33 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant woman suddenly gave birth to a child, the scheduling person phone guidance to childbirth, what should be paid attention to when the labor is unexpected?


A 33 -week pregnancy pregnant woman suddenly gave birth to

Family members panic call 120 schedules

Ten minutes of call guidance

Family assisted maternal delivery baby

The problem comes. The 120 ambulance has been departing to the scene. At the time of the pregnant woman’s house, it is more than ten minutes, and the time used in the process of a pregnant woman has more than ten minutes.Families help pregnant women to take birth?

Because in the call voice, the family described the fetus, and the fetal head had been exposed outside the birth canal, which was the position of the pubic bone described by our doctor.

What is the pubic bone?Which part of the hand should be placed in the mother?You can see the figure below ↓↓↓↓

Obviously, it takes ten hours to give birth to a child, and the shortest is more than six hours. Why did you give birth to a call?It’s really suspicious, let’s look down.

Generally speaking, the moment the pregnant woman arrives at the moment of childbirth, it does take only a dozen minutes of possibility, which is generally found in the second child (maternal).

When the first child of the pregnant woman was naturally delivered, the vaginal elastic fiber fracture caused the birth canal to relax, just as the rubber band was used for a long time, softening and relaxation, so the baby was quickly given birth when the second child was given.

The dispatcher’s heart is counting, understanding that this link is a dangerous time. If the maternal uses the wrong force at this time, it may cause perineal tear and lead to major bleeding shock.

Therefore, it is reasonable to call for the maternal condition of childbirth and wait for the ambulancer.

The pregnant woman suddenly encountered labor when she took a train, long -distance car, or other transportation tools. She couldn’t go to the hospital for a moment. What should I do?

1. Family members or mothers need to calm down first, judge whether they are really giving birth, to see if abdominal pain has a feeling of pulling, and to see if there is liquid flowing out of the vagina (wearing amniotic fluid).

2. If you are sure to give birth, soothe the maternal emotions, and immediately notify the flight attendants in the car to find a pad or clean clothes at the bottom of the vagina, so that the flight attendants can broadcast whether there is a medical staff on the car to help and contact 120 as soon as possible.

3. The maternal lying down on the thigh and slowly breathe deeply. During the intermittent period of the contraction pain, liquid food can be supplemented, so as to prevent the maternal fatigue due to lack of physical strength.

Some netizens said that you can look at the medical drama on TV to science science.

This method is unreliable. Sometimes, in order to meet the needs of the plot and the taste of the audience, it will create excessive exaggerated and wrong first -aid methods.

Error one: The fetal position is not positive, the adult is still a child.The TV series is too playing, and doctors in real life will not say that.

From the perspective of ethics, the life of the maternal is the first place. When the accident occurs, doctors will choose a plan with a small risk of the maternal fetus.

And there is no logical fetal position. It can be seen at the normal check -up. Do you have to wait until you give birth?

Moreover, the absence of fetal position can also be used to ensure that the mother and child are safe.

Error 2: There are many problems with the plot of mental retardation. When childbirth, it will not roar hysterically throughout the process. This is easier to use the wrong force to lead to lack of physical strength and hinder the process of childbirth.

The correct thing is to use the ability to use the power, force when the pain is painful, and relax when the contraction pain is weak, so as to benefit delivery.

Error 3: After gynecological bleeding in the drama, the blood storage blood source was urgent, and the family members strongly emphasized to donate blood to the maternal.

The real situation is absolutely not to do so, because the immune cells in the blood in the direct relatives are incompatible with the maternal immune system, and forcibly do this will have a rejection reaction, resulting in the maternal dying due to blood transfusion reactions.

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