16 weeks of pregnancy recipe recommendation

At this time, the mother will feel physiological: vigorous energy, breast swelling, and increased appetite. Due to the weakening of the digestive system function, it is prone to indigestion and constipation.After eating, the blood sugar content in pregnant mothers will increase, and the baby will also have the strong energy of "eating and drinking", so the fetal movement will become more frequent than before meals.

Now it is the baby’s long teeth. Pregnant mothers should eat more calcium foods, so that the baby grows strong roots.White granulated sugar has adverse reactions to consume calcium, and it is easy to make people gain weight.Pregnant mothers can use brown sugar to replace sugar.The content of calcium in brown sugar is twice as many as the same amount of sugar, twice the iron more than sugar, and the various nutrients needed by the human body.

At this time, the unwell response of early pregnancy basically disappeared, and the risk of miscarriage became small, but the attention of diet nutrition could not be relaxed at all.

At this time, various nutrient intake should be increased to meet the needs of the rapid growth of fetal treasure and the storage of parent nutrient storage as much as possible to avoid the impact of malnutrition or lack of impact on the growth and development of fetal treasure.

Increase the main grain intake: Standard rice, noodles, and feeding some miscellaneous grains, such as millet, corn, oatmeal, etc.Generally speaking, the daily main food intake of the second trimester should be between 400-500 grams, which is of great significance for ensuring heat supply and saving protein.

Increasing animal food: The high -quality protein provided by animal food is the material basis for the growth of fetal treasure and the growth of pregnant women.In addition, the protein quality provided by beans and soy products is similar to animal food.For families with limited economic conditions, they can choose beans and their products appropriately to meet the body needs.However, the protein provided by animal food should account for more than 1/3 of the total protein quality.

Because you have to bear the nutritional needs of two people, you need more nutrition than usual.At the same time, try to avoid excessive irritating foods such as pepper and garlic.It is best to drink a glass of boiling water every morning.In addition, you must avoid excessive fat and excessive diet, and you must ensure the intake of iron and vitamins.

White granulated sugar has adverse reactions to consume calcium, and it is easy to make people gain weight.You can use brown sugar instead of sugar.

Recommended recipe 1: Sydney honey bitter gourd juice

Ingredients: one bitter gourd, one Sydney, one spoon of honey, two spoons of cold water


1. After washing the bitter gourd, cut it half after washing, remove the seeds and melon with a spoon, and cut the bitter gourd into small pieces.

2. Then put it in the blender and add two spoons of water to make juice.

3. Filter the bitter gourd juice with a filter.

4. Sydney peel and cut into small pieces.

5. Put the cut Sydney into the mixer to make juice.

6. Filter the died Sydney juice.

7. Mix pear juice with bitter gourd juice.

8. You can add honey flavors according to personal taste.

Efficacy: Sydney and honey match can minimize the bitter taste, and it can also remove fire and clear heat and noise.

Recommend recipe 2: appetizing egg bag rice

Ingredients: 1 small bowl of rice, 3 eggs, 1 onion 1 small piece, appropriate amount of pea, 3-4 shrimp, 1 small piece of carrot, a little salt, a little white pepper powder, 15-30 ml of tomato sauceWater+5 ml of dry starch).


1. Prepare fresh peas, onions, carrots, and fresh shrimp. Treat the shrimp and cut into small diced small diced. Add a little salt and white pepper powder.

2. Three eggs, add a little salt to spread, no longer add salt, you can add a little water starch.

3. Put the peas in boiling water and simmer, and then prepare a small bowl of rice.

4. First make a piece of tomato fried rice, pour a little oil in the pot, fry the onion after heating, and then put the carrot diced and pea.

5. Stir fry and pour in rice, add tomato sauce, a little salt and a little sugar, stir -fry and put it out for later use.

6. Add a tablespoon of oil to the pot and pour the egg liquid to spread it into egg skin. When the egg liquid is about to solidify, put the fried rice on the side of the egg skin, and then fold the egg skin to the plate.Drink a little tomato sauce when you eat it.

Efficacy: Eggs are rich in protein and vitamins. Mummy is eaten in an appropriate amount during pregnancy, which helps to supplement high -quality protein.

Recommended recipe three: chicken silk celery salad

Ingredients: 200 grams of celery, moderate amount of chicken breasts, salad sauce, and salt.


1. Prepare celery and cooked chicken breasts.

2. Boil water in the pot and cook until the water is opened. After the celery is cleaned, then simmer in the pot for one minute, and add an appropriate amount of fine salt.Put the celery in the pan and make it slightly boiled with cold water.

3. Tear the cooked chicken into shreds.

4. Place the soaked celery with chicken shreds and add an appropriate amount of salad juice.

Efficacy: Celery has a high iron content. The appropriate amount of consumption can avoid pale, dry, and unpleasant complexion.

Recommended recipe 4: straw mushroom speculation yam medicine

Ingredients: 300 grams of straw mushrooms, 300 grams of yam, 100 grams of fungus, an appropriate amount of salt, an appropriate amount of green onion, an appropriate amount of vegetable oil, 400 grams of chicken soup, and the appropriate amount of raw powder.


1. Wash the straw mushrooms and cut it half.

2. Soak the black fungus in advance.

3. After the yam is baked on the fire, rinse it and peel the hand.

4. Add an appropriate amount of edible oil to the pot; add all the ingredients above and stir fry, add a large spoonful of chicken soup.

5. Boil it and add salt to season.

Efficacy: This yam fry straw mushrooms, mixed with yam, black fungus, straw mushrooms, rich in nutrition and crispy taste, which is conducive to the appetite of pregnant moms.

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