280 days of healthy pregnancy: On the first day, normal menstruation

Pregnancy is a major event in life. The birth of a new life is the testimony of love and the continuation of life.

Although pregnancy is a normal physiological process, it has the hopes of new life, and there is no understanding of pregnancy, making women confused about pregnancy.

What our obstetrician wants to do is to make women who want to get pregnant through this important stage in life.

Today is the first day of our pregnancy 280 days.It is the last menstruation we usually talk about.

Female friends know that doctors know the menstrual conditions, especially the last menstruation.

Menstruation is a periodic endometrial periodic loss and bleeding with the periodic changes of the ovarian.

Normal menstruation is periodic -regular, self -limiting -you can stop.

The first day of menstrual bleeding is the beginning of the menstrual cycle, and the interval between the first day of menstruation becomes the menstrual cycle.The general cycle is 21 to 35 days.Female friends must pay attention to the situation of this cycle. Any pregnancy situation needs to be evaluated in conjunction with the menstrual cycle (including intrauterine pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, expiration abortion, etc.)

The length of menstruation: only the time of bleeding, usually 2 to 8 days, average 4 to 6 days.Menstrual duck sausages should be alert to endometrial menia, uterine fibroids, cervical polyps, cesarean section scars and diverticulums, and shifts of hedging device.

The amount of menstruation; 5-80ml, more than 80ml of menstruation, less than 5ml is less menstruation.The definition of the nine editions of obstetrics and gynecology is less than 20ml, how much is it?There are so many mineral water bottle caps.

What is the composition of menstruation?In addition to blood in menstruation, there are endometrium fragments, cervical mucus, and losing vaginal epithelial cells.

One more thing here, the more menstruation is not as good as possible. In clinical practice, patients with severe anemia are often seen in the clinic, and even patients with severe anemia need to be transfused with blood transfusion or emergency curettage to stop bleeding.

Better understand menstruation, give good welcome to pregnancy ~

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