"Sister Moon" was only pregnant at the age of 39.

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In recent years, women’s participation in all walks of life has become increasingly higher and higher. It is an indispensable part of social production. Especially in the entertainment industry, the golden period of actresses has been in the golden period for several years, so late marriage and late pregnancy are more common.I wonder if everyone still remember the "Moon Sister" who grew up with us.In the impression, her image was sweet and cute. Now the moon sister is 42 years old and has become a member of the late pregnancy army.

Although my sister was pregnant late, she was not married late. At that time, she was the host of the children’s favorite children’s channel. She decided to regenerate the child a few years later for her career. I did not expect that this drag was for several years.It wasn’t until 2017 that Sister Moon had her son.

Because she had the first child at the age of 39, she was particularly careful.In the first three months, I almost didn’t get out of bed, and I pushed all the work until the production was 11 months before returning.She once said in the show that because the child came just right, it was named "just right", which is a significant, simple and nice name.Looking at the daily interaction between Sister Moon and her son, netizens are envious. Although her childhood is over, the Moon Sister becomes the moon mother is also worthy of everyone’s blessing.

The elderly mother refers to a woman who has the first tires over 35 years old. Because of her age, the probability of abortion and fetal malformations is greater than young pregnant women, and their health is not easy to recover after giving birth.But with the development of the times, the age of childbearing is getting late.

1. Regular inspection

The risk coefficient of older women is high, so it is necessary to increase the frequency of going to the hospital for delivery.In addition to checking whether the fetus is healthy, it depends on whether it is uncomfortable in your body.Focusing on whether blood sugar and blood pressure, etc. are normal, Tang’s screening and amniotic fluid piercing are the inspection items that elderly women must do.Even at home, you need to count the fetal movement at any time to understand the development of the fetus.

2. Take folic acid in advance

Elderly maternal folic acid must be sufficient, which can reduce the probability of fetal malformations.It is generally recommended to take it 3 months before pregnancy. If it is not replenished in time, it should be on the agenda as soon as possible.From preparing to 12 weeks of pregnancy, you can eat foods rich in folic acid, such as animal liver, green fruits and vegetables.

3. Safe sufficient sleep and healthy diet

Enough sleep can improve the immunity of pregnant women. In addition to 8 hours of sleep a day, there should be one hour of lunch break at noon.Usually, diet should be based on high -quality protein, mild, low -calorie foods, and can prepare some nuts and fruits to fill hunger.

4. Be prepared for delivery in advance

The elderly maternal delivery is difficult and the risk factor is high. In order to deal with the emergencies in a timely manner, you can go to the hospital for delivery 3-5 days in advance.And because of the older age, the maternal pelvic, ligaments, and soft -producing tissues are less elastic, so caesarean section is the most suitable, and it is safer for pregnant women and children.

For example, marriage and childbirth tonight are a very common thing. Although the elderly are anxious about this, the marriage and birth baby is a personal freedom, and the elderly maternal baby is not necessarily bad.There was a study that the elderly mother’s IQ was higher, because the children’s parents may be highly educated talents. In the early stage, they were busy pushing the baby’s affairs when they were busy with their careers.

In addition, the age is a little older, and the husband and wife have a relatively solid economic foundation and can give children a better life.Moreover, elderly parents are all children who are prepared after sufficient preparations. Life experience is richer than young parents. There is a parenting method of childcare, and educating children also have clear planning.

In any case, for the elderly mother, having a baby is a great test, with more difficulties than ordinary pregnant women, and the damage caused by the body cannot be avoided. Therefore, everyone should respect the elderly mother.They give confidence so that pregnant mothers have a good mood every day and smoothly produce.

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