"Nutrition Column 8" to say goodbye to the 9th week of pregnancy in the "embryo" era

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In the 9th week of pregnancy, the embryo has been humanoid at the beginning, and can distinguish the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, fingers and toes, and the embryo enters the fetal period. However, at this time, the fetus is very tender and the adverse response to the outside world is strong.Try to reduce adverse stimuli to reduce the harm to the fetus.Let’s take a look at the 9th week of pregnancy, the baby and mothers have any changes and diet attention!(The following sections are selected from the book "Three Meals of Nutrition of Nutrition 40 Weeks")

Week 9

❤ Baby changes: The embryo has begun to have a human shape. At this time, the baby’s baby has said goodbye to the era of "embryo" and has become a "baby baby" in the true sense.

◆ Dietary Guidance: Control the intake of salt

This week is still in the early pregnancy, and the fetus is young. Pregnant mothers should prevent upper respiratory tract infections, quit smoking or passive smoking, and abstain from alcohol. Due to the increase in the uterus, pregnant mothers may have frequent urination or constipation.The phenomenon of diet focuses on reducing the bad stimulus of the outside world this week, correcting the more early pregnancy reactions and preventing constipation.

During this period, pregnant mothers should continue to eat more foods rich in dietary fiber (vegetables, appropriate amounts of fruits, oats, millet, brown rice, etc.) to prevent constipation. Daily dietary fiber intake should be scattered on every meal they eat.Preventing constipation is to prevent excessive force during defecation and prevent abortion.When pregnant mothers watch TV, they can also prepare a glass of fruit juice or milk, a few pieces of bread, or some walnuts and melon seeds.

★ Nutrition focus: vitamin A, DHA

❤ Mom’s change: the breasts have increased

The weight of pregnant mothers has not increased too much, but the breasts gradually increase, and the color of the nipples gradually deepen. The pregnant mother will feel that the previous underwear is a bit small. At this time, you need to change the bigger underwear.And pregnant mothers will also notice that the waist circumference has become a bit larger.

◆ Should eat more anti -radiation foods

In work and life, electromagnetic radiation can produce electromagnetic radiation in various electrical appliances such as computers, televisions, and air conditioners.Pregnant mothers should eat more foods rich in high -quality protein, phospholipids, and B vitamins, such as soybean and soybean products, fish, shrimp, coarse grains, etc.

Vegetables with protective effects include: red fruits and fruits include tomatoes, red grapefruit, etc.; Green fruits and fruits include rapeseed, mustard, artemisia, spinach, etc.In addition, there are white foods such as mushrooms, seafood, garlic, etc. black foods such as sesame.

◆ Not suitable for pickled food

Pickled foods (such as sausages, meat, meat, smoked fish, fish, etc.) contain nitrosamine that can cause malformations of fetal baby. Therefore, pregnant mothers should not eat more and eat such foods often. It is best not to eat it.In addition, such foods are not rich in nutrition, vitamin losses are more, and they are prone to breeding bacteria, which will affect the health of pregnant mothers and fetal baby.Similarly, all kinds of pickles, sweet beets and other salty foods are also eaten as little as possible.Pregnant mothers should gradually develop the habit of light taste, which helps reduce the danger of edema and hypertension during pregnancy.

◆ Don’t eat more eggs

During pregnancy, each pregnant mother will supplement nutrition by eating eggs.However, if pregnant mothers eat excessive eggs and take too much protein, it is easy to cause symptoms such as bloating, loss of appetite, and indigestion. It can also cause increased cholesterol, increase the burden on the kidneys, and is not conducive to health care during pregnancy.Therefore, pregnant mothers should eat one every day for no more than 2.

❤ three meals recommendation

The formation and development of fetal baby requires rich nutrition. Although pregnant mothers will have a lot of uncomfortable and uncomfortable, try to reserve some high -quality nutrients for fetal baby, such as vitamins A, DHA, etc., eat more dietary fiber -containing fiberFood, prevent constipation.

Recommended recipe for three meals

Welcome everyone to continue to pay attention to "women and children’s nutrition columns -follow the first 1,000 days of nutrition of life" and understand the nutritional knowledge of pregnant mothers and babies ~


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