100,000 mountains found wooden apples, and the flesh is like Luo Han Guo, the fruit shell is harder than coconut, Indians like to eat

100,000 mountains, located in the west of Guangxi.The "100,000" here is the pronunciation of the Zhuang language "Capital", which means "top Tian Dashan".There are many precious wild plants growing here, including narrow leaf slopes and 100,000 Mountain Soviet iron are the national first -level key protected plants.

In this dense forest, some villagers accidentally discovered a magical fruit.They are covered with trees, light blue and covered with yellow -brown peels, and looks like coconut; after cutting, you can see the dark brown flesh flowing out.

This kind of fruit is commonly known as wooden apples. In the 1960s and 1970s, there were still many in Xishuangna in Yunnan. Nowadays, it is rarely seen in China. Only a small amount of wild varieties in Guangxi and Taiwan still have a small number of wild varieties.


It is not an apple, elephant likes to eat, the main origin is India, and Tianshan has appeared

Wooden apples are not ordinary apples!Although there is a "wood" in the name, it is actually very different from Apple.It belongs to a deciduous tree in the genus of the Rurfracee family, which is called like orange.

Why is it called "wood" apple?Because its shell color looks like wood, the texture is also like wood!

In India, because elephants like to eat this fruit the most, people also call it an elephant apple.

In addition, it also has other nicknames, such as Schonggo, Monkey Fruit, Three -Leaf Wood Orange and Siamless Fruit.

The main origin is in India and Sri Lanka, and it is widely distributed in rural fields such as Cambodia and Thailand in Southeast Asian countries.

It is said that this kind of fruit has appeared in the Tianshan Mountains, but it is gradually forgotten as the more delicious and juicy fruits appear.

The wooden apple tree is tall and tall and can grow to 10 meters high.The bark is smooth, gray-green, and the surface is covered with hard spines; the leaves and leaves are very dense, and the leaves are palm-shaped compound leaves. They are composed of 5-7 oval leaves. The edges are obvious.road.


The flesh is like Luo Han Guo, the fruit shell is harder than coconut, take a bite of sour you for three days

Wooden apple is a very high -yield fruit. The branches are full of fruitful results in the mature season.The size of these oval fruits is oval, usually 2-3 connections, and looks like coconut.

The surface of the fruit is yellow -brown, with tan spots and white fluff on it, which is very rough.It is covered with a hard wood shell, which is not easy to crack even if it falls from high altitude.Therefore, it is necessary to use a sharp knife to open it before eating.

In contrast to the hard shell, the thick flesh is full of strong acid rot, exactly like a rotten wood residue, and looks similar to Luo Han Guo.

When immature, the flesh is milky white, with small white seeds inside; after maturity, the pulp will shrink, become brown or brownish black, touch your fingers, and feel sticky.

The flesh does not look flatter, but it smells fragrant and is eager to try.However, it is a astringent word, as if I have eaten the immature March Lee, biting a sourness to make you regret three days.


The wooden apple is regarded as a holy fruit, men, women, and children like to eat

Mu Apple was eliminated in China because of poor taste, but it was very popular in India, Thailand and Cambodia.

Especially in India, wooden apples are regarded as holy fruit, and men, women, and children like to eat.Not only do you eat at home; on the streets, people are also rushing to wood apples. They can see a wooden apple everywhere, which is called a tasteful.

Seeing customers from the street vendors, they drilled the wood -like skin with a drill, and then gently knocked on a small hole. Add all kinds of seasonings that have been prepared in it.The flesh and spices are stirred well, so that the taste is strong and spicy, making people mouth saliva!

If you don’t like foods that are heavy, you can break the wooden apples, dig out the pulp inside, and stretch some salt, sugar and pepper to season.

However, these three materials are not enough to cover up their astringent taste. Only local people who have been used to eating wooden apples from childhood can accept this taste.

If you want a better taste, it is recommended to eat it with hot and sour seafood sauce. The delicious sauce and the original sour of the wooden apple are sour, and the belly is endless.


Why is wood apple popular in India?

The wooden apple is popular in India, not only because the locals like it, but also because it can treat diarrhea and mosquito bites.

Studies have shown that wooden apples are rich in nutrients such as fructic acid, vitamins and minerals, and have high nutritional value.In addition, the pectin ingredients in the flesh help the intestinal health.

In addition, the trunk and branches of the wooden apple contain "Philonian glue" and the leaves contain tannic acid. These substances can eliminate worms that move in the intestine.

The wooden apple shell contains natural insect repellent -mosquito ester.After drying the shell, boil it, and cook the water after boiling. It can be used as a mosquito repellent water and apply it in the place where the mosquito is bitten. It has a good itching effect.

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