doesn’t mean that, but I am likely not to be uncomfortable.

When asked who the other party was, Ella also left him with face:

Don’t say, if I can digest it now, it is like this.

Chen Jianzhou is also a "strange man".

Today’s wife is singer Fan Weiqi.

The couple are famous for their "audience difference".

As a result, this time, he stood at the center of public opinion.

The cause of the incident was that two days ago, Hei Shiqi Mei Mei Daya Wen said that in 2012, he was sexually harassed by Chen Jianzhou.

When Chen Jianzhou tried to infringe her, she moved out Fan Weiqi’s name hoped to stop Chen Jianzhou from, but he said:

No way, Sister Fan Fan just doesn’t love this kind of thing.

As a result, Chen Jianzhou issued a statement twice to prosecute Da Ya "rumor".

This time, the two looked like to go to court.

The key is that I just finished the big teeth, and the Taiwan media went out again:

It was exposed that Chen Jianzhou sexually harassed female artists during Fan Weiqi.

Taiwanese artist Guo Yuanyuan, posted a long text complaint that Chen Jianzhou had been sexually harassed twice:

Once during Fan Weiqi’s pregnancy, Chen Jianzhou hugged her on her leg and kissed on the grounds that something had to be given away.

The other was that Chen Jianzhou took her home, then grabbed her and threw it on the bed. When she entered the first room, Chen Jianzhou said, "Oh, this bed cannot be", and then throw her to the bed of another house.She kept struggling until Chen Jianzhou let her go and sent her away until she cried loudly.

Chen Jianzhou was once again controversial.

Facing the dispute, Chen Jianzhou stopped.

As a result today, Fan Weiqi posted a post to support Chen Jianzhou and responded to Guo Yuanyuan’s allegations:

Anyone who has been to my old home knows that my family has only one bed, and there is no so -called another bed.

I love my husband, I will use my best to protect my family.

Under the storm, Fan Weiqi chose to maintain his family.

It’s just that the tree is quiet and the wind is more windy.

It didn’t take long for Fan Weiqi to rumor, and a news caused heated discussion:

Taiwan media exploded Chen Jianzhou naked harassing S mother!

That was in the "Kangxi Coming" program. Fan Weiqi asked Chen Jianzhou’s offensive to Mother Xu.

Chen Jianzhou liked to take a shower at home. Once I took a bath, I came to Mom S, and made a mother screaming in a row:

This dead state …

Even the small S, who is very "tolerant", can’t stand it bluntly: The perverted energy is here again …

The key is that in addition to these, netizens also picked it out:

Chen Jianzhou once kissed Selina and kissed Cai Kangyong.

Even the actor Zhang Zhen was not let go.

It can be said that many stars are in disputes around Chen Jianzhou.

Think of that circle of people is really amazing.

For Chen Jianzhou alone.

He chased Xiao S, fell in love with big S, and finally got married with Fan Weiqi, a good girlfriend of s -sized S.

And until now, several people have good relationships.

Because of this, many netizens called Chen Jianzhou and Simal S, and called them:

"Dark Glory" real edition.

Wu Kangren, who was in dispute with Chen Jianzhou.

Wu Kangren is a actor who is now entertaining and is more popular.

In fact, he also has a great popularity in the Mainland.

After all, in recent years, Wu Kangren’s "The distance between us with evil" and "A Qing" are very popular and well -evaluated dramas.

He also accumulated a lot of "fans".

As a result this morning, some netizens broke the news that the big coffee male actor watched his legs and liked to appoint girls. He liked to make an appointment.

In this process, he will also use his influence to eliminate the female producers and female staff who are not pleasing to the eye to eliminate the game.

As for this so -called big male actor, there are some keywords:

Powerful actors, do not bow their heads for the mainstream, work very hard, the general acting of prosecutors, lawyers and other justice …

As soon as the news broke out, netizens locked the male star W to Wu Kangren.

After all, Wu Kangren is indeed low -key, and most of them are positive.

Because of this, the so -called breaking news is more and more true.

Some fans of Wu Kangren even showed "concerns."

Unexpectedly, in the afternoon, Wu Kuangren responded in a low -key response:

do not worry.

It seems that the male star W may not be Wu Kangren.

In fact, it can be seen that during this time, the "Taiwan Entertainment" is more troublesome.

The entertainment industry in the Mainland is still relatively calm.

In the past few days, Cai Xukun was exposed to "sleeping powder", and I never dared to respond.

However, internal entertainment is not so "clean".

It’s just a lot of things that have not been exposed.

Unexpectedly tonight, the actor Xin Yanlei opened a head:

When she was exposed to her childhood, she had encountered a slight obscenity and used it for more than 20 years to cure herself. The brain even took the initiative to delete the terrible memory. It was not a simple matter to encounter sexual assault.

Only the girl knows that it is not that simple, it will make you painful to make you blame you for your own doubt, and you will no longer believe in the relationship between people.We need to be seen!Need to be heard!

Combining her own experience, Xin Yanlei said sincerely.

Hope her words can cure girls who have been hurt.

Speaking of ridiculous.

Da Ya was the first to stand up to expose Chen Jianzhou’s sexual harassment.

As a result, Chen Jianzhou sued the big teeth and asked to compensate 10 million, and also "high -profile" to reverse his "audience fate":

Donate compensation to women’s protection organizations.

Who knows that it didn’t take long for the Taiwan Women’s Rescue Foundation to face, and the Women’s Rescue will issue a solemn statement:

The existence of women’s groups is to help women who need help, rather than becoming a means of fuzzy focus on legal offensive and defensive, solemnly reject any act of consumer women’s groups, and oppose any approach to litigation or warn violent survivors.

Chen Jianzhou’s "Ruyi abacus" is a failure.

All kinds of "melons" about him are still fermenting.

It is hoped that in the end, if it is really confirmed "sexual harassment", he can get the punishment he should have.

After all, there are some things, so it should not be done.””

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It’s the end and the beginning.

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