28 years old, experienced 5 cesarean sections, doctors: Do not live in doing so!

At the age of 28, less than one year after the cesarean section and cesarean section within 10 years, less than a year after cesarean section, once again pregnant, the uterus is as thin as paper …

These words are sweating alone, let alone appear together?This rare and critical condition appeared in the cure center of the severe maternal maternal cure of the Third Hospital of Guangyi:

The 28 -year -old mother, Xiao Fen (pseudonym), was urgently sent to Guangzhou Medical University’s Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University’s Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University.Xiaofen has been pregnant in less than ten years, and the first five times are cesarean section. This pregnancy is less than one year after her fifth cesarean section …

Ultrasonic examination shows that due to the repeated production of cesarean section, Xiaofen’s uterus left 5 scars. At the same time, there was almost no muscle layer in the front wall of the uterus, and the uterine wall was thin.

As the saying goes: The most expensive house in this life is the mother’s uterus, and the child once was closed once at the ghost door.Many cesarean section is tantamount to a time -fired bomb in the stomach.

Although many cesarean sections are not uncommon, theoretically, as long as the check -up is in place, it can be done.However, it is still reminded that every cesarean section may have superimposed risks.

1. Appropriate interval period

The reserved interval for cesarean section is an important part of reducing pregnancy risk.The appropriate interval can heal the scar of the uterus firmly and reduce the risk of uterine rupture.

The time for the two caesarean section is the most suitable time apart for about 2 years.

If you are pregnant again in the short term, the risk of rupture of the uterus is high, endangering mother and child safety.And too long,

It is fibrosis and crispy, and it is easy to be torn.

2. Pre -pregnancy examination is important

When women who have a history of cesarean section are preparing to get pregnant, it is best to go to the hospital for examination in advance. Please ask the doctor to analyze the situation at the first cesarean section and comprehensively judge the risk of re -pregnancy.

3. You can also try vaginal delivery after cesarean section

If the physical condition of the pregnant woman is suitable, and the cesarean section is pregnant again, vaginal delivery can also be tried.

Relatively speaking, the successful vaginal delivery of the cesarean section, the mother’s hospitalization time is relatively short, the blood loss, infection, and the occurrence of thrombosis occur.

For example, women who are pregnant again after cesarean section and vaginal delivery requirements must consult the advantages and disadvantages of vaginal delivery with the doctor in detail during the checkup. The doctor will formulate a childbirth plan with the pregnant woman according to the specific situation.

In addition, regular delivery should be checked during pregnancy. Reasonable nutrition and control of pregnant women’s weight, so that the fetal weight is within the normal range, which helps vaginal delivery.

4. Be wary of scar pregnancy

Scar pregnancy refers to women with a history of cesarean section. During pregnancy, the pregnancy is bed in the original scar of the uterus.

Scar pregnancy often leads to a large amount of vaginal bleeding and late uterine rupture. It is difficult to deal with abnormal pregnancy. The degree of danger is no less than ectopic pregnancy.

Therefore, for pregnant women who have a cesarean or uterine surgery history, in the early pregnancy (preferably 6 weeks of pregnancy), you must do an ultrasonic examination to confirm whether the embryo is in the cesarean section scar. This is early discovery.The best way to reduce damage.

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