10 popular facial cleanser assessment: 4 comprehensive analysis of dimensions, teach you the correct purchase guide

Facial milk is the most basic step in our face -to -face skin care, but it cannot be sloppy!

The face is not cleaned, no matter how expensive the essence is, it is in vain!

As a member of the acne muscle and sensitive skin, I’m so difficult!The face loves oil very much, and the pores are blocked and causing a lot of acne.

In the past few years, there have been many kinds of facial cleanser. The acne on the face is not only good, but more and more ……….

I found many reasons, and finally found that the problem was from the facial cleanser, I couldn’t believe it at all!

I chose the facial cleanser before it was blindly followed, regardless of the skin, not looking at the ingredients, and the difference between amino acids and soap.Stone hit your own feet!IntersectionIntersection

Now I refuse to cleans blindly. Today, I evaluated and shared 10 popular facial cleanser, so that the friends will take less detours when choosing.

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Evaluation directory

1. Skin -dividing

2. Grab ingredients

3. Use experience

4. Summary

1. Skin division

Before choosing facial cleanser, we must first distinguish our skin types. If a dry skin and sensitive muscles are selected with soap -based facial cleanser, the skin type will only get dry and worse!

If you want to know what skin type you belong to, you can wash your face with water. After the natural air dry, you can distinguish what kind of skin you belong to according to the picture below.

Second, grab ingredients

To distinguish the quality of a facial cleanser, first look at the table!

First, see if the facial cleanser you use is risky preservatives and acne ingredients. The facial cleanser containing these ingredients is useless!

The main functions of this type of ingredients are emulsifiers, surfactants, emulsifiers, and foaming, but they are more irritating to the skin and eyes.

The acne muscle and sensitive skin must avoid contact with such ingredients. It will cause skin redness and peeling, frequent long mouth, and even acne!

Third, use experience (foam, skin feel, personal feelings)

Iris facial cleanser

Bubble: Bubble dense

Skin feel: mild, not irritating

Personal feelings: The texture of this soap -to -facial washing milk is relatively soft, and it can rub out a rich foam after squeezing it. The face is gentle and there is no obvious tightness.

Compared with other soap -based facial cleanser, this cleaning ability is weak. It is a mild soap -based facial cleanser. It can be used by mixed oil and dry skin.

Ke Run Facial Clean

Bubble: Press the head design, the foam is rich.

Skin feel: mild, not irritating

Personal feelings: The foam of this facial cleanser is relatively rich, as soft as the cloud, the upper face is very delicate, and the taste is slightly stimulated.

Its cleaning ability is not strong, and there is no makeup remover effect. Oil skin will obviously feel that cleaning is not clean, suitable for small partners with sensitive muscles and dry skin.

Beautiful Beifei Facial Washing Milk

Bubble: Rich foam and dense

Skin feel: refreshing, tightness

Personal feelings: Most of this facial cleanser is a soap -based ingredient, only a small amount of amino acid tables, a strong milk flavor, rich in foam, and after washing, there is a clear sense of tightness.

It has a strong cleaning ability and can be cleaned deeply through the pores. It is more friendly to the small partners of the large oil field.

Winona facial cleanser

Bubble: The texture is sparse and the foam is not much

Skin: Very gentle

Personal feelings: This facial cleanser looks like a shower gel. It is relatively poor in foaming. It takes a long time to squeeze out the foam.

The upper face is very mild. After washing the face, there is no obvious sense of tightness. The cleaning strength is poor. It is more suitable for dry skin and sensitive muscles.

SK-LL facial cleanser

Bubble: Foam is soft and rich

Skin feel: very tender after washing the face

Personal feelings: This facial cleanser is very delicate. It can appear rich in foam with simply rubbing. The taste is a faint rose flavor, which is very good.

The cleaning of this facial cleanser is average. For large oil fields, it will obviously feel that cleaning is not clean and fake, which is more suitable for dry skin and sensitive muscles.

SANA soy milk facial cleanser

Bubble: Rich foam and dense

Skin feel: refreshing, a little tight

Personal feelings: This typical soap -based facial cleanser has a very strong cleaning strength. The upper face is slightly stimulated. Although a large amount of glycerin is added to reduce the sense of tightness, most of the skin will still have a sense of tightness after washing.Essence

This facial cleanser is suitable for large oilfields, preferably use.(Use large oil fields every day to be washed into dry skin)

Flifang Silk Washing Milk

Bubble: Rich foam and dense

Skin feel: mild, not irritating

Personal feelings: This facial cleanser is very mild, the amino acid table is not irritating, and the overall cleaning ability is not too strong. The large oil field will feel that the cleaning is not clean.

After use, it feels good for moisturizing, and is very friendly to dry skin and sensitive muscles.

Dove facial cleanser

Bubble: There are a lot of bubbles, but the taste is a bit exciting.

Skin feel: refreshing, obvious tightness

Personal feelings: This facial cleanser is a typical soap -based facial cleanser. The amount of foam is very large. The upper face feels obviously irritating.

The cleaning ability is very strong. You can clean up the garbage in the pores and clean the face, but the tightness is also very obvious. It is not recommended to use it for a long time!IntersectionIntersection

Pianli Michelon Facial Washing Milk

Bubble: Foam is rich and soft

Skin feel: the upper face is gentle and a little tightness

Personal feelings: The main component of this facial cleanser is the soap -based surface, which is reproduced with a small amount of amino acids, which can reduce the stimulation of the skin at a time.

The foam is very good, the foam is dense, the cleaning is strong, and it is very easy to clean. It is more friendly for the large oil fields, and the dry skin and sensitive muscles will feel a little tight.


When choosing the facial cleanser, you must first look at the ingredient table. Choose the facial cleanser that suits you according to your skin. The correct choice can make your skin care more.

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