"Not born for 10 months of pregnancy" is infertile when it is checked in production

As a doctor for a long time, everything may be encountered.A few times ago, this case made people cry and laugh.

"October pregnant, once childbirth" is the natural law of human reproduction.Ms. Wang, 26, was "pregnant" for almost a year. She was not born in the hospital. She found that she was pregnant.

What makes her unacceptable is that she has suffered from infertility after a systematic examination.

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Don’t come to menstruation, the stomach is getting bigger, and there is a reaction of vomiting.

Ms. Wang, who lives in Jiawang District, is 26 years old.She was married at the age of 22. In the second year after marriage, she found that she had no menstrual menstruation for several consecutive consecutive months, and she felt that her belly became bigger and bigger. She often had vomiting after meals.So she told her family that she was pregnant.

The new daughter -in -law was pregnant. Of course, her husband and wife were all happy. The family changed her nutrition to her. However, no one urged her to go to the hospital for an examination.

Strangely, Ms. Wang has passed 10 months of pregnancy, and she has no signs of having children. I saw that her belly was as big as drums, but she had no discomfort.My mother -in -law thought that the daughter -in -law was pregnant with a "Nezha" grandson.

The neighbors began to talk about it, and some said that this daughter -in -law might have a pillow in her arms; some also said that this woman was really ignorant, and she did not go to the health center for a production inspection.Of course, most of them persuade pregnant women to go to a large hospital to check out what is going on.

In the end, the mother -in -law’s daughter -in -law with "pregnancy" came to the municipal maternal and child health hospital for medical treatment for more than a year.When I took a look, Ms. Wang had no pregnancy at all, and she still suffered from infertility.

"Pregnancy" is an illusion, but it is actually a polycystic ovary syndrome

I did a series of inspections for Ms. Wang. When I told Ms. Wang that she was not pregnant, she cried and said to me eagerly, "You see that my menstruation is gone, and my belly is so big. I can still feel it at ordinary times. I can still feel it.The child moves in his belly? Why never give birth? "

I patiently explained to Ms. Wang: Your stomach is getting bigger and bigger. In fact, it is because of obesity. The accumulation of abdominal fat looks like pregnant.You have a feeling of vomiting a psychological effect; you do not come to menstruation because of endocrine disorders.

After inspection.Ms. Wang suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome, and has problems with ovulation function, and endocrine disorders lead to menopause. Therefore, Ms. Wang must have a series of treatment if she wants to get pregnant.

I criticized Ms. Wang’s behavior of not doing the inspection and put forward a few comprehensive treatment opinions: 1. Ms. Wang to lose weight first; second, the drug control controls the high androgen in the body;Later, use ovulation -promoting drugs; 4. During the hospital for examination in time.

Two mother -in -law listened to my opinion. After a year of persistence treatment, Ms. Wang was really pregnant and finally had a cute baby.

Link: What are the causes of infertility? What inspections do you need to do?

There are many causes of infertility, and the causes of both men and women may be available.Some are the causes of innate incurable, and there are also the causes that can be cured by the day after tomorrow.

Several causes that can be treated in women’s causes are: 1. Ovulation disorders: including fallopian tube inflammation, tubal tubes, fallopian tube incomplete function, etc., as well as abnormal fallopian tubes, too long or too short of fallopian tubes will cause infertility to cause infertilitySecond, the cause of the cervix: The cervix is too long or too short, and the cervical function is incomplete, which can also cause it to not be easy to get pregnant.The cause of endometriosis affects infertility is more complicated.It affects the pelvic environment of patients and affects pregnancy through the pelvic environment.There are also reasons for pelvic cavity and uterus, such as the adhesion of the uterine cavity, the poor endometrial nutritional state, and the endometrium is too thin, which will also affect pregnancy.If you find infertility, the doctor recommends not to wait and see it as soon as possible.

What tests are generally necessary? One is a check in the state of menstrual periods. For example, the basic state of sex hormones should be checked in 2-4 days of menstruation. You can understand whether the function of the ovary is normal. In additionWhether the luteal function can support pregnancy, and some examinations are also required in the later stage; the second is the tubal examination, including whether the fallopian tube is unobstructed and the function is normal.It is best to do it within 3-5 menstruation. Be careful not to have sex during this period; the third is uterine and pelvic examination, and hysteroscopy and laparoscopy are needed.Because even if the ovarian function is normal, the fallopian tubes are common, and if there is a problem with the pelvic cavity, it is not easy to get pregnant.

In addition, the timing of pregnancy is also very important. Some patients think that they can get pregnant immediately after treatment, but they are not necessarily.Don’t think that treatment fails because this month is not pregnant, and don’t be too nervous.In addition, infertility is not just a reason for women. It is found that infertility requires men and women to check together.

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