38 -year -old mother found advanced gastric cancer!Three habits usually make her regret!Young women are particularly vigilant

Source: Chutian Metropolis Daily

"Doctor, will I relapse and transfer? Help me, I want to live!" If time can still be inverted, 38 -year -old Gao Jing will definitely change the bad habits in life. Even if you go to the hospital early to checkDifferent from today.

When I walked into the outpatient clinic of Ding Jiji, the director of the Integrated Cancer Department of Hangzhou Cancer Hospital and Ding Ding Jiji, the chief of the Wushan National Museum, the young mother who had surgery to remove the whole stomach and la with a paper stomach marks cell carcinoma regret.Last week, she started the first postoperative auxiliary chemotherapy and Chinese medicine treatment. The next day will usher in many tests.How far can go in the future is unknown.

Occasionally, a black stool was found in the advanced stages of gastric cancer

Gao Jing is a single mother who is thin and tall, and is usually engaged in furniture sales.

"I work in the exhibition hall. I am busy with three meals a day. Most of the time I eat instant noodles or takeaway." Previously, Gao Jing had a stomachache from time to time, but she felt young and never went to the hospital for examination.It wasn’t until I went to the toilet 2 months ago that Gao Jing found that her stool was dark. This was a little scared. I went to a hospital near home to make gastroscopy.

"When I got the result, it was a thunderbolt on a sunny day. The doctor said that I had gastric cancer." Following it was a major surgery. Gao Jing’s stomach was completely removed. The pathological results showed that she suffered from high vicious stomachSeal cell carcinoma, and it is already late, and 42 of the 54 lymph nodes that have been removed have been metastasized.

This is the "demon" in gastric cancer, and the patient’s survival is also confusing.Auxiliary treatment was required after surgery. Gao Jing came to the city oncology hospital. Director Ding Jiyuan formulated a comprehensive treatment plan for postoperative chemotherapy and chemotherapy combined with traditional Chinese medicine.

After losing the whole stomach, he needs to eat less meals in daily life. He also had deep venous thrombosis after surgery. He had a embarrassment surgery in a city hospital, which made her emotions more anxious.

"I don’t have a family history of cancer, and I have no infection with H. pylori. Why do I have such a problem?" Each time Ding Jiyuan’s team came to check the room, Gao Jing couldn’t help asking.

Diet high salt, high fat, inferior lipstick, emotional anxiety, etc.

May be the incentives

Why are you suffering from such a high degree of malignant tumor?In this issue, medical care in the first pathogenesis of traditional Chinese and Western medicine in the city of the city of the City Cancer Hospital is also discussing.

"Usually, most of the patients are high -salt and high -fat diet, and less fruits and fresh vegetables are eaten. Secondly, she often painted inferiority and redness, and emotional anxiety can be the cause of cancer." According to Gao Jing’s oral dictation, The Masters of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Increasing Cancer Incurring Department of the Municipal Cancer Hospital, doctors Wu Zhenzhu in the Department of Words of the Department of Cancer Department of the Department of Cancer Hospital are a little bit frightened. If Gao Jing checks earlier, do a gastroscopy, and even do a stool hidden blood test, maybe gastric cancer can be found earlier.

Among all gastric cancer, gastric marks cell carcinoma is one of the most malignant tumors, accounting for about 9.9%of gastric cancer, which has the characteristics of strong invasion and rapid disease progress.Once the diagnosis is confirmed, it may recur quickly and move.The medical community has done statistics that gastric seal ring cell carcinoma mostly occurs in young and middle -aged, especially young women.

"This kind of cancer is named after its cellular appearance exactly like a ring, and sometimes it is difficult to find gastroscopy. It is quietly infiltrated in the lower layer of the gastric mucosa. It may be only a little erosion on the surface of the stomach, but the bottom is late." Wu Zhen is Wu Zhen.The doctor said that it would cause the entire stomach wall to harden and change the leather -like change, making the stomach smaller, hardening, and unable to shrink.Once it has developed in the "leather stomach" stage, it is the middle and late stages of gastric cancer."Our hospital has been diagnosed with a patient in her 30s, a patient in her 30s, and has recurred in only one or two months after the operation. The cancer cells were transferred to the liver, and they died soon."

There are no obvious symptoms in the early days of cancer. Some patients can manifest indigestion, such as abdominal pain, abdominal distension, loss of appetite, acid reflux, nausea and vomiting, increased exhaust, abnormal stool, etc., and must seek medical treatment in time.Through early discovery, early treatment, improve tumor survival.

Take health products to prevent cancer, it is better to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables

There are many malignant tumor patients in the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine in the city of the city of the city.Every Tuesday and Wednesday morning, Director Ding Jiyuan will also see a doctor for hundreds of tumor patients.

"Today, cancer has a trend of younger and aging. Many people don’t pay much attention to physical examinations, sitting for a long time, staying up late, eating takeaway, which is very unfavorable to the body. In addition, work and life pressure, emotional anxiety, depression, or cancer have cancer.Family history, the susceptibility of cancer has also greatly increased. "Director Ding Jiyuan often reminded the people around him that physical discomfort must be checked in time. Do not take a lot of luck.

He met a 22 -year -old girl. After getting married and pregnant, he felt chest tightness and breath. He did not seek medical treatment in time. When he was serious, he found the advanced lung cancer and soon died.

There is also a 20 -year -old boy working in Japan. He had no medical insurance abroad. Discontinued toothache ended his medical treatment for two or three years. He finally found that gum cancer was found. Most of the lower jaws were removed.

However, there was also a 30 -year -old patient who accidentally felt uncomfortable stomach and performed gastroscopy in time. Fortunately, he found early gastric printing cell carcinoma. After surgery and chemotherapy, and regular review, he has survived safely for three years.

The peak of the onset of gastric and bowel cancer is generally after 50 years old.Judging from the current onset, many patients with gastric cancer do not have family history and have not been infected with Helicobacter pylori.Director Ding Jiyuan suggested that people over the age of 40 should be selected for gastroscopy, colonoscopy, and low -dose spiral CT during the physical examination, and screened in advance.If there is a family history, it is recommended to conduct anti -cancer examination 5 to 10 years in advance.Once you find abnormalities, do not take various remedies yourself to avoid delaying the illness.

"In contrast, blindly taking health products to prevent cancer, it is better to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, which is better to prevent digestive tract tumors." Director Ding Jiyuan said.

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