"Pregnancy" daughter -in -law mysteriously disappear mother -in -law to come to the door to tell the villagers bluntly: she often becomes pregnant

Ms. Meng from Chongqing asked a reporter for help, saying that her daughter -in -law was pregnant, but she left home for no reason.At this time, Ms. Meng suddenly remembered that her son borrowed 6,000 yuan for Xu Mou’s appendicitis surgery, and gave Xu a cost of 16,000 yuan. She once suspected that her daughter -in -law was here to lie to her money.

According to Ms. Meng, for a while, Xu always hid outside and called outside, and she was nervous every time she called.Under the repeated questioning, Xu said that she called her ex -boyfriend. It turned out that Xu and his ex -boyfriend were planning to get married, and the ex -boyfriend gave a gift of 10,000 yuan for this marriage and bought some gold jewelry.Now that Xu will marry another person, the ex -boyfriend requires the money to pay for the money and gold jewelry.

After Mr. Chen knew, in order to prevent his fiancee from harassing, he told his mother that he hoped that the family could get money to solve it.However, after the Chen family repaid the money, her daughter -in -law was pregnant, but it was surprising that this daughter -in -law was missing now!

Then Mr. Chen and his mother came to his daughter -in -law’s ex -boyfriend He Mou’s house. Unexpectedly, the villagers said that he met Xu when he worked outside and took her home.Well, I gave Cai Li and a few jewelry, waiting for Xu to cross the door, but Xu slipped soon.

At this time, the Chen family found that He Mou’s encounter was amazingly similar to his son’s encounter.And although Xu said that he was pregnant, the Chen family did not see any pregnancy test report. In this way, it was unknown whether Xu was really pregnant.

Later, the reporter followed the Chen family to Xu’s house, but the Xu family was also closed. The villagers said that Xu’s pregnancy was nothing new. Before Chen, she was pregnant with someone else’s children.Raising the fetus was returned to the mother’s house, and later they came to the door.

When she heard that her prospective daughter -in -law had such an unbearable past, thinking of all kinds of lies and deceptions of her daughter -in -law, Ms. Meng completely smashed the window of the Xu family.When the incident was out of control, Xu called and agreed to negotiate to resolve the matter.

Compared with Ms. Meng’s excitement, Xu was extremely calm, and what made Chen and Ms. Meng wondered that Xu did not see Xu for a few months, and did not see signs of pregnancy.After coming to the police station, Xu said that he had told Chen to break up. Not only so, she also told reporters that the child had been killed by her and needed the Chen family to compensate more than 14,000 yuan.

However, in the face of such a compensation amount, the Chen family resolutely disagreed. Finally, under the persuasion of the police, Ms. Meng decided to sue the court with a debit.

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