"Witch" Hillary: Give birth to a baby who cannot be born, but the daughter looks like a male girlfriend

In January 1993, Hillary and Clinton attended the president’s inauguration party. Hillary chose a lace shirle with pearl earrings in his ears and fist with his hands to cheer his husband.

At this dinner, she did not make too much intimate moves with Clinton, but almost kissed a bearded man with a thick beard.

The beard was drunk, drunk, chased Hillary kisses enthusiastically, poured up his lips, held Hillary’s hand with his arms, stared at Hillary’s cheeks, pretended to make a kiss with Hillary,As an inauguration ceremony, a little egg is celebrated.

At this celebration, Clinton also had a client ceremony with a female guest, and Clinton’s movement was more open than a beard.There was a kiss on his face.

Because his movements were blocked by the camera, he might not be a real kiss or borrowed, but to see the female guest with a flushed expression, and then thought of the romantic affairs of Clinton before, the possibility of borrowing was unlikely.

However, Hillary still maintains rationality. She is unwilling to lose her attitude in front of the public, nor is she willing to kiss people other than Clinton.

As a result, she wrote against her face, constantly moved her body back, tilted her neck back, and kept a certain distance from the beard, as if to avoid attacks from the beard.

She is well versed in the media lens and deliberately put her face on the side of the back to the side of the camera, so as not to capture her dishonesty.

Hillary’s strength is not as great as an adult man, but she used her strength to avoid this kiss. Even her hand was full of resistance. Her back was supported on the arms of the beard.Push out.

In the end, Hillary did not let the reporter take a decent photo. The bearded lips could not fall on her face until the beginning, and the kiss could not succeed.

On the contrary, when taking a photo with a woman, Hillary was no longer restrained, but became much generous. She closer her closer and hugged her and staged a drama of "sister affection".

When I was with Clinton, Hillary was also flattering. She stood in front of Clinton, raised her head, went to Clinton, and made a motion to him and kissed him.

But because her height was too short, as long as Clinton didn’t bend over, she couldn’t kiss his face.

From a short inaugural dance celebration, it can be seen that Hillary is generally conscious and takes care of the overall situation. In order to prevent her husband’s embarrassment, they will not make more moves with other men.

Only in this way will it not destroy her and Clinton’s model couple image and interfere with her position as the first lady.

Hillary has been a woman with a very clear goal since she was a child. What she wants, she must do it.

When she was a child, she vowed secretly that she would become the first female judge in the United States, so she studied hard and worked hard to sleep. She finally admitted to Yale University of High -end universities. After graduation, she became a good law.

In 1972, Hillary and Clinton stepped into Aihe, and she made a goal to make Clinton a "brand".

The two married because of their common goals, and Hillary also assisted her husband all the way to the president. He was the think tank and the woman behind.

Unfortunately, when Hillary continued to work hard for Clinton’s career, Clinton began to move into a flower intestine.

In 1998, a blue skirt covered with fine ~ liquid made the Clinton east window incident. In front of the people in the United States, he acknowledged his mistakes.

When he apologized, Hillary stood behind him, his face was sad and melancholy.

Hillary was originally a small girl. The little man was easy to look weak. He was pitiful, and even had a kind of little white rabbit.

But using the word "Little White Rabbit" to describe Hillary, it is too superficial. In terms of emotion, she played more than Clinton.

Hillary’s friend, Mary Mel Frank, recalled a small episode in Hillary and Clinton.

In 1998, the Hillary couple made an appointment with a few friends and went to the movie theater to watch the movie "Love Magic" together. This movie has a plot. After a man stealing fish, his wife applied to him.Turning vomiting.

The movie should not be confused with reality, but when Hillary was in the movie, Hillary walked slowly to Mary and said, "I should buy a vomiting agent!"

Her husband’s derailment caused Hillary to humiliate in front of the people across the country, but she was able to sink and make such a joke, which was surprising.

But in fact, as early as the zipper door, Hillary already knew that she was wearing countless green hats by Clinton. She once hired San Francisco detective to investigate Clinton’s privacy.

However, Hillary understood that he was the same line of grasshopper on the same line as Clinton. He torn the fish to the net with Clinton, so that the outsiders had the advantage of the fisherman.

Clinton is not a man with strong self -restraint, but he is still hesitated by Hillary because Hillary knows his weakness.

The marriage of betrayal of each other is suffocating. However, as long as the goals of both parties are not love, but politics, then everything becomes reasonable and reasonable.

In 2005, Clinton’s lover Zhu Annita Brortry broke the news that Hillary’s daughter Chelsea’s real father was a male girlfriend named Weber.

Is the child who broke the original child with an illegitimate child?In a short sentence, the amount of information is huge, and the brain CPU of many people has been burned. If you look closely, it is not without such a possibility.

After all, in 1979, when Clinton participated in the governor’s campaign, he was interviewed by a reporter before he learned that his wife was pregnant for the first time.

Moreover, Clinton was later disclosed by a lover Zhu Annita: In 1978, she said to her worry about her pregnancy, "Don’t worry, because I am a" infertility patient ", I cannot give birth.Pregnant!"

In the process of growing up in her daughter Chelsea, there was no inheritance at all to Hillary and Clinton.

When Clinton was young, he was very handsome. Hillary even had a pure appearance as a little white rabbit, but Chelsea’s facial features were very average. There were teeth, long faces, and thick lips.Essence

The most taboo in marriage is the imbalance. No matter which party the balance of love is shifted, the chicken will jump in the end.

In contrast, Hillary and Clinton, as the two parties in love in love, have always maintained the balance of marriage because of the unwavering peach -colored secrets, but this marriage can be maintained. This is also an unexpected joy.Bar.

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