10 real portraits after pregnancy, prospective dads accompany their mothers

1. The most far distance in the world is: shoes are in front of me, but I can’t wear it

As the baby gradually increased, the stomach was so big that he could not see his feet as if he bowed his head, let alone bending over and wearing shoes. At this time, dads had to help their mothers appropriately.

2. Don’t ask where I am!

Either in the toilet, or on the way to the toilet!

In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, as the uterus increases, the bladder is compressed, and the urethral pressure increases, frequent urination incontinence will occur.

3. My husband is in panic all the time: ah ~ Will you poke your baby …

When the wife is pregnant, her husband should be gentle, patient and considerate of his wife.In the same room during pregnancy, time and intensity should be appropriate, exercise should be slow, and avoid excessive stimulation.

4. It’s uncomfortable to sleep !!!

I keep going to the toilet at night, cramps from time to time, often dreaming, and don’t expect to sleep well from the moment of pregnancy!

6. Emotional seems to be in a roller coaster: No, I just want to cry ~

Pregnancy is not in a bad mood, because the level of hormones in the body after pregnancy changes after pregnancy, and inadequate preparing for pregnancy, there will be emotional changes, so it will be anxious and depressed.After pregnancy, the company’s company is very important, and it is also recommended that you go out and walk more. In contact with people with positive energy, more people with positive energy will have a better impact on their own mood.

7, smooth skin no longer return: stretch marks, long spots

The deterioration of the skin during pregnancy may be due to the changes in hormones in the body after pregnancy. In addition, the changes in diet and life rules will cause women’s skin to worse.

The formation of stretch marks is mainly due to the influence of hormones during pregnancy, and the abdomen bulge, which breaks the elastic fiber of the skin, will appear pink or purple -red wavy makeup patterns with different lengths.

Pay attention to sun protection. A large part of the stretch marks on the belly is genetic factors, so pregnant women should not be too anxious.

8. Every time a check -up is like going to the battlefield: Baby, what’s wrong with you?Baby, you have to be strong!

In the first trimester, a monthly inspection is performed; in the middle, once every two weeks; in the later period, once a week.

Every time I go to the hospital, I have to listen to the doctor carefully, and a little change, and I will worry about whether the baby will do.

In fact, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much. The baby is very strong and will not be so fragile.

9. Don’t dare to work hard: go to the toilet and feel hard, I’m afraid to pull the baby out after getting up ~

Although there are such case reports in the news, after all, a minority, pregnant mothers are assured!

10. Near production, getting more and more fear!

Almost mothers will be anxious before giving birth. They have various discomforts in the second trimester, and they are worried about the health of the baby. These will affect the emotions of expectant mothers.

In fact, modern medicine is developing rapidly, and hospitals will be prepared.Talk to some experienced pregnant mothers, relieve stress, learn about relevant knowledge, increase their understanding of themselves, and enhance their self -confidence in giving birth to healthy babies.

The above discussion is very real. Dad must take care of pregnant mothers and accompany them to spend this stage.

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