"Static care" during pregnancy may hurt more!These 5 kinds of aerobic exercise, fetal treasure and pregnant mothers benefit

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The stars in the entertainment industry often take some sports photos during pregnancy. Crooked mother remembers that Yao Chen also took photos of her pregnancy exercise on Weibo. A group of 9 photos. Yao Chen in each photo was holding a big belly and wearing sports.Equipment, sweating in the gym, and doing more intense sports such as iron and war ropes, I feel that I can participate in the Olympic Olympic.At that time, she was 6 months pregnant. Such a big move really made netizens break her heart for her and the baby in her belly.To this end, Yao Chen deliberately posted a Weibo explanation: "Fitness during pregnancy is not a mystery. Moderate fitness is conducive to delivery and postpartum recovery. For me personally, because of the years of dance foundation for many years, a certain strength of fitness is possible.Adaptation. But you need to reiterate it repeatedly: each pregnant woman has different constitution. If you want to exercise, you must choose a way that suits you. "

In fact, pregnant mothers know that they also need moderate exercise during pregnancy. This will have a good effect on strengthening their physique, controlling weight, relieving fatigue and stress on pregnant mothers, so that the pregnant mother is confident and helps to give birth in the future.Of course, high -intensity exercise like Yao Chen requires professional coaches to guide from the side. Pregnant mothers must choose a reasonable way and exercise intensity according to their own situation.

First of all, the physical condition during pregnancy is special. Pregnant mothers must choose a suitable way of exercise. The crooked mothers recommend the following 5 kinds of exercise. Pregnant mothers can choose appropriately.

1. Walk

For pregnant mothers, walking is the best movement to enhance cardiovascular function.Walking can keep pregnant mothers healthy, and at the same time, they will not sprain their knees and ankles.Pregnant mothers can take a walk anywhere. Except for a pair of feet, there is no need to use any equipment, and the walk through the entire pregnancy is very safe.

2. Swimming

Swimming is an ideal and safe exercise that can exercise the arms and legs, and the temperature of the pregnant mother is high. Swimming can eliminate heat, and can relieve the burden of lower back pain and knee joint, ankle edema in the late pregnancy.

3. Jogging

Jogging is one of the fastest and effective ways to promote cardiopulmonary function. You can adjust the distance according to your personal body with load. However, if you do n’t have a jogging habit before pregnancy, pregnancy may not start the best time to start jogging.Starting or swimming start.

4. Yoga

Yoga during pregnancy helps maintain muscle tension and flexibility, and improves the body’s posture.Compared with the previous three sport, yoga has less burden on joints.However, it is recommended to match some aerobic exercises, such as walking several times a week to exercise cardiopulmonary function.

Yoga stretching can help keep your body softened, but remember not to be overly. The main purpose is to stretch the tight body, rather than the pursuit of high difficulty. Choose a suitable pregnant mother yoga course.Actions can also help pregnant mothers relax and breathe.When engaged in yoga exercise, you can wear elastic and comfortable yoga maternity pants designed for pregnant women. The waist can support the belly. High elastic soft material can make the legs comfortable and not compressed, and achieve the best exercise effect.

5. Dance

The news that artist Ella has a 9 -month -old belly dancing and dancing, I believe everyone can remember! If the pregnant mother often dances, of course, you can continue after pregnancy! But when dancing, remember to avoid severe jumping, rotating or sudden changes in the direction.So as not to lose balance.In the process of exercise, take a rest at any time to replenish water at any time to avoid excessive body temperature. If you can breathe or breathe, you should rest moderately.

Secondly, with the development of the pregnancy process, the suitable exercise methods at different stages are also different, and pregnant mothers should pay special attention.

1. Early pregnancy

In 12 weeks, there was a high incidence of miscarriage, so the rhythm of pregnant mothers must be slow. Pregnant mothers can walk, jog, and do radio gymnastics.Choose the way of exercise with a slow rhythm, especially pay attention to the jumping exercise in gymnastics. Pregnant women cannot be done.

2. In the middle of pregnancy

After 12 weeks, pregnant women can increase the amount of exercise appropriately, but notice that the amplitude of movement during exercise cannot be too large.It is recommended that pregnant women can do yoga, swimming, or dance some slow dance.These exercises can help pregnant women enhance their flexibility.Note that the body should be in a relatively relaxed state before exercise.

3. The early pregnancy

In the third trimester of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should reduce the frequency and intensity of exercise. At this time, it is more suitable for stretching exercise in radio gymnastics. It can strengthen the training of the arms, legs, and pot bottom muscles.This period is also suitable.When the pregnant mothers exercise in the third trimester, the movement must be gentle to avoid premature birth.

Of course, although exercise is good, you must remember not to exercise too much, so that it is not good for fetal treasure and pregnant mothers.Do pregnant mothers still have different opinions on the few sports mentioned above?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below.

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