"Thai pants spicy" what do you say in Cantonese?

Entering June, one year is about to be over half.Speaking of the most popular buzzword in the first half of 2023, there is no "Thai pants spicy".If you don’t know the ins and outs of this word, you may still feel some confusion: Thai pants?Thai pants?hot?Is it a kind of spicy food in Thais?

In fact, "Thai Pants Spicy" comes from a sentence that the little ghost Wang Lingkai said at the concert: "I am a particularly stubborn person, I never care about what others say to me, let me do it.Like me, I think this is too cool! "Because" too cool "at the time sounded like" Thai pants spicy ", it was nicknamed" Thai pants spicy "by netizens.

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Interpretation: Xing; (very) Yes; great.

In the TVB TV series "French Workers", which was broadcast last month, the mantra of the actor Jin Bingxin played by Ma Guoming was "掂".The understanding of "解" can also change according to different contexts. In addition to the accident of "travel, (very)", sometimes it also expresses the meaning of "no problem".

Example: Wow, your shirt is so good!

Translation: Wow, your dress is really very good!

△ Ma Guoming plays "Golden Master" in "French Speaker", screenshot of the photo of the picture source drama




Interpretation: refers to the meaning, as well as "cool, 飒, and Fan’er".

Example: You are a woman first, good!

Translation: You just stunned that woman, really super!


COOL (English)

Interpretation: English translation, cool; it means cold, cool, and cool.

In the TVB drama "Rushing to the Sky 2", Gu Xiayang, played by Zhang Zhilin, attracted thousands of women because of his cold appearance and passionate appearance.

Example: Jacky 杂 杂 杂 嗰 Pose is really good!

Translation: The Pose where Jacky placed on the magazine cover is really cool!



hou2 je5

Interpretation: To noun, that is, the meaning of "good things (good things)"; as an adjective, it means "really you" or "powerful".

Example: Qu is really good, and he can stand out to the championship.

Translation: He is really amazing, and he can stand out and win the championship.

△ Stills of "Old Watch Hello", picture source TVB


CHOK (Internet buzzword)

Interpretation: It is similar to the word "stylish".Dressing cool; committing confusion.

The earliest originated from the description of Hong Kong singer Lin Feng, which is a buzzword.

Example: Do you scare a chok like a CHOK?

Translation: Do you see that he is daring, do you want to ask you to contact?



Sai1 lei6

Interpretation: great.

Example: Singing a well is so sharp, and it is a lot of fine trophies.

Translation: He sang very well since he was a child. He took more than a dozen trophies in large and small.

Since the popularity of "Thai Pants Spicy", some netizens have edited a funny paragraph: I heard that there are five kinds of spicy in the world, which are slightly spicy, medium spicy, spicy, perverted and spicy.It can be seen that netizens’ imagination is really extraordinary.In fact, the central meaning of "Thai Pants Spicy" is the word "cool".In Cantonese, there will be useful "cool", but there is still a little difference from the "cool" of Mandarin: Cantonese "cool" is biased towards the appearance or personality of the person, but the "cool" of Pu Call is except describing the appearance and personality.It can also be described as a person’s personality.

△ Stills of "Old Watch Hello Hea", picture source TVB

In general, if you want to find a word that completely corresponds to the meaning of "cool" in Cantonese, I am afraid that there is no 100%match.But according to the needs of the speaker or the needs of the specific language environment, choose the words "cool" introduced above!

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*Some information sources: Baidu Encyclopedia

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