"Sex" after drinking is intentional?Or is it really "involuntary"?Women are best to understand first

"After drunk half a half, I performed sexual behavior, is it rape?"

The young Kiki (pseudonym) met Xiaoxu (pseudonym) on the Internet. After chatting on the chat software for more than half a month, Qiqi felt that Xiaoxu could vote, so he agreed to meet Xiao Xu’s offline meeting.

In a restaurant, the two said and laughed. They talked very well. Unconsciously, they drank a few bottles of beer, and Kiki soon drunk.

Next, Kiki was brought home by Xiaoxu.The night is quiet, lonely men and widows, drunk.Xiao Xushun took off Qiqi’s shirt, and later he had to go in. He had a relationship with her by Qiqi’s unrequited personnel.

Qiqi woke up on the way and found that the man moved wildly on her, but he had no strength at all, but just said no, but soon she fell asleep because of dizziness and brain.

Waking up the next day, Qiqi was angry and scared. After retaining the evidence in the body, after being safe, he immediately told his family and reported to the police.

Xiao Xu, who was defending in court, was very dissatisfied, saying "she usually has a good amount of wine, and she is not drunk when drinking five or six bottles.

"I’m sorry I just drunk, I can’t help themselves!" How many men woke up after drinking, and would say these words, and some girls could only be forced to accept. The men were really confused after drinking?

In fact, drinking appropriately can help, but it should be noted that it is very small.In 1976, a study by Fakas and Rosen found that the alcohol concentration (BAC) in the blood was about 0.025, and the male sexual response increased slightly.But this alcohol concentration is equivalent to not drinking.

When drinking more, the more BAC (the concentration of alcohol in the blood) will increase with the increase of drinking, and the body will change:

BAC is 0.030-0.059: I feel the decreased pleasure, happiness, and suppression, and insufficient concentration;

The BAC is 0.060-0.099: The sensitivity of the pain is reduced, no suppression, the reasoning and the weakening of the surrounding perception;

BAC is 0.100-0199: Beginning with noisy, nausea and vomiting, at the same time, the conditions of conditions and reaction will deteriorate, the exercise ability becomes slow, and men may still have temporary impotence;

BAC is 0.200-0.299: Emotional fluctuations, decreased understanding, may lose consciousness, and even remember blank;

BAC is 0.200-0.299: Without saving personnel, loss of consciousness and understanding, there may be balancing imbalance and loss of breathing.

Therefore, when you really drink it, the whole person is drunk like mud. In fact, you ca n’t do anything.Alcohol is just a scapegoat. If a man argues that he is chaotic after alcohol, don’t believe his "ghost words".

In the process of "chaos after wine", they are not really confused.

Bruce Basolo, an associate professor and researcher at the University of Missouri Columbia, invited 67 people to participate in the drunk experiment. As a result, even when the drunk people were popping, they could realize what they were doing.

Unless the exercise ability is damaged, the film is broken, and in this state, people have fallen asleep, and it is impossible to perform sexual behavior at all.

The definition of chaos and rape of wine has always been controversial. "Everyone is drunk, and the other party is accepted half -pushing and half -located. Can this be regarded as rape?"

It is generally believed that there are two main points to judge whether the crime of rape is established: one is to violate the will of women (that is, disagree), and the other is forcibly sex with the other party.

How to define the sexual assault case after alcohol?Professor Zhao Jun, director of the Institute of Crime, Institute of Criminal Law and Science, Beijing Normal University, explained that there was a premeditated to get drunk, or the opponent had sex with the other party to have sex with the other party.

After confirming that sexual relationships or obscene behaviors, the more important thing is to prove that when the victim is in a state of drunk, the perpetrators commit crimes against the victims and just use this state.

Of course, "drunkenness" needs to be achieved. Drunk that cannot be resistant or unknown to resist, that is, entering the sleeping state or a relatively blurring state, there is no ability to resist.

How much is even, wine table reaction, etc.

In terms of morality or legal level, "drunk" is not to get rid of the excuse of punishment.According to the "Criminal Law", as long as you drink alcohol, you must be criminally responsible.

Do not use "alcohol" to cover your own mistakes. Alcohol will not change willfulness, let alone a "crime" tool.

Whether boys or girls, they may be infringed by bad elements in some unobstructed state. What should I do when they wake up?

1. Call the police as soon as possible and leave evidence

In encountering rape, women should organize their emotions and call the police immediately.Although this process is very difficult, a cruel fact is that if the police are not immediately reported, over time, the evidence is easy to eliminate, and the opportunity to catch a rapist will be even more slim.

Don’t rush to clean your body, rinse, comb your hair, urinate, and change clothes, and don’t smoke and drink water; save the remaining objects of rapist such as condoms, wiping paper towels, towels, etc.; retain evidence of "forced",Such as scratch, blood, clothing, etc.

2. After the alarm is completed, the emergency medical treatment is performed immediately

The first thing to avoid is pregnancy. After the evidence is collected, the doctor is requested to prescribe emergency contraceptives. The earlier, the better.

In addition to contraception, you must also avoid the risk of infectious transmission of diseases, such as gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomonas, and AIDS. Please ask doctors to conduct some screening for sexually transmitted diseases and give appropriate treatment, such as antibacterial treatment, taking AIDS blocking drugs, etc.Essence

1-2 weeks after medical treatment, you must pay attention to follow -up. In addition to evaluating the physical trauma, you can also detect the disease.

Female assault, in addition to physical injury, is also a kind of torture for the soul. Therefore, when trauma stress disorder occurs, it should actively accept psychological guidance.The relatives and friends around you should also pay attention to the victim’s psychology in time and give encouragement.

The new type of rape case is still happening. Women must pay attention to safety. When they are in a strange environment, they must be vigilant. If they are taken lightly, they are likely to fall into the "trap" that has long been "weaving".

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