120 The number of heat stroke alarms is rising. How to first aid after the heat stroke?Expert tips

High temperature weather is stuffy and weak. If the heatstroke prevention and cooling work do not do well, it is easier to cause heat stroke.Xinhua Daily · Jiaojiao reporter learned that since July, the number of heat stroke alarms received by the Nanjing Emergency Center has increased significantly.According to 120 scheduling data, from July 1st to July 4th, Nanjing First Aid Center received a total of 13 patients who needed first aid because of heat stroke.Expert tips: We must be alert to the danger of heat stroke at high temperatures.

From a clinical perspective, heat stroke can show fever, heat spasm and heat failure.Thermal radiation disease is the most serious form of severe heat stroke. It has the greatest harm to human life, with a mortality rate of more than 50 %. The typical symptoms are that the body temperature exceeds 40 ° C.Such a high body temperature will cause irreversible damage to the brain, causing a large number of brain cells to die."When a person is in a high temperature for a long time, the human body’s heat production and heat dissipation lose balance, leading to the regulation of body temperature regulation, and the dysfunction of sweat glands may occur.

At around 14:00 on July 2nd, a tourist suddenly fainted while playing at Niushan Mountain Scenic Area, accompanied by weakness.After hearing the news, the Nanjing emergency center was immediately dispatched to the nearby ambulance. The emergency personnel quickly arrived at the scene. After giving oxygen, infusion, cooling and other first -aid measures, they were quickly sent to the nearby hospital for further treatment. It is understood that the patient was combined with clinical symptoms.Diagnosis is fever, and due to the timely rescue, it is currently out of danger of life.

At 9:40 on July 4th, a cleaners suddenly fainted on the ground at the door of a supermarket in Jiangbei New District, sweating throughout the body, and colleagues immediately called 120 for help.The Nanjing Emergency Center immediately dispatched a nearby ambulance to the scene. The emergency personnel combined with clinical symptoms diagnosed with heat stroke.Due to the timely rescue, patients have been separated from life.

How to prevent heat stroke?

Wu Junxian said that heatstroke is more common in people who are exposed in high temperature environment for a long time. If they are engaged in physical labor or severe exercise, they are also found in the elderly or children, pregnant women who do not have heavy physical labor, and have poor physical temperature regulation or adaptive ability or basic diseases.By.It is recommended that you go out to do a good job of preventing heat and cooling, and try to avoid moving under the scorching sun.If you have to go out, you must do a good job of protecting, such as a parasol, wearing a sunshade, wearing a sunglasses, and applying sunscreen.The clothes are used as much as possible, such as cotton, hemp, silk, and sweat -absorbing fabrics, so as not to heat the heat in time when sweating a lot, causing heat stroke.Special people such as the elderly, pregnant women, children, and chronic diseases, especially those with cardiovascular diseases, should be reduced as much as possible at high temperature weather.

In terms of diet, the weather is hot. It is recommended to eat more vegetables and fruits, such as cucumber, tomato, watermelon, melon, etc.In addition, do not wait until thirsty before drinking water. The thirst indicates that the body is short of water. The ideal thing is to drink 1.5 liters to 2 liters of water every day according to the temperature of the temperature.When sweating more, some electrolyte water can be added appropriately.

What needs to be reminded is that the heat prevention and heat should not be "greedy".The temperature of the indoor air conditioner should not be too low, especially those who have a nap habit in the office. The temperature setting is too low to increase the risk of myocardial infarction. People who are afraid of cold should be appropriately added in the air conditioner room.Eat less food; overwork, over -sports activities, and excessive emotional tension, excitement, and anger, can make the heart burden worsen, increase myocardial oxygen, and induce other diseases.

How to first aid after heat stroke?

If someone is unexpectedly heat stroke, how should the first witnesses help patients for emergency treatment?Wu Junxian reminded that the first witnesses participating in the first aid mastery methods such as evaluation, moving, cooling, hydration and transfer.

Specifically, if someone is found to have heat stroke, you can combine the on -site conditions to select the following measures:

Evaluation: Evaluate the state of consciousness of the patient. If the patient’s consciousness is clear, answering the questions, and asking if the patient needs help.If the patient is found loudly, the patient does not respond, and the breathing and heartbeat stop, 120 should be dial in time.At the same time, cardiopulmonary resuscitation is immediately implemented for patients.

Moving: If the patient is clear, it needs help, and quickly lifted the patient to a ventilated, cool, dry place, so that he will lie down and unbutton the clothes and release your clothes.

Cooling: Use cold water to wipe the patient with a whole body, and then use a fan fan or a fan to blow the heat to accelerate the heat dissipation.Conditioners can also cool down with cooling blankets.When the patient’s body temperature drops below 38 ° C, stop the cooling measures such as cold compresses.

Moisturizing: When the patient is still conscious, you can give some cool drinks or electrolyte drinks such as herbal tea or sports drinks.But do not rush to supplement a lot of water for patients, otherwise it will cause symptoms such as vomiting, abdominal pain, nausea.Wu Junxian specially reminded that the human blood vessels in the summer are expanding. For example, after strenuous exercise, suddenly drinking a lot of cold drinks with extremely low temperature or blowing air conditioners immediately and cold baths may cause the whole body to shrink and spasm immediately, blood pressure suddenly rises, blood viscosity is thickIncreased degrees, coagulation occurs, causing blood vessels to block, inducing angina pectoris and myocardial infarction.

Transfer: For patients with severe heat stroke, they must be sent to the hospital immediately for treatment.When moving the patient, the stretcher is transported, and the patient must not be allowed to walk.At the same time, pay attention during the transportation, apply as cold water towels as possible to the neck, armpit and thighs of patients with cold water towels as possible, and actively cool down to protect important organs such as the brain and heart and lungs of patients with severe heat stroke.

Xinhua Daily · Jiaojiao Reporter Wang Tian Correspondent Guoli Sheng Qi Li

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