33 -year -old He Jie’s big belly appeared at the airport and was photographed. Netizens: Are you pregnant again?

Because the pig teammate was awakened and exposed the screenshot of the chat, the news that He Jie gave birth to the third child was spread.

In February this year, Diao Lei, a band drummer who passed a scandal with He Jie for the first time, admitted that He Jie gave birth to the third child for the first time, and also took a family of five life photos on Weibo.

It was only half a year after giving birth to a child. Moreover, it was a third child. To be honest, He Jie fat was understandable.But the fat and thinness made people feel a little bit touched.

Recently, He Jie appeared at the airport.On the same day, she wore a black pants and a black fisherman hat, which looked very low -key.

It is not difficult to see from the photo that He Jie did not make makeup, nor did he say hello to the camera, but just held his mobile phone with a lot of voice.

However, it is surprising that He Jie’s belly.It stands to reason that He Jie’s black short -sleeved top is also a loose style, but she looks very tight on her.

Take a closer look, He Jie’s high -rise belly is too obvious!

He Jie himself didn’t seem to care about her fat and thin. Even the black shorts showed her pair of thick legs, and she didn’t care.

Some netizens said that He Jie looked like she was really pregnant again.

Some people say that it should be fat, and this angle is also amazing, because you look at the person next to it, the stomach is not small.

Others said that pregnancy is nothing at all. This picture was in May. At that time, He Jie had not recovered shortly after giving birth.

The netizens who said this also showed the picture of He Jie at the airport in May, the same black fisherman hat, the same black pants.

The truth is white, one old picture, the pregnant mother has not recovered!

However, looking at He Jie’s recent Weibo pictures, she didn’t lose much.During the live broadcast, you can only support the angle and beauty.

The hard photo can only be pinned to the trusteor.

How to say, He Jie is actually a good singer, that is, his personal life is too much concerned.

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