"The certificates are all received, and the children are pregnant, there is no need to give color gifts." "Mom, you must give it"

Wang Qiang and Geng Ying are college classmates. They have been in love with each other in their freshmen. In the past 4 years, their feelings have been relatively stable and have almost no quarrel.They secretly made up their minds in their hearts that in the future, they must walk into the palace of marriage with each other and live a happy life.

After graduating from college, Wang Qiang returned to his hometown.Geng Ying also went to that city. Wang Qiang lived in his own house, while Geng Ying rented a house outside. The two of them quickly stabilized.

Since then, the two have been working hard to work hard. They want to accumulate more money and plan for future life.

Wang Qiang led Geng Ying to his home to see his mother.Wang Qiang’s mother was more satisfied with Geng Ying. She talked with Geng Ying about various topics while eating. The two were quite happy. Suddenly Wang Qiang’s mother asked Geng Ying, "How much is your colorful gift?"

Geng Ying said to Wang Qiang’s mother to tell the truth, "100,000 yuan."

After listening to Geng Ying’s words, Wang Qiang’s mother’s eyes kept turning.She said to Geng Ying, "We are not so much money here, only 20,000 yuan."In fact, Wang Qiang’s local gift was 100,000 yuan. The reason why Wang Qiang’s mother said was to make less money for her herself in the future.

It didn’t take long for Geng Ying to work, and she was not involved in the world. She had no doubt about Wang Qiang’s mother.After thinking about it, she said to Wang Qiang’s mother, "Auntie, if you follow your colorful gifts, there are too few. If you follow our colorful gifts, there will be too many.alright".

Wang Qiang’s mother calculated in her heart, among the 20,000 and 100,000 % off, that is, 50,60,000 yuan. In this case, inadvertently saves you 50,000 yuan of gift money, herselfIt’s so smart.She suddenly thought that she should tell Geng Ying just now that "her local colorful gift is 10,000 yuan, so she can save a part of money."

After Geng Ying left, Wang Qiang was very dissatisfied with his mother. "Mom, why do you lie to Geng Ying? Our local colorful gift is also 100,000 yuan."

"Silly boy, don’t deceive her, can save money?"

Wang Qiang and Geng Ying talked about one year of love, and they planned to get married.Later, they went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to receive a certificate. After receiving the certificate, they lived together, and Geng Ying became pregnant.

Wang Qiang was happy to tell Geng Ying’s pregnancy and told her mother. Geng Ying’s mother was also very happy after listening.She is not happy because Geng Ying is pregnant. She is happy that she can pay less money again. "The certificate has also received it, and the child is pregnant. There is no need to give it. We just give it.The method, unless she divorced, she lost too much. Rest assured, son, Geng Ying didn’t dare to do that. I saved our home for 560,000 yuan. "

Wang Qiang’s face was serious, "Mom, Cai Li must give it, this is the most basic respect for Geng Ying."Later, the two got married. Under Wang Qiang’s insistence, her mother also had gift money.

Wang Qiang’s approach is very correct. If Wang Qiang’s family can’t come out, Geng Ying may really have no way.But doing that way will really make Geng Ying feel sad.

Before the wedding, boys must be responsible.

From a legal perspective, the moment the two received their certificates, the relationship between husband and wife was established.The moment the wedding was held in the eyes of relatives and friends, it was the beginning of their establishment of husband and wife.

Most Chinese couples, they will choose to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a wedding certificate first, and then hold a wedding, and from the certificate to the wedding, there are long and short time in the middle.It will be half a year or even a year.

In this case, there will be some problems. After receiving the certificate, you can live together brightly. At this time, the girl will be pregnant.Some mother -in -law who attacked the calculation plan, after seeing the daughter -in -law’s pregnancy, they moved their minds, and they would use this as a result of not giving the daughter -in -law’s family giving money or reducing other conditions for marriage.As Wang Qiang’s mother did, she did not give a penny.

It is undeniable that the fact is just as Wang Qiang’s mother imagined. Even if the gift money of a penny of their family is not out, Geng Ying will marry Wang Qiang. She cannot be because of the tens of thousands of dollars.It is definitely not a wise choice if you go to divorce or go to the hospital for surgery.

Wang Qiang’s approach is really great. He assumed the responsibility that a man should have.His mother treated his wife very unfairly, and he bravely refuted his mother’s thoughts.Although the mother’s thoughts will make her family save tens of thousands of dollars, if so, it is extremely unfair to her wife.Wang Qiang’s approach is also very foresight. He did this and dispelled the hidden dangers in his marriage in a timely manner.In this way, your marriage will have a guarantee of happiness in the future.

Before the wedding, the boy please take the responsibility you should have.

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