32 weeks of pregnancy

At 32 weeks of pregnancy, your baby is likely to have a low head in the uterus and prepare for delivery.Your baby is also getting better and better in adjusting body temperature-this is an important development of outside uterine life.At the same time, you may notice that the baby’s movement has changed because their activity space is small.

How many months are 32 weeks pregnant?8 months

Which semester?Late stage

How many weeks to go?8 weeks

Baby’s 32 -week development

In the 32nd week, the baby’s head from the top to the bottom of the buttocks exceeded 11 1/2 inches (29.3 cm) (referred to as the long hip).From the height of the head to the heel (crown and length), the height of the baby is about 16 1/4 inches (41.6 cm) .1 This week, the baby weighs more than 4 pounds (1901 grams) this week (1901 grams)

About 97 % of babies are first -born babies.As the baby approaches his birthday, they tend to prepare in the uterus.By 32 weeks, 85 % of babies were in a bowed head.

If your child hasn’t turned around, please don’t worry.Some babies are waiting for longer.In fact, all 97 % of people may take 37 weeks to complete positioning .4 Your service provider will continue to monitor your baby’s position during each prenatal inspection.

body temperature

The baby starts to take brown fat in the second trimester (the type of fat that needs to keep warm after leaving the uterus).At 32 weeks, the baby’s body also increased the yield of protein and enzymes required for body heat, which means that they can now better adjust their body temperature.

Frightened reflection

Most babies have scared or Molo reflex 32 weeks ago.A big voice or movement may cause the baby to be stunned. Suddenly, the arms and legs are removed from the body, and then brought back.Babies were born with frightening reflexes, but disappeared a few months after birth.

Sleep cycle

Your baby also shows evidence of the cycle of sleep and awakening time, and their brain activity now shows active sleep.

Outreach survival

At 32 weeks, the baby reached a small milestone and changed from premature birth to medium and premature categories. At this stage, the baby’s lungs continue to develop, and they will take several weeks to mature.

Otherwise, the baby is in the final stage of development.However, babies born at 32 weeks still need to take several weeks of care in special care-nuisable or intensive care unit (NICU)-but the survival rate of babies born at this stage is 99 %

Through this interactive experience, explore the baby’s 32 milestones in the week.

How to prepare for babies: What do you really need?

Common symptoms this week

As the baby is getting closer to maximizing the space in the uterus that is growing, you may notice some changes in their movement.Symptoms related to abdominal size (such as pain, pain and heartburn) may also deteriorate.

Motion change

As the baby grows, the space they move in the uterus is getting smaller and smaller.You may start not to notice that their previous bold kicks have been swings, peristals, knocking and pushing.The type of movement you feel is not as important as you feel.

However, if you find that your baby’s overall activity or a daily number of kicks is reduced, please contact your obstetrician immediately.


If you have not experienced stomach burning during pregnancy, it may pop up.If this is the case, it may become worse in the third trimester.In addition to slowing digestion and making gastric acid easier to return to the esophagus, the uterus is now heavy and heavy, enough to put a lot of pressure on the stomach.

In the first three months of pregnancy, about 22 % of pregnant women have stomach burning, 39 % in the middle of pregnancy, and 72 % 10 in the third trimester.

Self -care tips

At this moment of pregnancy, you may allocate time to allocate discomfort and prepare for the arrival of your baby.This week, you may start thinking about what to take to the hospital for delivery.

Treatment of stomach burning

Stomach burning is usually uncomfortable or even painful.Although you may not be completely avoided during pregnancy, changes in diet and lifestyle may help. 11 below is some of the general techniques that you can try to help reduce stomach burning: avoid bending down or after meals, orLie down (try to wait at least one hour) Do not eat and eat less meals before going to bed, instead of eating slowly for three meals, chew food well

Discuss a safe non -prescribed drug (such as anti -acid drug) or alternative therapy (such as acupuncture) with your obstetrician

Packing your medical bag

Packing the bags in the hospital or delivery center can help you make more preparations for your baby’s arrival.You may want to pack some items for new children you are going to meet.As long as you make sure you understand the rules of the hospital or childbirth about wearing clothes with clothes from home (because some rules are not allowed to do this).

You may need to collect and organize some items in advance.Before packing, first understand what your hospital or delivery center will provide.Your fertility plan copies of the umbilical cord blood kit for you to go home for you (choose comfortable clothes when you are about six months of pregnancy) health insurance card and identity proof of large flow hygiene padsContact your nursing team after admission-you may need to get the dose of the doctor on the spot) mint, lollipop or other hard sugar neonatal diaper and wet scarf newborn gloves to prevent scratch nursing pillow mobile phone charger,The pillow of the battery pack and photo or video equipment at home (separated from the pillow distinguished from the hospital or childbirth center in the color pillow cover) hospital (carry a set, even if you have submitted a set) robe and robe (if you have submitted it) (if you have submitted it)You are planning to breastfeed, please make it into a front -style breast -mammal robe) slippers (safe walking during childbirth) and additional socks are like ordinary biscuits, snacks, wrapped blankets (deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, toothpaste, toothpaste, toothpaste, toothpasteWash, shampoo, soap, comb, hair bands, emulsions, contact lenses and solutions, glasses, lip balm, etc.) two pieces of baby clothing (in case), stolen, baby hat, conjoined bodyClothing and so on.

Your 32nd list

Continue to take prenatal vitamins, eat healthy meals, and exercise more

Carnish Kagel exercises every day

Start packing your hospital or delivery center bag, and let your partner pack your hospital/childbirth center bag

Make sure you and your partner pack your luggage all night.Even if you don’t intend to spend the night, your stay may be longer than you expect.Pick up your luggage and consider adding the following on the delivery day:

Any labor support tool you discussed with your partner (speakers of light music, massage oil, pressure ball, etc.)

Change your clothes (if you are born on the plan, please pack the swimsuit)

You may have to reference for delivery lectures or lectures

After giving birth and/or when you arrive, you want to call or send a text message.

Mobile phone charger, backup battery and any photo/video equipment

Snacks and automatic sales machines

Washing supplies, prescription glasses and any medicine you take

Watch with a second hand (if there is no smartphone, please see the contraction time)

In your doctor’s office

You may return to the supplier’s office this week for another conventional visit.You have now aware of prenatal inspection procedures, usually including:

answer your question

Blood pressure

Symptom discussion

The height of the feet is measured (now about 32 cm, given or take one centimeter or two centimeters)

Listen to the baby’s heartbeat


Urine test


Gain weight

Just as your baby continues to grow up in the late pregnancy, so is you.For a normal weight (BMI: 18.5-24.9), the weight increase recommended at the beginning of pregnancy is 25 to 35 pounds.12

In most cases, you should add about one pound every week.According to this loose criterion, you may have added about 23 pounds from the beginning of pregnancy to now.Because each pregnancy is different, please talk to your service provider how much weight you have increased to understand whether you are in the right track.

Baby position

Your provider may feel the position of your abdomen to check the baby.When you approach the expiration date, the baby should be transferred to the downward position.

The upcoming doctor

You may visit every week until it reaches 36 weeks.By then, most providers hope to see you every week until you are delivered.Your next routine prenatal examination may be around 34 weeks.

Baby Scale-(24inch)