"Xie Dajiao" more than 70 days after Yuexian’s death, the driver exposed the details, and the husband finally spoke for her.

The rural love series TV series has been with us for many years, and the characters such as Liu Neng and Xie Guangkun are also hot.Xie Dajiao in the play is also very popular with everyone, and she is Zhao Benshan’s little aunt outside the play.

"Xie Dajia" on the screen has a very vivid soul.In order to successfully play this role, she did not hesitate to destroy the image and does not care about her face value and beauty, but faced with a serious and focused work attitude.

However, on August 9 this year, Yu Yuexian died unfortunately due to a car accident.

This accident has attracted widespread attention from everyone. It is reported that at the time, Yuyue was shooting new film and television works in Alashan, Inner Mongolia. However, a car accident occurred due to the speedy driving of the vehicle.Essence

Yu Yuexian’s accidental death made the industry and the people feel very shocked and sad. After the incident, many stars and relatives and friends mourned.

Just like the tough and optimistic "Xie Dajiao" on the screen, Yu Yuexian lived kindly and gentle, and won the love and respect of the people around him.

People familiar with the matter revealed:

The accident occurred around 3:30 in the morning, and the car hit the camel on the way.

It may be because the driver was tired of driving, or where the camel appeared wrong.

If it is still bright, the driver may wake up and eventually cannot escape the disaster.

If the driver was conscious at the time, he could see the camel from a distance, and the tragedy would not happen.

More than 70 days after Yu Yuexian’s death, on October 23, Yu Yuexian’s husband Zhang Xuesong released news through a social platform saying that during the car accident, the police determined that the driver was fully responsible.At present, it has been transferred to the judicial organs waiting for treatment.

At the same time, Yu Yuexian’s husband Zhang Xuesong also reminded netizens: "Recently, it was found that someone on the Internet was impersonated by Yuexian himself, and some people who posted a very close to her posted some false information, making rumors and accompanied by fraud. For this reason, we have called the police."

Some people say that Guo Moulong, a driver who caused the accident, is an employee of a dairy company in Ningxia. The company’s partner invite to Yuexian Record the show. The company will receive compensation if Guo Moulong will face compensation in the future.

The driver recalled that he was like a demon that day. That road was originally a speed limit road, but because the navigation at the time did not prompt at the time, and he did not know that there was a camel in the local area, which led to the occurrence of the accident that the accident occurred.After that, he stayed in the scene that was connected to Yuexian.

And it was very late when it was received at Yuexian that day, and some people proposed to live in Lanzhou for one night and rush the next day.However, because the organizer did not agree, he insisted that he would pick it back that night, which caused this serious car accident to happen just ten minutes away from the hotel car.

This car accident caused one person to die, three people were injured, and the died of two pregnant camels died, which was puzzled. The entire car was only died in Yuexian, as if it was arranged.

In any case, Yu Yuexian died and could not be resurrected. We only prayed that there was no car accident in heaven, and we could pray that there was no car accident in the world. I hope everyone can live a short life in peace!

Learn from a car accident: the car accident is fierce than the tiger, don’t be confused.If you find a good driver, you can go on the road safely.

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