"The Righteousness of the World" is the emotional entanglement between Yang Liren and Lin E

Yang Liren loves Lin E, which is true. It is the kind of love in the bones. Unfortunately, the deep fate has to be as long as.

Lin E, as a young woman, digital genius, and intelligence experts. She has the softness of everyone’s ladies and the kind of calm and wise as a female Communist. She is very eye -catching.

Lin E in the play made Li Ren remember, and he also trapped the hearts of countless audiences, which was upset.

Li Ren is a very careful scholar. He has a knowledge structure and hobbies. He and Lin E are very good at it, and can even be said to be equal.

The intellectual and professional technical level of the two is also a spiritual rhinoceros. There are different faiths. In the end, they parted ways, which is regrettable.

Li Ren’s infatuation touched countless audiences. Although he was not good at expressing it, Lin E also resisted him.

If there is no doctrine dispute, no civil war, the two parties continue to cooperate, and the two people may not be able to spark.

You can only say that you can get people.

Li Ren has always paid attention to Lin E, and she always has her in her heart, even after they belong to different camps.

He is not a bad man in the real sense, but in the face of right and wrong, he firmly states his position.

When Li Ren cooperated with Lin E, he could not cover up his inner excitement, and he even had a little unknown and forgetfulness. It was completely different from his consistent indifference image.

He taught Lin E to fight for a legitimate reason to create the opportunity to get along with Lin E alone.

At this time, he should like Lin E very much and want to pursue Lin E.

Unfortunately, when Lin E practiced his gun, he had solved Li Ren in his heart.

Therefore, Liren is in the feelings of Lin E, and he is unable to escape, and he is defeated.

Li Ren likes Lin E and invited her to go home for dinner. I didn’t expect that people were undercover. Is it a bit funny?

The two reunited in Chongqing, and Li Ren worked hard to protect Lin E in the air defense hole. It can be seen from this.

Lin E was pushed away from Li Ren, and the hand was just on Li Ren’s heart, which was really heartbroken.

Everyone still remembers that the Air Force shot down at the celebration banquet of Lieutenant General in Japan. After Chu knew that Lin E was a lover in Liren, he gave Li Ren a needle and reminded him not to get the beauty of the beauty.

He brought Lin E to his father’s birthday. At this time, Li Ren should be implying Lin E, but unfortunately the flowers were intentional and ruthless.

The most unforgettable scene is that after learning that Li Qing was going to marry Lin E, the pain of Li Ren alone shocked countless people.

Guangying hit him, a phone call, but after getting through, he couldn’t speak, and the embarrassment and silence were distressing.

The wedding night of Li Qing and Lin E was not asleep. She took the stairs at home alone and dialogically with her sister on the stairs when she was standing on the stairs. The unspeakable pain made people difficult for a long time.

Li Ren said sourly that it was really cheap Liyi. I sent her twice to the hospital and had no drama, and was hit by the boy.

How many people can be done for their beloved women and others to marry others?

During the war of liberation, during the mediation of the Northeast, Li Ren met Qu Xia and couldn’t help but talk about Lin E and Liqing’s marriage. He was not upset for Lin E.Although it was silent, it was enough to show his concern about Lin E.

Lin E, who was pregnant for seven months of pregnancy, caught up with Lin E on the way home, and Li Ren hurriedly sent her to the hospital.

It was Yang Liren’s life to save Lin E and the child. After Lin E fled, Yang Lihua raised the child.

Li Renming knew that it was Lin E and Qu En’s children, but he let him go and gave the children a normal family and education.

The victory of the Anti -Japanese War was about to start. Lin E went to the Yang family to say goodbye and encountered Li Ren home.When he saw her, he still couldn’t hide his inner joy and care.

Lin E laughed at him, and he was so emotional.

When he was a family member, his father said that he was a little old. Li Qing hadn’t spoken yet. He actually rushed to respond and said, and there was Lin E.

At this time, Lin E had married his brother Li Qing, and he couldn’t take him his head for her.

So Yang Liren is really an infatuated man. Seeing this, have you no longer hate him so much?

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